It's time you live the life of your dreams...I'm giving you the step-by-step process You NEED to live the exciting, rich, fulfilling life you've been dreaming about...

You'll get direction, clarity, recognition, fulfillment and your desired manifestations for business success...Get empowered to tear down and destroy every self-defeating wall currently stopping you from truly making a huge impact on the world...all while increasing your income…

From: Stacia Pierce
Orlando, Florida

Dear Passionate Leader and Business Owner,

I recently had an astonishing morning of prayer and meditation when the most exciting and profound declaration came to me, as clear as the day:

"This is going to be my big year!"

That statement resonated through out my entire being and I could sense how exciting the upcoming year could be for me—then I realized that this declaration is for anybody who would believe and receive these powerful words.

So, immediately created an entire program to make sure these words would come to pass in my life and YOURS. As I embraced what I had heard, I started experiencing major breakthroughs daily. They were happening in the form of breakthrough calls, connections, contracts, new customers and creative ideas!

I would love to take you on this journey to GO BIG.

I have an incredible plan for my own personal transformation (and yours) to make this our biggest year...and I can't wait to share it with you...

But it requires a no excuse approach...

and willingness to take massive action...

and a choice to stop being indecisive about what you really want...

You must refuse to allow anyone to play you small or push you back to mediocrity...

You must want to GO BIG bad enough to change your situation FOR REAL this time...blast right through every obstacle that's standing in the way of your BIG success and go beyond all limitations to finally get exactly what you want in life.

I'm only accepting 100 self-starting, ambitious entrepreneurs and leaders into my new GO BIG Coaching Program.

This special coaching program is for people who don't want to get through the entire first-quarter of the year and then all of a sudden 4 months later, start working on a great year.

If you are committed to making this your big year and you're ready to come out swinging with all action... taking a nonstop approach to GOING BIG then, this is the coaching program you need to start your year off right.

I urge you not to miss this divine setup of an opportunity to take your life and business to EPIC proportions!


I Boosted My Visibility With National Media Attention

I Landed My first $50K Contract!

So, How Can YOU Have Your Biggest Year?

That's Exactly what I want to show you...

However, even with the best plan laid right in front of you with all the steps and keys you need to finally start getting results...there's ONE THING that must be in place for you to truly Go BIG...

You can be the best business person, the best negotiator, the best marketer, the best salesperson, the best communicator, the best manager, the best at your job...
You can know every new technique and the most current strategies for real estate and stocks...

But if your internal success attraction meter is not pre-set for a high level of success, you will never reach your highest earning potential. And if by some chance or hard work you do, you'll somehow manage to lose it so your finances return to your inner preset limitations.

Let me share with you a story...

This story is to help you locate yourself on your journey to success...

It's a universal story one that we all can relate to at some time or another...

It may not be your exact situation but at the center of it all...

I'm sure you'll see yourself and get a real picture of what may be holding you back from going big in life. okay, so here it goes:

A while ago, I got a call from a client who was experiencing a mild panic attract. All of which was very unexpected considering she had just come out of a VERY BIG week in sales...I mean RECORD BREAKING sales.

Yet, Judy was feeling anxious and scared, "I'm excited about how awesome sales were this week, but I don't know if I can keep going like this," she said. "What if I can't produce thousands of dollars on a weekly basis?

What am I going to do if the money keeps coming in...I'm not that good with accounting."

She went on to share that she felt like she couldn't handle this kind of 'cash flow'.

Now, in your head you're probably saying, "I CAN handle it!" but let's think about how you've handled windfalls of money or big money opportunities...things can get a little scary when that big break—the thing that you've wanted the most—is right there waiting for you to seize it.

Very few can boldly STEP UP, and SEIZE THE MOMENT.

MOST people find a way to sabotage it.

Yes, self-sabotage.

I asked Judy, Do you want to go big in your business and make as much money as you can? She answered, "Yes, but..."

Then came a list of self-imposed obstacles, with every word spoken, Judy built a barrier that was stopping her from achieving success. She had a wall of issues to overcome in order to GO BIG and have the business she had always dreamed of.

Many often look to external obstacles to blame for a lack of success...but after removing the layers...even Judy could see how she was standing in her own way of making a lot of money.. an upgrade in her thinking was necessary if she would ever GO BIG in her business and life.

It's amazing what we allow to hold us hostage..the biggest shackles to your your own thinking. Have you been standing in the way of your own success?

After years of self-improvement and empowering women to achieve their wildest dreams...It's very easy to detect the self-imposed, self-defeating habits that STOP you dead in your tracks...causing you to stagnate in life.

