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The power to manifest your dream life is in your hands! You can manifest your dream life, attract more clients and reach your financial goals in just 15 minutes a day! ...using real life, real time manifestation techniques.

In 37 Journaling secrets for Success Attraction You’ll discover how to…

  • Write your way to millions—creative ideas flow from inside of you and become more crystallized on paper. I’ll show you the strategy to releasing your creative mind, so that you can invent, explore, improve, and innovate million-dollar product and services.
  • Write your way from Fuzzy to FIRM Thinking—have you ever felt like your head was crowded with ideas thoughts, looming deadlines, projects, payroll, so much stuff that It paralyzes you? With all that clutter, your mind can be a dark swamp. The conversations, the constant chatter often interferes with your ability to confidently achieve your goals. You’ll implement my proven journaling technique that pulls you out from the depth of your mental swamp and clears your thinking so you can redirect your thoughts and with laser-like focus, manifest your dreams.
  • Write your own ticket to success— You can easily attract more success into your life when you purposefully use your journal. I’ll show you step-by-step the proper way to write your goals and how to recondition your mind for success attraction.

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How Much Success Are You Attracting Into Your Life?

Dear Friend,

Have you been earnestly working at achieving your goals but haven’t manifested much? Are you frustrated and feeling stuck, spinning your wheels trying to create success and wealth?  Maybe you’ve gone to all the seminars, read all the success books, but your ability to attract real success easily and effortlessly still eludes you.

I’m glad I caught you before you dismissed your efforts to achieve success as just wishful thinking.

It’s not.

Everything that you want in your life can be yours by adding this ONE key exercise to your daily routine. 

Success Attraction Journaling.

I’m not talking about just writing your feelings in a notebook or recording your daily activity—though they are both important…What I want to introduce to you is the single most important step to achieving high levels of success and attracting everything you’ve ever desired into your life.

 Are you ready to break free from a bland, mediocre way of living and manifest your dream life easily and effortlessly enjoyable way?

If yes, then you may be interested in my 37 Journaling Secrets to Success Attraction Course. In this course I’m sharing with you a set of very specific insights, rules of success and action steps that you can use to achieve extreme success that would otherwise be highly unlikely or impossible for you to attain. 

Whether you’re an author, entrepreneur, schoolteacher, college student, doctor, lawyer, actress, hairstylist, or high school drop out, if you apply what you will learn in this course you’ll experience high levels of success more than you can imagine!

With success attraction journaling you can easily eliminate self-imposed barriers that are stopping you from succeeding… And discover how using just pen and paper…you can achieve your life-long goals faster and easier than ever before. 

Are you frustrated with your personal success?

  • I should be living in a bigger home…
  • I should be driving my dream car….
  • I should be married with children…
  • I should be enjoying worldwide vacations…
  • I should be making a huge impact in the world with my gifts and talents…
  • I should be rich!
  • I should be at the TOP OF MY GAME!

So what’s the hold up? Do you have a specific action plan for making your expectations a reality? What’s stopping these things from happening for you by now? Most dreams die between what to do and how to do it…..And most people have NO plan—or if they do, they quickly find themselves stuck and fail to take the right actions. Does this sound familiar? You’re capable of envisioning your success—but lack the solid how-to’s that can transform your vision into reality.

Success Attraction Journaling is the breakthrough practice you need to creatively solve all of your life problems and produce positive results in your life.

Most of your life’s problems are solved with creative thinking. This course will show you how to effectively think on paper and finally get the answers you’ve been searching for about….

By doing something as common as journaling uncommonly well, you will attract success into your life…FASTER & EASIER…IN A MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE WAY!

This Is The Most Comprehensive Results Oriented Course You’ll Ever Take on Journaling…You can Finally take control of your thoughts and focus on attracting your dream life now. In this course you’re getting 37 Journaling Secrets to effectively create your dream life and draw it to you like a super magnet!

In Their Own Words: Watch these amazing Success Stories from previous students...

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Who else has harnessed the power of success journaling? Here’s a short list of Leaders, celebrities, Business moguls who kept journals...

