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Picture yourself having 6 and 7 figure paydays and profiting from your true purpose…

If you’re wanting real answers to mastering the art of manifesting money in your business…you really can’t afford to pass on this offer.

You see... I’ve unlocked the safe on how to turn your talent into treasures so I’ll show you how to become a money making expert and thrive in a turbulent economy.

Before I tell you how you can secure your very own Money Making Manifestation Kit, first let me say…

I feel YOU. I’ve heard from so many frustrated, discouraged entrepreneurs who need more money flowing into their business. You’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck…You’re ready to turn a profit in your business…you simply just need more money…PERIOD.

I’ve met some great people with amazing products…who just wasn’t earning what they’re worth…in desperate need of more money flowing into their business… There’s nothing more frustrating and draining than agonizing over where the money is gonna come from. If you’ve been wondering how to pay your staff, How to pay yourself, How to pay for your kid’s tuition, how to pay your bills…then I would like to teach you my proven method of doubling, even tripling your income while making the difference you were put on this planet to make!

I’ve mastered the secret to creating consistent income streams and manifesting big paydays quickly… And now I want to share the secret with you.
Over the last few years I’ve manifested large paydays, new income streams, and tripled my income using a simple formula to create more wealth anytime I need or want it. I’ve also taught this formula to my private coaching clients and watched them triple their income in a week!

Imagine earning tens of thousands of dollars, while working with your ideal clients in only TWO DAYS…

That’s what one of my clients, who already has a successful business, but wanted to launch a new product line did. In one sitting, she and I crafted a money-generating plan for her to manifest large sums of money FAST.  Her business has taken off with this new stream of income that’s expanding and generating chunks of income for her all the time now!

 Are you anxiously ready to take your business to the next level, yet frustrated because the only thing that’s standing between you and your goal is MONEY?


Manifesting money is so much easier than you think and can happen faster than you can imagine. It can take as little as 24 hours or as long as 24 months. All you need is for the blinders to be removed so that you can see all the money-making opportunities all around you that are hidden in plain sight.

Money just magnifies who you really are, so we’re going to take time at the workshop to work on your money mindset. So you can start attracting cash to you all the time…

That’s why I’m giving you 50 Cash Infusion Solutions for Quick Money Manifestation. With these 50 ideas, techniques and tweaks to your business, you’ll easily begin to create the cash you need and want.


 I've unlocked the safe on achieving your business goals…because…let’s face it, the most important goal in business is reaching our financial goals.

Without generating profits, the business is doomed to fail.

I can show you how to become a money-making expert and thrive in any economy. The Money Making Manifestation Kit is your all-inclusive resource to attracting more wealth and clients into your business. If you’ve been in business for anytime, I’m sure you know by now that you need more than a great product or service to build a booming business with consistent income…

I've mastered the secret to creating consistent income streams and manifesting big paydays quickly... And now I want to share it with you.

If you tired of looking at a list of incomplete, unaccomplished money goals and are really ready to make your dreams a reality…one action step at a time, then this workshop is for YOU...

Watch Their Success Stories...

In the Money-Making Manifestation Workshop, I share with you the same methods I used to achieve my sales goals, launch and grow a successful million dollar business in two years and coach many others to six and seven figures!

When you act on the information in this  program, you will immediately begin to see change and things will shift for you

This fast-paced, high-content course will have you reaching for a pen and paper as you'll learn a massive amount of information that you won't want to miss.

You'll learn to intentionally put yourself in a position where you must perform and deliver results quickly and effectively

You’ll learn how to eliminate anxiety and procrastination when setting and achieving your goals.


I've been carrying around this money prop from Dr. Stacia with me for a while... My husband says on Monday go get my money out of that mailbox woman, my son and I laugh as I run to the mail box.... well "Expect Money to Keep Coming in the Mail!" Can you say 3 checks!

-W. Granger

Do You Know Why Most People NEVER achieve their financial goals?

Most people never accomplish their goals for several reasons...In this workshop I cover them all and show you how to overpower these self-defeating obstacles to get what you want—FASTER.

The number one reason why most people never achieve their financial goals is because they don't believe they can.

It happens all the time. You set a big goal, write it down...say your affirmation...and NOTHING HAPPENS.

The problem is NOT THE METHOD it is your MENTALITY.

The Money Making Manifestation Kit Training Sessions will empower you life-changing information...in this course you'll finally have....

