If you’ve had enough of average and want to empower your dreams, this book is for you! Get ready to transform your life for success! Life Coach Stacia Pierce pours her years of expertise into this illuminating, easy-to-read book. Filled with principles, strategies, real-life stories and creative content, Inspired to Succeed is a revolutionary approach to designing a remarkable lifestyle while accomplishing your dreams.

Inspired to Succeed Book

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With 20 concise, invaluable lessons, Stacia will teach you:

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  • How to balance life and work to live beyond average
  • How to evaluate your relationships and create an inner circle marked by innovation and increase
  • How to pursue you desires with passion and fight
  • And that’s just the beginning!


This book is your blueprint to a fulfilling life. There’s never been a better time to improve yourself and your way of living. Whatever your aspirations, Stacia shares the insight and information necessary to keep you motivated, enlightened and empowered to live the most successful life possible! You were created to experience nothing less than an incredible existence.

[testimonial2 author=”Bob Harrison – Dr. Increase” + pic=”http://www.lifecoach2women.com/testimonies/speaker_bob_Harrison.jpg”]“This book will empower your dreams!”[/testimonial2]

Prepare to abandon all things average; your amazing life awaits you!



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