“Keeping a journal will absolutely change your life in ways you’ve never imagined.” – Oprah Winfrey

Oprah started journaling at 15 and wrote her dreams and goals in her journals. Because of her tenacity, confidence and boldness, Oprah set many records as a young adult. She became the first black female journalist and the youngest working TV journalist at only 19 years old…and a Media mogul by the time she was 40 years old.

“I will be the first highest paid Oriental super star in the United States…” —Bruce Lee

In 1969 Bruce Lee set his intentions to become the world’s greatest oriental movie start and earn 10 million dollars by 1980. He wrote himself a brief, yet definitive 10-year plan that he ultimately achieved in much less time. He is still today regarded as the greatest martial art actor that ever lived. His last movie, Enter The Dragon, grossed $90 Million!

“I have a lot of journals I’ve kept over the years and a lot of my music comes from that.”

Jessica Simpson has kept a journal since she was in the fifth grade. She uses her journals to clear her mind, create new music and to record ideas, sketches and plans for her very successful clothing line. She and her husband Eric Johnson take the first hour of every day to write freely about whatever comes to mind. This is one of the key practices for journaling for Success Attraction.

"Keeping A Journal is so Therapeutic..."

Before Jenny Mccarthy was a celebrity actress, talk show host, author and model, she wrote her dreams and ideas in her journals. Even through all of her life obstacles, she has kept a journal and they have been the inspirational source of her nine books. She candidly shares her life ups and downs, including how her son overcame autism in her writings. Now a columnist for the Chicago Sun Times, Jenny recently wrote, “Whether it’s a blog, a diary entry or even a song, it’s so therapeutic to be able to record your thoughts and opinions. Even if you don’t share it with anyone, just getting all of those ideas out of your head and onto paper is such a good feeling.”

"Inspired by his journals from his youth, Nick Cannon writes a children's book of poems..."

“When I was eight years old, I got a spiral notebook and wrote my first poem/rap. I filled that notebook with poems, rhymes, jokes, and witty stories. I still keep one to this day. I hope that poems in Neon Aliens will help inspire kids to want to get out a pen and paper to write or draw their own thoughts, rhymes and stories."

“When I first signed up for this course I was a little skeptical and now I am AMAZED!“

Sheryl May This course is amazing! I can not believe that all these years I never thought to journal. I now know the importance of journalizing your day and how you can use this to see where your habits are, what your not doing, how you waste time and how you can plan your future just from keeping journals. When I first signed up for this course I was a little skeptical and now I am amazed. I have been going through a lot in my life and to see it on paper makes me proud to be who I am and how strong a person I am. I wish I started journalizing when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. If I had done this then I could be sharing my story with others who are going through the same thing and maybe inspire others as well. From this point on in my life I will be journalizing each and everyday. Since I started the course I have purchased four journals and 4 pens I love. I keep one by my bed, one in my purse, one at work and one in my home office. It surprises me how each journal is very different and how I am different when I write in each one. I can go back and focus on my past days of writing and see what I have done since then. Amazing Dr. Stacia and I truly and grateful for your sharing your journaling experiences and show us how we can win at life and business by journaling. Thank you again. Sheryl May, Image Consultant

The year I began strategic journaling— and made it a habit, my entire business and life shifted. I increased by 300% in a year’s time and it’s been going up ever since then!

I went from holding back, playing small and only half-way going for what I really wanted— to getting clear about what I really wanted…stepping my game up…and strategically planning my goals and just going all the way!

And as a result of writing in my journal everyday… everything became clearer…I suddenly could see the next level in a whole new way…and I was more than ready to rise to the challenge of achieving my wildest dreams.

In case you’ve been following me over the last few years, I’m sure you’ve seen it yourself…the dramatic growth and success of my business has skyrocketed. I’ve learned to maximize and monetize my business in a way that has awarded me tremendous profits, while I’m still helping the people I care about. I’m also able to work from home, see my children during the day and live a more free and authentic life than ever before.