Here's a sample list of ways YOU may be standing in your own way of Success...

  1. You become negatively paranoid about success, causing you to shrink back to what's comfortable instead of taking risks.
  2. You are satisfied with the status quo...although you often say you want BIG success.
  3. You waste time regretting, criticizing, shaming and blaming yourself or others for your past mistakes. Allowing them to repeatedly stop you from going big.
  4. You don't write out clear goals or you have the wrong goals that are never met and often cause you to feel guilty for lack of achievement.
  5. You have no goals because you are afraid to fail and afraid to try.
  6. You often allow the naysayers to bombard you with stories and statistics and sayings that convince you that you are incapable of winning... causing you to stop dreaming as well.
  7. You'd rather be bored and secure than enthusiastically taking risks to reach your goals. Security will have you locked in...afraid to move on from your job...or worst yet stuck in a career or occupation even though you know you're unable to grow in that space any more. Security will also have unwilling to work through your fears or relationships...because you're afraid to rock the boat.
  8. You feel you don't deserve increase or money. Most people have ingrained views about money and success...your core belief system could be the main reason for you not going after the big contracts or getting all the way "out there" to get what you really want in life.
  9. You're circle of influence is made up of people who only tolerate you and never celebrate you. You may be holding back, downsizing or just plain stopping your achievements because the people you've surrounded yourself with don't believe in you and what you can accomplish.
  10. Deep Down inside, you may be feeling like you're unworthy of real success and are waiting on someone to give you permission to go for it.

If you can identify with one or all of the ten points you are experiencing the feelings of self-doubt, unworthiness...but also an anxiousness to DO SOMETHING about your life...that's why you're here...reading this now. You really want success and are still looking for the way to get to where you want to go...

The GOOD NEWS IS...You don't need anyone's permission but your own to GO BIG! Give yourself PERMISSION to PROFIT. You deserve a life of accomplishment, fulfillment and financial freedom. It's Time for you to go for the Gold.

What you may not know is that you have so many options, there has never been a more opportune time for entrepreneurs than RIGHT NOW.


Wouldn't You Agree It's Time You Risk a change, overcome fear, decide to GO BIG and WIN? Let me show you how to take your ADVERSITIES and turn them into your ADVANTAGES.


The moment I decided GO BIG in my business was the moment my life changed forever.

I went from holding back, playing small and only half-way going for what I really wanted to stepping my game up, being bold about what I wanted and just going all the way.

And with every bold, non-compromising step I took, everything became clearer...I suddenly could see the next level in a whole new way...and I was more than ready to rise to the challenge of achieving my wildest dreams.

In case you've been following me over the last few years, I'm sure you've seen it yourself...the dramatic growth and success of my business has skyrocketed. I've learned to maximize and monetize my business in a way that has awarded me tremendous profits, while I'm still helping the people I care about. I'm also able to work from home, see my children during the day and live a more free and authentic life than ever before.

I've been graced with the opportunity to help other entrepreneurs UNLOCK their gifts and abilities and SHIFT their thinking so that they could not only take a big leap in their business but maximize, upsize and realize their BEST LIFE POSSIBLE.


Sometimes the biggest miracle than can happen in your life is connecting with someone who can show you a picture of what's possible. You need dream drivers to pull out your potential and push you to do more! I can show you how to achieve every dream that you’ve ever thought possible...Here's what you You'll get as a result of participating in the Go Big Coaching Program:

  • Maximize opportunities and really secure them so that you won't miss out, but profit big
  • Manifest income into your hands. We're not talking theory...I'm showing you exactly what to do to get more income.
  • Make HUGE traction and finally get results in your business. No more frustration from lack of income. You'll boost your productivity and profits in just 8 weeks.
  • Master your inner game and be confident in GOING BIG in your business and life.
  • Multiply clients and customers who are ready and willing to buy from you.
  • Monetize your idea. You'll go from idea to income by using my simple "seize them & sell them" system.

You’ll see opportunities that you never knew existed...And because of the 'meaty' life-changing information you'll get from my coaching program..You'll be able to to embrace every challenge and catapult yourself beyond your wildest dreams....

If you want to be a world champion in your business this year, then your best investment will be getting the information that will cause you to win in business and life. Even world-class champions know the real secret to success is having a coach to push them to the next level by helping them strengthen their weakness and break barriers to set new records.

With me coaching you, you can be a world-class champion just like:

Michael Jordon, Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, Muhammed Ali

Something happens when you finally commit to going big and start taking action in the direction of your dreams. Like Racheal, who attended one of my conferences...she decided to go big with her business and doubled her income in 30 days and is still increasing....

