Introducing: Life Enrichment for Successful Daily Living Monthly Coaching Program

Dear Passionate Leader and Business Owner,

Within the last few months I've received a massive amount of feedback, persistent requests and a few emergency cries from my followers, subscribers and conference attendees across the nation, who said they need coaching, not just for their business...but for their LIFE.

Many wanted to be privately mentored by me and to have access to my strategic advice to achieve health, wealth and happiness...They wanted answers and guidance to life’s pressing problems…

What is my purpose?
How do I discover my gifts?
How do I achieve balance for business and life?
Can I really have fulfillment in my relationships, career and personal life?

...but weren't quite ready to commit to my Success Mastery coaching program. And while many aspire to join my higher level coaching program...they just simply couldn't do it right now...mostly because of limited funds.

That's understandable...we've all been there before...when you just get going good with your business...sometimes the money isn't all there when you need it to be and even though you can feel your heart sinking as you pass up the life-changing just have to wait.

And in this case, the higher level coaching program maxed out and is currently not accepting new members. There's already a waiting list...leaving several hungry entrepreneurs disappointed about not getting in yet– anxious to get started...DOING get ahead and stop struggling.

There's nothing like that feeling of knowing you need help RIGHT NOW and having to wait to access it!

Especially when you've been working around the clock to stay afloat. And there is always more work to get done than you can do alone. You would love to create a system to get completely organized so you can get more done— in less time. You're thirsty for the right way to set up your life so you can finally launch your new business, attract new clients and make consistent income...but you can't afford to read a ton of self-help books. You need answers to solve your right-now waiting isn't really an option.

I am a firm believer in starting where you are, using what you got to get where you want to go.

So, I created a coaching program that meets you where you are right now...It's extremely affordable and with only one training month...You can easily turn your free time into learning time...With the Spiritual Enrichment Course for Successful Living, you're getting MAXIMUM Life Coaching value at minimum cost.

This is Your Key to Success...

Decluttering My Life Caused Me to Increase!

Thank U for being such a remarkable role model:  I have never in my life found a woman that I really admired and want to imitate until I saw you and actually applied your advice to my life and began to see manifestation in my life. I never took the time out to clean the files or drawers.  While I was going thru files I found an envelope with money in it.  I immediately called the previous owner’s person I relieved and asked her if it would be OK if I kept the money.  She said sure because she had forgot the money was there and she never kept a tracking system on it so it would be fine for me to keep it.  Increase just like you said would happen on the other side of my de-cluttering. At home I finally went through my bill pile and I found that my credit score was dropping, late fees being added to some bills and I immediately called the companies to try to turn my situation around. I was granted all the late fees and brought my credit score back up 10 points.  Increase again on the other side of my de-cluttering.  Thanks again for all you do! - Dawn A., Jacksonville, FL

Finally! A FAST TRACK to productivity & prosperity... Delivered right to your inbox!

The Life Enrichment Course provides exclusive access to a private monthly coaching session with me delivered right to your inbox.  Once a month you'll get expert training on personal development to position you to create unlimited earnings. This means you can finally take control of your life…assuming 100% responsibility for your career, your finances, your relationships, your emotions, your habits and your spiritual beliefs.

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Are You Ready To Create Your Own Success Story?

The Life Enrichment Course empowers you to manifest success & make more money now!

Life Enrichment Course Includes...

  • 12 Mobile Monthly Lessons Delivered to Your Inbox, Tablet & Phone

    These are your complementary strategic assignments that go along with each monthly topic. I’ve created the assignments to give you step-by-step instructions on how to implement new info right away. They’ll keep you focused and moving forward. The assignments are so resourceful because they’re like being given the perfect to-do sheet to enhance your life each month. Simple and easy to do with huge results!

  • Private Access to Our Exclusive Facebook Group

    Instantly double your network. Only in these exclusive settings can you connect with your peers. Exchange Ideas and swap stories with high-achieving business owners…like yourself. You’ll get support, great ideas and form new business relationships with results-oriented, success-minded entrepreneurs. 

  • Daily Actions & Accountability Forms

    Plan your daily action steps to help you stay focused on making significant changes in your life.

Plus You'll Get...

  • 12 Monthly Fast Action Worksheets

    For every lesson, you’ll also get fast action worksheets to help you implement the lessons quickly and effectively.

  • Gratitude Journal

    Explore your thoughts and ideas as you become more aware of your gifts, talents and daily blessings all around you. Your gratitude journal will help you keep track of your wins and celebrate your victories throughout the program.

  • 12 Fast Action Goals Worksheets

    Write your monthly goals in your course workbook, to accelerate your success.

  • Clarity Prompts

    Get clear on your dreams, goals and your ultimate success direction with success attraction lists and thought-provoking prompts to help you put your vision to paper.