I’ve been graced with the opportunity to help other entrepreneurs UNLOCK their gifts and abilities and SHIFT their thinking so that they could not only take a big leap in their business but maximize, upsize, and realize their BEST LIFE POSSIBLE.


I can show you how to achieve every dream that you’ve ever thought possible, using your Success Attraction Journal!

I’ve opened this course for smart entrepreneurs and leaders who feel connected with me and want to be coached by me. But the key is for you to be ready (and it looks like you are)!

You’ll see opportunities that you never knew existed!


“I now have more clarity in my business, my niche and ideal clients.”

Dr. Omada I. Before taking the Journaling Course, my business not born and was basically an idea at the back of my mind. As a result of taking the course, I can happily say I now have more clarity in my business, my niche and ideal client. Because of the clarity, I’ve started booking more speaking engagements and wrote my first book. I am now becoming a known name in the community! The journaling exercises helped me with being a more grateful person, being thankful for every success no matter how great or small. My thinking has expanded beyond what I can see to what I desire to see for my life. The journaling process is attracting my desires to me. The course taught me how to meditate and see with my minds eye so that my dreams can become my reality. Now, I record my thoughts and dreams avidly! She has helped me record my successful life right as it is unfolding and see what clarity of purpose this brings. I would recommend this course to anyone who feels they have been called to make a difference or an impact in their life. This course will help you create a map for your success." Dr. Omada I., Less Stress More Success

Because of the ‘meaty’ life-changing information you’ll get from this course…You’ll be empowered to script your dream life and take strategic action to boost yourself to greater levels of success beyond your wildest dreams….

PLUS…Get all these secrets!

  • How to Use your journal as a powerful magnet that manifests your greatest desires
  • How to Set your intentions and watch them come true.
  • How to Evaluate and eliminate your fears that have been holding you back from success and living the life of your dreams.
  • How to Discover your dreams and passions
  • How to really live your life on purpose with joy, happiness and love
  • How to connect with your inner self, listening to your still small voice and tapping into your true power.
  • How you can attain all you really want, need and deserve – romance, wealth, success, health – without limits!
  • How to get crystal clear about what you really want in life and business… and then create a bulletproof plan for achieving it
  • How to Relieve tension, headaches and anxiety that comes from too much anticipation of a negative outcome. Discover the proper way to release anxiety, infuse hope and expectation of a positive outcome so you can sleep sound at night and confidently perform during the day.
  • Discover what’s missing in your life and find it so you can have complete fulfillment.
  • How to Attract divine relationships that cause you to win in life.
  • How to Shift your perspective UP so that you can attract success, wealth and happiness.
  • How to Banish all feelings of unworthiness…
  • How to Achieve every one of your life goals—even if you feel you are too young, too old—or don’t deserve it.
  • How to Manifest your BIG BREAKTHROUGH.
  • How to solve problems much faster and easier..the answers will become so clear…you’d be shocked you didn’t see them sooner!

Just A Few of Our Course Features...

You hold the power to script your super successful life! Transform your world...increase your money flow...ravamp your business... (or career) and discover your genius...using the power of
pen and paper.

Now is your time to radically change your thinking about how you invest your time and money while growing your business.  So if you are ready to create top income for yourself, build wealth independence and sustainability… secure your spot today! You’ll gain access the most creative way of attracting more clients, seeing and seizing opportunities for yourself in a cluttered market place. What you’re gonna learn will put you in a league of your own…. above the competition.

gobigwomanAre you inspired to succeed? Inspiration without information leads to frustration. Let me share with you a clean & concise way of setting your goals and achieving them…so you can boost your profits and start attracting the clients you’ve been wanting.

Time is of the essence… so don’t sabotage your opportunity to quickly advance your life & business by making up a bunch of excuses and waiting to register.

That’s what the average hard working entrepreneur does. They think too long, and work too hard when everything to make their life and business run much smoother—with faster results…continues to pass them by.

