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  • Do you need clients to pull out their cards and say “YES! I’m ready to buy today!”
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If you have at least 1 hour to implement at least ONE of the ideas in your business, you’ll [pullquote_right] November and December
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I understand that for my investment of only $97, I’ll get instant access to the mp3 and handouts of this training session where you reveal your Instant Cash Infusion Solutions so I’ll know exactly how to double my sales and get new paying clients QUICKLY even if I have little or no marketing budget.

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  • Real life case studies of how I generated $7,000 in sales in just 48 hours. From idea to implementation this one action step generated quick cash for our business and I’ll tell you how I did it here…you can duplicate the process and start raking in the cash…almost immediately.
  • Attract eager new ready-to-pay clients Now. You’ll learn How you can double your efforts and make more in less time with this simple step. You’ll learn how to tap into the well-known secret of broadening your market, attracting new clients and getting others to market for you…This action step is a double-edge money maker that can produce on both ends for you.
  • Sure-fire way to get more out of what you already have. You’ll learn a two- step action plan to doubling your income and raising money fast and anytime you want it. You’re already sitting on a gold mine…You’ll learn what you must focus on and must do to release the cash you want.
  • Secrets to locking in a loyal customer base. Ever wonder how some people just always seem to get the sale? Or how people who make quick cash do it so easily…part of the secret is developing a loyal customer base and in this training, I’ll tell you the fastest way to do it.
  • Upsell secrets to Doubling Your income This simple idea is worth billions of dollars to major franchises and now you’ll know to how to activate this lucrative money making secret.
  • Gain the competitive Sales edge in your industry. You’ll learn how to attract golden opportunities even in challenging times. For every problem there’s an opportunity that exists…it’s waiting for you to discover and seize it…so that you can produce more income consistently and widen the gap between you and your competition. You’ll leave them wondering how you always get the “lucky breaks”.


I want to MAKE SURE you start making money right away….so much that I’ve DONE THE WORK for you. As a BONUS, you’ll get my 30 DAY MARKETING CALENDAR..Tha’ts 30 days of marketing and sales secrets that will generate tons of money for your business.  And you’ll get my Sales Idea Log…so you can plot, plan and produce more money in the next 30 days than you have in the last 3 months.



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In this audio program I’m giving you enough information that you can start to see results almost immediately.  Many have already paid over $500 just to sit in the room and hear this information live. But because I want this information to be easy for you to get  and easy for you to afford, I’ve packaged this audio version for only $97. At this price point…you’ll have no excuse—and plenty of good reasons to go ahead and start making more money right now!

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