Many people have achieved their goals and attracted more increase from these training sessions...Read their stories below:

My assistant and I used Dr. Stacia's success mantra and we both had $1000 within one week! My businesses are doing GREAT! You have no idea the impact her books and tapes have had in my life. REALLY Latesha E.
I got $5000 Within 24hrs of attending Dr. Stacia's seminar after following her success principles, by the end of the week I went from an overdrawn bank account to $8,000 richer! Dr. Stacia gave me a new perspective on attracting wealth! Pat H.

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Whether you’re an author, entrepreneur, schoolteacher, college student, doctor, lawyer, actress, hairstylist, or high school drop out, if you apply what you will learn in this course you’ll experience high levels of success more than you can imagine!

The Life Enrichment Course was specially constructed with you in mind...

This course is designed to...

  • Inspire you to feel more motivated, energized and passionate…
  • Empower you to discover and accept your life's purpose…
  • Encourage you to get rid of toxic relationships and attract more divine, passionate and purposeful relationships with go-getters like yourself…
  • Authorize you to take control of your finances, achieving stable financial abundance doing what you love…
  • Challenge you to make an authentic impact in the world—so you can finally experience the kind of life that deep down, you always knew you were meant to live…

Massive Success, More Money and More Time with a Peace of Mind

Impact Audio Lessons Delivered To You Monthly...

I know you're busy, that is why I'm making it easy for you to access your coaching information. All calls are instantly emailed to you... so you can access them at any time, anywhere...You can listen from online with your phone or download them to your computer to listen to later. You'll also get all extra handouts, promotions and everything else that goes with the call. Learn at your own pace...when you have time...where ever you want!

With every Life Enrichment Audio program you’ll get the personal life coaching answers you’ve been wanting.  Each lesson is 60-90 minutes of straight life enhancement training to achieve extraordinary effectiveness in your business and life, while maintaining internal balance and peace.  After listening to these audio programs your thoughts, actions and emotions will become congruent…working together to achieve optimum success in every area of your life. Look below at some of the topics we will cover throughout the program...

  • 6 Ways To Become Your Absolute Best

    Personal improvement is an essential part of achieving your dreams. Discover how to overcome self-sabotaging  habits so that you can live a happy, fulfilling and wealthy life you deserve.

  • 21 Ways to Declutter Your Life

    Most people, however, can’t see through the chaos of life to get to real success.  Chaos comes in many ways to distract, disengage and disillusion you from reaching your intended goals.When you are focused on doing the right things, you can get through the smoke screen of impossibilities and finally carve a clear path that can increase cash flow in your life and business.

  • 5 Ways To Stay Inspired To Succeed

    In this module, you’ll get a bird’s eye view at exceptional living.  I pull back the curtains on everything that inspires me to live a full and exciting life. Discover the secret to maintaining your motivation while you’re going after your dreams and goals.

  • 5 Ways To List Your Life

    Success in business and life requires a written strategy. Your income growth, personal growth and life achievements are directly correlated to your written plan. In this module, discover the exact strategies I use to stay organized and increase productivity.

  • 8 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

    A lot of your success depends on your ability to be and stay creative. Creativity is essential to staying ahead of the curve, providing new and exciting services and products to the marketplace. However, the occasional brain freeze is imminent. Albeit inescapable, you can develop a creative process to help you churn out great ideas regularly and keep your creative juices in a constant flow.

  • 8 Ways To Make Life Work

    Want to improve the quality of your life? Would you like to experience continued success no matter what your age or season in life? If you are losing sleep at night wondering how to establish work life balance and still achieve your dreams, this module will help you accomplish it all and establish a peace of mind.


When do we start? NOW!
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If you've ever wanted to be personally mentored into achieving your highest vision, this course is the next best thing to having Stacia Pierce as your personal guide.

More Productivity With Less Effort

Put more money in your pocket by using proven systems that streamlines your productivity and inspires your creativity. Once you've develop this new success habit, you'll have more opportunities and victories than you ever could imagine!

Tackle Daily Challenges

Learn how to implement strategic actions that will empower you to respond more effectively and productively in everyday events so that you're not overwhelmed with emotional distractions that stops your progress.

Discover How To Realize All Your Ambitions

Not only will you be inspired and motivated to achieve greater success but you'll also learn how to up-level all your efforts, strategic alliances, relationships, attitude and behavior.

Get a Road Map to Live with Passion and Purpose

Most of us have an idea of what we want, however very few know how to get it. In the Life Enrichment Course you get thought provoking training and exercises that will prompt you to dig deep to identify, accept and announce your passion and dreams. Plus you'll get the road map on how to get from where you are, to exactly where you want to be!

Joining is Simple...

Get 12 Months of Lifestyle Training, Inspiring Accountability and Massive Success!

What does it take to deliver amazing results?

With consistent, effective training and monthly accountability...You will get amazing, notable...significant results in your life and business. The Life Enrichment Course for Successful Daily Living will inspire you every month for the next that you can live a more fulfilled, exciting and invigorating life...doing what you love!

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.