For years I've been teaching people how to maximize and manifest and live their dream life. Here's just a few of the BIG THINKING breakthroughs that were reported:

  • Built dream homes
  • Scored major contracts worth thousands of dollars
  • Received unexpected checks in the mail
  • Bought new cars, dream cars
  • Landed top executive dream jobs
  • Doubled business income
  • Major TV appearances on national shows
  • Started new practice with brand new office space in dream city location
  • Lost weight and launched a new business
  • Earned $20,000 in 30 days
  • Launched celebrity charity foundation
  • Secured deals with celebrity clients
  • Secured own TV shows

If you could significantly improve your quality of life, become more confident, bold and authentic in your business and provide for your loved ones bountiful indulgences and security all while spending more time with your family and leading a life to be admired and imitated..would you do whatever it takes to get rid of all the self-imposed obstacles that are standing in the way of your SUCCESS?

If your answer is 'YES' and you are ready to step up...

This tailored program will meet your needs, challenge your challenges, spark your creativity, boost your confidence and hold you accountable while you take daily action to dramatically uplevel your life.

It's your time and your turn to Go Big in your business. No more playing small and resisting what you’re truly destined to be doing.  Someone’s life is hanging in the balance…waiting to be impacted by you…waiting for you to STEP UP and SAY YES to taking your business and life to a whole new level.

The Go Big Coaching Program is all about the mindset, methods, and massive action you must have to Go Big!

By Big I mean...Discovering the secrets that cause you to:

  • Get recognized for your skill and expertise
  • Get bigger in the market place
  • Get time for lifestyle freedom to do what you love
  • Get an eye for opportunities that catapult you to new levels
  • Get rewarded with revenues for your expertise
  • Get seen and chosen for the right positions.
  • Get a tracking and planning system that produces huge profits!

Wouldn’t you agree it’s about time for you to stop letting excuses hold you back from having a lucrative business?

If your answer is Yes...

Then get ready to DEMOLISH all of your barriers and burst through to success! You’ll finally get to experience the freedom of an infopreneur's or product producer's lifestyle and the awesome security of a steady income from your business.

Can you imagine having doubled your earnings, increased your clientele and finally feeling like your business is taking off? People will be chasing you down to do business with you...

Here’s What The "Go Big Coaching Program" Will Do for You:

  • Blast out any doubt, fear and feelings of inadequacy so you can confidently upgrade your prosperity mindset.
  • Identify and remove all self-imposed obstacles that have held you back FAR TOO LONG…so you can GO UP!
  • Empower you from the inside out to become a BIG THINKER so that you can create an exciting, uplifted, exalted world for yourself and the people you impact.
  • Inspire you to fast action…we’re going to take a LOT of action in this program…remember ACTION breeds clarity! Everything will become more crystal clear with every step you take.
  • Connect you with like-minded go-getter entrepreneurs that you can collaborate and grow with.
  • Teach you how to manifest every tool, resource and the money you need to accomplish your goals anytime…every time.
  • Fast track you to tremendous success…I’m sharing with you what I’ve learned to go big in my business and I'll be guiding you to produce real, measurable results in your business.
  • You will earn more than you ever have before.
  • You will have more clients than you ever have before.

 A FAST TRACK to productivity & prosperity... Delivered right to your inbox!

The Go Big Coaching Program provides exclusive access to 8 weeks of private coaching sessions with me delivered online so that you can learn from the comfort of your home.   Every week you'll get expert training on personal development to position you to create unlimited earnings. This means you can finally take control of your life…assuming 100% responsibility for your career, your finances, your relationships, your emotions, your habits and your success!

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Are You Ready To Create Your Own
Success Story?

Take a look at the success system you'll get when you register...

Discover new opportunities...create your own economy and start making real income that will keep you standing on your own two feet even when everyone around you may be failing and shutting down...

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You will radically change your thinking about how you invest your time and money while growing your business.  So if you are ready to create top income for yourself, build wealth independence and sustainability... secure your spot today! You'll gain access the most advanced and creative way of creating influence and power for yourself in a cluttered market place.

Let's take a look at everything you'll get in the program...

The Go Big Coaching Program Includes...

  • 8 Dynamic Audio Trainings delivered to you weekly

    8 Audio Training Lessons with me, Stacia Pierce, walking you through 8 Go Big inspiring weekly Fast-Action assignments to keep you on track throughout the entire program. Each call will be approximately 60- 90 minutes each. For your convenience these trainings are recorded and you will have access to our resource center to download and listen to each call at any time.


