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Dear Solo-preneur,

I’m so glad that you are reaching out to get the information you need to makeover your business. I have been in your shoes before…Have you, the budding entrepreneur, struggled with how to go from a good idea to generating income?
…Are you wondering how to attract new customers in a crowded market place?
Are you dreaming of the day you can go to sleep and wake up with thousands of dollars in sales, leads and new bookings for your services?…you’re not alone, after all it’s only natural to want your business to grow and to make money…
…The answer to your problem is NOT funneling tons of cash into marketing and advertising campaigns….What you need is a brand overhaul…

If you have no idea who you’re selling to and don’t know they want, then you’re producing halfhearted products with profitless results for you and for your clients. But when you pinpoint exactly who you’re creating your products for then meet their deepest desires, you’re selling a full-strength remedy and you’ll see full-strength results with matching profits!).




[headline_georgia_small_centered color=”#ff0000″]Let’s face it, your customers must first buy into YOU before they buy into your company… [/headline_georgia_small_centered]

…And what I have for you is a quick and simple  system  that will give you secrets to revamping yourself and your brand.

I’ve put together a proven and easy-to-follow system to cause you to see results and increase instantly in just 30 days.  




Reinvent your brand in 30 days is your road-map to the business and branding secrets of super-successful entrepreneurs, featuring 30 Days of one-on-one coaching. I’ll help you brand yourself and your business.

In this easy to follow system, I reveal my sales secrets that would mean a massive amounts of hot leads, sales that would make your head spin, a surge of cash flowing into your business and first-rate recognition for you and your product that money just can’t buy.   Use this proven system to re-brand you and your business— finally get your money flowing to you!


My branding strategies are PROVEN.  In just 10 minutes, I advised a client on making two simple branding shifts and generated a $75,000 idea.

The advice you receive from this course will be worth many times the price, which is still only a fraction of what it would normally cost you to meet for just an hour with me.

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[headline_georgia_small_centered color=”#ff0000″]Branding is about building credibility…If you want credibility in your industry you must become the best version of yourself.  [/headline_georgia_small_centered]

[features_box_red width=”75%” + border=”2px”][testimonial3 author=”Al Jennings, Pastor of Summit Church” + pic=”http://lifecoach2women.com/products/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/al_thmb.jpg”]”It’s the best information I have ever heard on branding.
“Praise for Reinvent Your Brand in 30 Days. This series on branding helped me to focus and clarify what I do best. I recommend this series to anyone who wants to reinvent themselves. It’s the best information I have ever heard on branding. It opened my eyes to small adjustments that I needed to make to reposition myself for greater success. It taught me the power of building a collage. The course is broken down into bite sized daily segments that makes it easy for people with a busy schedule. It has already helped to create opportunities for me that didn’t exist before. I don’t like complicated stuff. Stacia presents the material in a way that’s easy to understand and implement. I think Stacia Pierce is one of the best-kept secrets in the motivational speaker circuit.”[/testimonial3].[/features_box_red]


Most people are chasing the ‘result’ before taking the proper ‘actions’. But when it comes to making a massive amount of money, you have to change and grow yourself, then grow your business.

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Basically, for less than the daily cost of lunch, you can discover the secrets that would mean a massive amounts of hot leads, sales that would make your head spin, a surge of cash flowing into your business and first-rate recognition for you and your product that money just can’t buy.[/headline_georgia_medium_centered]

[content_box_paper_white width=”75%”][text_bar_1 background=”#ff00a8″ + width=”100%”]Let me explain how this powerful, life-transforming coaching program works.  For 30 consecutive days, I will personally take you through three easy to follow steps:

[text_bar_1 background=”#ffea00″ + width=”100%”]Step 1: Comprehension[/text_bar_1] On each of the 30 days I will introduce you to a new reinvention and branding principle.  Each day I will explain the principle and how it has worked in shaping my own personal and corporate brand and in the organizations and lives of those I have successfully coached. [text_bar_1 background=”#ff5500″ + width=”100%”]Step 2: Conquering[/text_bar_1] Take action to ignite the process.  Each day for the next 30 days, I will challenge you to take action to implement the reinvention principle in your business or personal brand.  Don’t worry; I have made these action steps simple and manageable to fit in even the busiest of schedules.  But on top of this, I’ve chosen an action step that is fun, creative, and many times hands-on and most of all guaranteed to get you immediate results.  If you take these 30 action steps seriously, you will be amazed at the results you see in just 30 days.  Many of my clients experienced business turnarounds, greater brand exposure and successfully entered a new season of success in their own personal lives.  I’ve received countless letters from people who had lost their passion for their lives, jobs and companies, praise the program for helping define success on their own terms and get out of the rat race.  This time was different for them and it can be for you.  You owe it to prove the results for yourself.[text_bar_1 background=”#ff00a8″ + width=”100%”]Step 3: Confession[/text_bar_1]

Speak and call forth your life’s possibilities.  On each of the 30 days, I will lead you in a confession that will release creative power into your life and shape your brand success.  Your words have power and your mouth matters.  Remind yourself out loud what your intentions are for today and what reinvention principle you want to master for that day. I have created a confession—a positive affirmation—that I will have you repeat after me to keep you on track throughout the day.  You can play it and say it as much as you like.  When you feel your motivation waning, declare your destiny with the words of your mouth.


