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ATTENTION bloggers and fashionistas: Are you struggling with keeping a successful blogging schedule? Do you want to organize your outfits? Do you want to keep track of previously worn outfits? Do you want to become more consistent with your overall image to attract more readers, blog viewers or even get that promotion on your job? I can show you how in just minutes per day by using the power of a planner! When used correctly, a fashion calendar can instantly help you stay organized, plan your wardrobe and remain consistent and productive which ultimately leads to profits.

Non-consistency is the top reason why bloggers and fashionpreneurs fail. When you have a planner that properly prompts you with intriguing questions to keep your daily image and blogging on track, you will be on your way to BLOWING UP YOUR BLOG!

Here’s what planning will do for your blog:

Plan Your Look
When you plan out your look, you are prepared and always ready for the occasion at hand. You know if your pieces fit correctly, if the colors and patterns match, and if it is overall appropriate.

Gain Confidence
You feel more confident! Confidence comes with preparation. When your outfit is just thrown together last minute, you leave the door open for embarrassing moments. Once time I decided to not plan my look and I ended up with the wrong colored shoes. Of course I was rushing and instead of grabbing pink shoes I grabbed red! There was no turning back so I had to make the most of it, but if I would have planned in advance, I could have completed my look with the perfect shoe.

Stay Relevant
You are able to dress according to seasons. As a fashion blogger, it’s important to keep your personal style but still remain relevant with the current trends. Planning out your holiday fall, winter and summer looks could mean an invite to the next fashion week or an email inviting you to collaborate with a designer. Those opportunities only come to those who have been preparing and remain consistent.

This planner is for you if:

  • You are looking for the perfect blogging calendar to help you keep track of your blog posts.
  • You need clarity with your overall fashion ideas.
  • You want to remain consistent as a blogger.
  • You want to see your online presence grow in traffic and views.

If you can identify with any of the points above then you need the Superstar Chic Fashion Planner now!

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Let’s face it… you know you have to plan in order to be successful. It doesn’t just happen to you, it’s a planned process. And now, you have every reason to take fast action with confidence!

When you consider everything I’m giving you, with every powerful secret I share with you in this planner, and with every step-by-step avenue I will walk you through, you are bound to succeed!

What Can You Expect From This Fashion Planner?

  • A Weekly Success & Style Goals Section
  • A To-blog Checklist
  • A Successful Post Checklist
  • A Daily Planning Section
  • A Place To Keep Your Daily Fashion Inspirations
  • A Gratitude List To Keep You Grateful Throughout The Week

Each journal helps you map out one month of style, inspiration and blogging.

When you consider everything I’m giving you… and your return on investment…
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They say it takes 30 days to create a new habit. Well after 30 days of using your Superstar Chic Fashion Planner, you’ll be so used to seeing success as a result of planning that you won’t want to stop the process. That’s why starting off with at least 2, 30-Day planners will be beneficial to you.

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This could be the very answer you’ve been waiting for to see more success in your blog and ultimately BLOW UP YOUR BLOG.

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