  • Private Access to Our Exclusive Online Forum

    Instantly double your network. Only in these exclusive settings can you connect with your peers. Exchange Ideas and swap stories with high-achieving business owners…like yourself. You’ll get support, great ideas and form new business relationships with results-oriented, success-minded entrepreneurs.

  • 56 Daily Actions & Accountability Forms

    You’ll 56 Course worksheets, complete with homework, activity sheets, reference information and all your session notes. I suggest you print these and put them in your Go Big Coaching Program Binder.

  • 1 Live Access Calls with Stacia & Her Team of Experts

    At the end of the course you’ll get live access to your coach and her team of experts. Here is where you’ll get all of your questions answered about the lessons and your business. Each call lasts one hour.

Plus You'll Get...

  • 8 Weekly Fast Action Prompts and Worksheets

    Get clear on your dreams, goals and your ultimate success direction with success attraction lists and thought-provoking prompts to help you put your vision to paper. For every lesson, you’ll also get fast action worksheets to help you implement the lessons quickly and effectively.

  • Inner Winner Success Journal

    Explore your thoughts and ideas as you become more aware of your gifts, talents and daily blessings all around you. Your Inner Winner Success Journal will help you keep track of your wins and celebrate your victories throughout the program.

  • Go Big Money Tracker

    The money tracker will keep you focus on increasing your income every week. Use this form and the prompts to activate new ideas and develop strategies to attract money.

  • Go Big Blue Print

    Get a big picture perspective about elevating your business and life. Use the blueprint to plan your life and implement the lessons learned in the program. This poster-size blueprint is perfect to hang in your office where you can see your big picture action plan daily!

Valued at: $997 | Yours:FREE
*Digital download

You're going to manifest your dream life this year and you'll need the Millionaire's Dream Book to do it! Only during this course will you have access to master manifestation techniques that empower you to have your dream life and SOAR BIG With the Millionaire's Dream Book. It's full of empowering, inspiring information to help you manifest your dream life. Complete with exclusive audio trainings, blueprints, plus so much more...

  • Collage Pages

  • Journal Pages

  • Inspirational Quotes

  • Faith Focus Pages

  • Idea Starter Pages

  • Dream Inspirations

  • Positive Affirmations Activation Log

  • …and much more!


  • Bonus #1: Dream Home Look Book Creator and Design Guide to develop your very own luxurious haven.
  • Bonus #2: Dream Wedding Planner Checklist to ensure you get the wedding you have been dreaming of.
  • Bonus #3: Secrets to the Millionaire Mindset Audio Program to upgrade your thinking to attract what you REALLY want.
  • Bonus #4: Positive Affirmations to verbally draw your Millionaire lifestyle into your life.
  • Bonus #5: Millionaire’s Dreambook ‘How-to’ Party Guide to ensure an incredible magnetic party of big dreamers who want to manifest their desires like you.
  • Bonus #6: Two Millionaire Manifestation Blueprints for you to visualize and meditate on for the ENTIRE YEAR.

Many people have achieved their goals and attracted more increase from these training sessions...Read their stories below:

My assistant and I used Dr. Stacia's success mantra and we both had $1000 within one week! My businesses are doing GREAT! You have no idea the impact her books and tapes have had in my life. REALLY Latesha E.
I got $5000 Within 24hrs of attending Dr. Stacia's seminar after following her success principles, by the end of the week I went from an overdrawn bank account to $8,000 richer! Dr. Stacia gave me a new perspective on attracting wealth! Pat H.

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Classes begins on Feb. 6th, but we're giving a bonus pre-course program for everyone who pre-register.

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Whether you’re an author, entrepreneur, schoolteacher, college student, doctor, lawyer, actress, hairstylist, or high school drop out, if you apply what you will learn in this course you’ll experience high levels of success more than you can imagine!

Impact Audio Lessons Delivered To You Weekly...

I know you're busy, that is why I'm making it easy for you to access your coaching information. All calls are instantly made available for you weekly in your resource center... so you can access them at any time, anywhere...You can listen from online with your phone or download them to your computer to listen to later. You'll also get all extra handouts, promotions and everything else that goes with the call. Learn at your own pace...when you have time...where ever you want!

With every Go Big Coaching Program you’ll get the direct business answers you’ve been wanting.  Each lesson is 60-90 minutes of straight life enhancement training to achieve extraordinary effectiveness in your business and life, while maintaining internal balance and peace.  After listening to these audio programs your thoughts, actions and emotions will become congruent…working together to achieve optimum success in every area of your life. Look below at some of the topics we will cover throughout the program...