Maybe you’ve been chasing the dream and ferociously working to get ahead and only finding yourself right where you are… Put an end your  struggles and breakthrough to your NEXT BIG LEVEL of SUCCESS!

 Your success depends on you. You have to make your own decisions. Solve your own problems and write your own record.


“I created my very own products in less than 30 days & Expanded my daycare facility…because I learned so much about penning my thoughts!”

Andrea D. When I started coaching clients online I discovered that I needed help materializing my dreams. I wanted to up my game and attract more clients to me authentically, organize my thoughts and gain clarity about my brand, my market, and achieve what I thought I could achieve. I purchased the 37 Journaling Secrets Course. And Stacia helped me to pen my thoughts in an organized manner and I begin to attract everything I wanted into my life. I used the course system to expand my daycare facility. During the course Dr. Stacia taught about writing out how you want business meetings and purchases to play out. On that night in my car I got a call from the real estate agent stating that she had someone else in the property. But I did not let that stop me. I wrote out exactly what I wanted from my investors and from the real estate agents. Then I ended it with an affirmation. Within 30-60 days I was talking to the agent and she said how my follow up was perfect timing. HA! What I wrote she said! Then I got the investors for my new location just like I wrote it out. From taking this course, I increased my prayer life by asking God questions and waiting for answers with expectancy. Taking this course caused my energy levels about my life and income to increase. Writing my life script increased my self esteem and the quality of my relationships. I was able to write my very own products in less than 30 days because I learned so much about penning my thoughts. I recommend this course to business owners who want to think on a bigger level and identity their dream life work. The 37 Journaling Secrets Course will help you discover your hidden treasures and bring life fulfillment. Andrea D., I Own A Day Care

Here's Exactly what You'll Be Learning in this 4-Session Course:

  • 1


    In this section, you’ll get the first ten secrets to success journaling. Journaling is much more effective when you deliberately pour your heart on to the page. I’ll show you how to, with focused intention, you can quickly manifest your desires.
    You’ll discover how to get results with my customized writing formula. You’ll learn how to create and organize a success journaling system. And discover the top five journaling strategies to redirect your life and bring your dreams and goals into manifestation.

  • 2


    In this session, you’ll get 16 new journaling secrets. First I’ll show you how to activate your atmosphere for journaling. You’ll also learn how to solve problems and get answers through journaling. Open your mind for creative cultivation to generate profitable ideas. Discover the power of reflective meditation using your journal. Most importantly, I’ll show you how to break down the fear barriers that may be stopping you from journalizing.
    Plus you get: Journaling prompt worksheets to stir your creativity and guide you into an effortless writing flow. This entire bonus section is full of journal starters, creative activities, a journaling poster (printable) and Success attraction action pages!

  • 3


    This session is dedicated to profitable prompts to grow your business through journaling. Most people have no idea what they want, with this course; you’ll become clear on what you want so that you can attract more of what you want.
    I’ll walk you through the strategic practice of forecasting your fortune. When you being to journalize about your products and services, you’ll begin to get a ton of new ideas that flood your mind, as well as people and resources show up once you’ve written an plan to produce in your business.
    Plus you get: A BONUS resource list of apps, software and tools to help you script your life. Most of the tools directly relate to journaling and others are great ways to remember ideas and information that you’ll want to journal about later. These 10 resources can enhance your writing experience and accelerate your success attraction.

  • 4


    Learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions on mastering journaling techniques to manifest your every desire. On this training, I go into the specifics of what you can expect, how to remove mental blocks and a fast-action technique to manifest quickly. PLUS you can get your own questions answered through email!

Here's What You Get When You Sign Up Today...

Top Success Strategies and tools you need to make your dreams come true!

  • Four Digital Audio Training Sessions

    With each lesson I will walk you through an in depth thought-provoking training session plus Fast-Action assignments to keep you on track throughout the entire program. Each training is approximately 60- 90 minutes each. For your convenience these trainings are pre-recorded and you will have access to our resource center to download and listen to each call at any time.