Get this 30 Day Coaching System

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[headline_georgia_medium_centered color=”#ff0000″]Get Access to a Branding Program that can Bring You More Happiness, More Sense of Purpose, and More Profit[/headline_georgia_medium_centered]

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What you will Learn:

  • The ONE THING that may be holding your business hostage, and how to break free so you can earn more money.
  • How to discover your authentic brand identity and build a reputation that will create interest, cause dynamic growth and translate into unlimited earnings for you.
  • How the RIGHT thoughts can boost productivity and profits.
  • The secret to making your target market know, like and trust your business so that people with flock to you!
  • How to create a consistent brand that is known as the best in the business, creating brand loyalty and keep your customers coming back over and over again.
  • Discover your niche and market where you have more leads and conversions


[headline_georgia_small_left color=”#ff3399″]In this course you’ll get:[/headline_georgia_small_left]

COACHING AUDIO PROGRAM with my insight, branding expertise and creativity to revamp your business instantly. (4 CDs) – to allow you to learn the system on the go – in your car, at the office, or on the plane.


30 INTERACTIVE COACHING EXERCISES that will yield instant results for you and your business.



30 ACTIVATION AFFIRMATIONS to cause you to reposition yourself for success and attract your desired results of prosperity, peace and happiness in your life.


PRINTED TRANSCRIPTS OF ALL THE COACHING AUDIO LESSONS. Read the transcripts whenever you need them. You can apply these strategies to your business day-by-day or as you see fit, based on your needs.


Free Reinvention Journal – the perfect companion and planning tool to turn these powerful ideas into practical action steps you can begin using immediately



Over 100 key branding secrets to develop a personal brand that blows away the competition.


In addition to getting the 3 step strategy shared with you in clear detail, I’ll help you develop your own personal branding action plan to take the guess work out of one of the biggest stumbling blocks of any business looking to reinvent and re-brand.

Reinvent Your Brand Blueprint an 11×17” actionable full-color poster that projects your branding vision so that you can develop it with confidence and reach your goals for your business. This blue print helps you make a map to follow




“This all sounds incredible, Stacia, how much is it going to cost?”

Great question. As a successful business person, I know you know the value of a good investment. So I’m not going to spend a ton of time telling you this product is easily worth the $597 it’s going to cost you.

Instead, I’ll just point out a few facts:

Fact 1: Once you start generating more income from your new and improved brand you will see profits pour in. You will generate more income from having a more cohesive brand.

Fact 2: If you continue to do the same thing and expect different results, that’s insanity. If your ready for new results, you need to take new action now!

Fact 3: When I’m branded correctly, I will attract more of the ideal clients that are looking for my products and services.


I understand that with “Reinvent Your Brand in 30 Days” I’ll get:

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  • your COACHING AUDIO PROGRAM to revamp my business instantly. (4 CDs) –  with over 100 key branding secrets to develop a personal brand that blows away the competition.
  • 30 ACTIVATION AFFIRMATIONS to repeat daily and reposition me for success and attract my desired results
  • 30 INTERACTIVE COACHING EXERCISES that will yield instant results for me and my business
  • Your full-color fast-action Blueprint to get started right away with a clear roadmap to branding my business for maximum profits
  • FREE BONUS: Reinvention Journal – the perfect companion and planning tool to turn these powerful ideas into practical action steps you can begin using immediately

 Yes, I’m ready to brand my life and my business!

Get this 30 Day Coaching System for $597


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Remember, success and wealth can happen for you now in the most unexpected ways once you make a permanent decision to change immediately.

…And if you’re ready to stop dreaming of a successful enterprise and want to discover how to leverage a complete and proven system for re-branding you and your business—and increasing your profits, let me walk you through my most effective, step-by-step formula for re-inventing your brand.



P.S. Remember that by using these very same Branding Tactics I was able to put our entire business back on track and make over $10,000 in my first 30 days… That and more is possible for you when you take action – the life where you’re making more money, helping more people, doing what you love is waiting.