  • Marketing secrets to creating a funnel so you can overcome the frustration of not having a consistent income.
  • Leveraging techniques to finally grab all the money you’ve been leaving on the table. So you can sell more product and services at a higher rate, more frequently to your customers and clients.
  • A peace of mind, knowing you can implement just a few changes and start bringing in more income immediately! For some, only a few changes in your business model can mean more profits in a cinch. I’ve seen it done, you just don’t know what to do, but I’ll show you how!
  • A Money Manifestation road map that lays out for you the shortcuts to manifesting more and alert you of the money pits that I’ve discovered that aren’t worth your time and effort. So you don’t have to be all over the place, trying every new idea that comes your way, I’ve figured it all out for you and will give you the plan to move ahead quickly and easily!
  • New ideas for your business and manifestation techniques. So you can attract your dream clients, contracts and customers.
  • Upgraded millionaire mindset to course-correct your thinking and empower you to double your income.
  • Easy, lucrative and fun new ways to creatively manifest money online and off line. So you can fill your books with new clients, have a full house in your restaurant all the time, fill the seats of your next seminar with these easy-to-use Millionaire Manifestation Mastery techniques.

You'll feel like you're sitting across from me at my desk as  I pull back the curtains on my business and show you what it takes to manifest new clients, manifest new contracts, manifest more income…manifest your DREAMS!


  • You’re going to use the creative power of visualization to manifest wealth.
  • You’re going to learn how to SEE the money opportunities that are hidden in plain sight.
  • You’re going to use my short-cut methods of streamlining your efforts to make money now.

Whatever the reason you want to manifest large sums of money…this Coaching Program in a Box will show you how to manifest the money you need and live the life you’ve always desired.

If you’re serious about manifesting money in a big way, then go ahead claim your box...and make some serious stuff happen this year!

Discover How to Manifest More Money and More Clients in just 1 hour a week!

Take a look below at the powerful training sessions that you'll learn EVERYTHING you need to know in order to attract money to you like a magnet!

  • 1

    The Creative Power of Visualization to Manifest Wealth

    Learn a simple, powerful, and effective system for setting and achieving goals—one that has been used by many people to achieve extraordinary things. In this opening session, we'll address how to apply laser focus to your goals until it pops up into your life. You'll learn quick manifestation methods to get results a lot faster. You'll also learn focus techniques that will allow you to set a goal without worrying and stressing about how to make it happen. If you've ever racked your brain how to get what you want...you need to listen to this training!

  • 2

    How to Spot Money-Making Opportunities in Plain Sight

    In this section, you'll learn the secrets to easily identifying your own money making moxie. With step by step instructions from our companion workbook, you'll unfold several new ideas and and existing opportunities to bring in more money right away. This training is for EVERYONE seeking another stream of income.

  • 3

    Manifestation Mastery

    In this section the manifestation secrets are revealed! Using simple success attraction techniques and tools to power up your confidence, fuel your faith and build your belief in personal success. Here's is the secret sauce to making your goals a reality

Here’s What You’ll Get…

The Money Making Manifestation Kit is PACKED with EVERYTHING you need to finally start manifesting more money in your business NOW!

  • 8 Hours of Training from Dr. Stacia Pierce ($1997)
  • Money Making Manifestation Goal Accelerator Workbook for fast action ($397)
  • Money Making Manifestation Map (7-day guide to making more money) ($297)


  • Success Attraction Goal Cards ($19.97)
  • AUDIO TRAINING: How to Use Goal Cards to Attract New Clients by Ariana Pierce ($147)
  • Stacia Stickies & Bonus audio and detailed plan for manifesting clients easily and quickly! ($47)
  • Productivity and Profit Planner
  • AUDIO TRAINING: Power Productivity and Profit Training to maximize your Profits and Plans ($147)

Total Value: $3,051.97

Look What Other People Who have worked with Stacia to manifest money had to Say...

I set a goal to collect on three accounts receivables that were still outstanding. I used Stacia's goal setting strategy to attract the payments in full easily and effortlessly. I used the affirmation strategy that she showed us and within 30 days we actually got all three payments collected!!! Whoo hoo!!

Maunda Land
LandMark Planning

I used Stacia's goal setting principles to attract new clients easily and effortlessly. At the time we had only one location for our sports camp. After I set the goal and meditated on my goal card, We landed 4 more sports camp contracts! That's not all....because I kept saying I attract clients easily and effortlessly...I also gained more clients in my therapy business as well!!

Kia Loggins
Extreme Youth Sports

I used Stacia goal setting principles and goal cards to set a goal to get a promotion on my job. As result, almost immediately after I I set the goal, I begin to get more leadership assignments and opportunities to showcase my skills and increase my value in the company.

Jameika Woods
Start Smart Life

I set a goal to create a new product for my clients. I put the goal on my goal card and within 3 weeks I achieved my goal. I had a new product on the market and was generating sales! Stacia's goal setting system is easy to implement and definitely gets results!

Andrea Dickerson
Akeba Academy

I set a goal, using Stacia's goal cards and goal setting strategy, to get a higher paying job with full-time hours. Within 10 days I landed a new position with higher pay and full-time hours!

Patryce Artis

After moving to another state, I wanted to upgrade my clientele. I set a goal to attract more elite clients. Just seven days after writing my goal down on my goal cards, I got four new premium clients!!

Eshe Todd
Glamour Maneia

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