  • BONUS FAQ session with Stacia

    We’ve compiled the top questions from students about the course and put them into one audio program for your convenience. Here, you’ll get insight and answers to help you unlock your creativity and get words flowing on paper.

  • MP3 Digital downloads (compatible with all devices)

    Press play anytime or any where to access your trainings. The digital downloads are available in your private resource center and you have 24-hour INSTANT access so you can download the training and play on your iPod, computer, in your car, etc.

  • Full Color Course worksheets

    Each training comes complete with homework pages, activity sheets, and reference information so that you can easily follow along and implement the information. I suggest you print these and put them in your 37 Journaling Secrets for Wealth & Success Attraction Program Binder.

  • Digital cover artwork

    Download to create your own 37 Journaling Secrets for Wealth & Success Attraction Program binder at home and store all of your course materials in.


Now you can write your own success story!

Plus You Also Get…

The Spiritual Journalizing
Audio Program for FREE

So are you ready?

Are you ambitious and determined to achieve everything that is possible for you in life? Are you hungry to do more, have more and to be more than you’ve ever been before?

Of course you are…this is your opportunity to make your life BETTER. And what is that worth to you?

What’s it worth for you to learn 37 journaling secrets to attract wealth and success in your life on a consistent basis…transforming you into a remarkable person capable of accomplishing remarkable achievements?

What would you be willing to pay to reduce all of the endless studying… the trial-and-error failures… the costly “how to” materials… and all of the frustration, lost time, and wasted effort, into a single 4 week time frame? To know that just by taking this course, you can accomplish a goal that you’ve been struggling — possibly for YEARS — to achieve?

I know that there are many directions you can go when looking for the magic key to fast-tracking your success in life and business. Most sales seminars and workshops run between $2,000 and $5,000 and teach old school, cookie-cutter techniques that just don’t work anymore…

But if you join me in the 37 Journaling Secrets to Success Attraction course, you’ll learn the key factor you need to start manifesting success, making more money, attracting new clients and living your dream life…quickly and easily, regardless of the economic climate,  and you can take this course for a  one-time investment of just $1297 (pre-registration special offer).

I think you’ll agree that’s a pretty reasonable price in exchange for being able to learn 37 ways to attract wealth and success in your business & life right now.

Don’t take this invitation lightly. I must tell you… this could be just the course you need to go from dabbling in business to dominating in your industry. This is your opportunity to get personal mentoring with me and learn the secret to consistent success manifestation. Don’t miss your date with destiny.

Empowering You to Succeed,



If any part of this information resonated with you in any way…I want to leave you with this: LOSERS MAKE EXCUSES…WINNERS MAKE PROGRESS.  Before you close this page out…MAKE A DECISION about registering first. Please don’t let this be one more thing you need to “think about.” Nothing will keep you from your dreams faster than delaying decisions. So YES or NO, trust gut…your inner winner… and move forward. If YES, grab your spot now and learn my system to attracting success and wealth every day in every way using my Success Attraction Journal.

P.P.S.The pre-registration price is only for a limited time..The clock is ticking…so if you’re ready to take a big leap in your business and join me this course, Take action and register now.


$1297 $697

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the class last?

This course is pre-recorded for your convenience and ready for instant download. You will receive access to the course page, where you will find every lesson and worksheets.

How much will this cost?

The course is regularly priced at $697. But right now you can save and register for the program for only $497.

What about if I'm new online?

This course is easy to access. On the course page, there are complete instructions on how to get your trainings and save them to your computer.

Can I buy with Paypal?

YES! You can pay in full with Paypal. Payment plans must use a credit card.

Is There a Payment Plan?

YES! You can pay for the course in 2 easy payments. There is a 5% finance charge for payment plans. Your course materials will be delivered to you when you have paid in full for your course.

How can I get my bonuses?
Your Success Attraction Journal will be mailed to you immediately when you register. The bonus audio program will be available to you immediately when you access the course page.

Can I listen to the audios on my tablet?
Yes. You can play the audio directly from the course page online from your tablet. You can also download the audio program and transfer it to your tablet or other devices for safe keeping.

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