Let's Take a Closer Look at what you'll learn Each Week...


    In order to Go Big in your business and life you must first learn the art of Thinking Big. Thinking big is enabling yourself to dream beyond your means, imagining the best possible circumstance and cultivating positive thinking to attract your greatest desires.

  • WEEK TWO: Discovering Your Marketing Genius

    If you’re not making enough money in your business, is probably because you’re not telling your audience what you have to sell. You can’t be afraid of marketing. In this lesson you’ll learn how to adopt the science of marketing into your daily life. Incorporate it in all that you so that it becomes ingrained in every presentation, meeting, appearance, gift or anything that comes from you to your target audience.

  • WEEK THREE: How to Spot Opportunities to Go BIG

    Most people aren’t doing what there capable of doing, but if you did…you would AMAZE yourself with what you could accomplish. In this lesson, I want you to see with a brand new perspective, all of the Go Big Opportunities all around you!


    To go big in your business and life, you must emerge from an average way of thinking and being… and blossom into a powerful person of action… one who executes, exercises and ignite an idea; maximizing its potential and capitalizing on the great rewards of the outcome.


    You can have big manifestations in your life and I’m going to show you how to use your imagination to build your faith and desire to manifest every Go BIG goal you have!

  • WEEK SIX: Go BIG with Networking and Relationships

    The main ingredient in growing your business is people. Without people we have no business. We need customers, clients, suppliers, referrals, mentors and more to grow a successful business. For Lesson 6, we’ll learn how to network and build great relationships to help you go BIG.

  • WEEK SEVEN: Thinking like a Go Big Entrepreneur

    Whether you are working full time in your business or only part-time with the goal of full-time, it’s time you start thinking MORE like an entrepreneur. Start thinking about how you can make money every single day in your business—seeing and SEIZING the opportunities all around you! This lesson will prompt you to start exploring new ways to profit from your passions and seeing opportunities where others see problems!


    In this listen you’ll learn exercises that will enable you to open yourself to the possibility that you can have money and allowing your mind to creatively produce it in your life. Creative thinking for money making can only happen when you truly believe deep down inside that you are good enough, that you deserve money, you are smart enough and you can have money; that money will come to you.


    This all new bonus session features social media guru Ariana Pierce, In this lesson you’ll learn how to make a big splash in Social Media and draw your ideal clients, fans and online cheerleaders to you in a big big way. Social media influence is necessary to grow your business…this lesson will give you all the secrets you need to rise to the top!

What does it take to deliver amazing results?

With consistent, effective training and monthly accountability...You will get amazing, notable...significant results in your life and business. The Go Big Coaching Program will inspire you every month for the next that you can live a more fulfilled, exciting and invigorating life...doing what you love!

Get 8 Weeks of Massive Marketing and Mindset Training!

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What's it worth for you to live a life filled with everything you wish for...every moment with awesome power...all of your relationships being wonderful and your heart truly filled with finally be fulfilling your purpose in life and being on track with what your destiny truly should be?

Every success, dream, desire that has been waiting on you to claim it is now in position to be delivered to you.

What would you be willing to pay to finally take your life to the next level...start filling up your bank accounts consistently...finally live a life free from self-imposed barriers and soaring to your highest peak...impacting the world in a great way?

What is it worth to you to accomplish a goal that you’ve been struggling -- possibly for YEARS -- to achieve, in only 8 weeks or less?

Especially when you consider the value of the information you’ll be getting and its impact on your business...

There are other people out there who will offer to work with you... to teach you how to turn your business into a profit. They would talk so far over your head and not give you any step-by-step solutions...leaving you more frustrated...

If you were to work with me would cost you upwards of $10,000 for a tenth of the time we'll spend together during the Go Big Coaching Program.

But if you join me for the Go Big Coaching Program, you can get the important coaching, connection and accountability you need to have the biggest year you've ever had in business and life...all for only $1497 when you pay in full.  (Keep scrolling to see the special holiday rate)

I think you’ll agree that’s a pretty reasonable price in exchange for being able to overcome your obstacles to Going BIG in your business...and finally start making MORE money right away!

After all, what I’m giving you will instantly boost your productivity and profits. By the time you're done with this program, you will have done more in 90 days than you've done in whole year.

We're talking pivotal expansion and self-improvement that will yield a HUGE return on your investment and set you up for the BIGGEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE.

And over the course of years, that could easily be worth HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars for you. And that doesn't even include the value of you feeling confident and secure enough to really step out and implement extraordinary ideas that will cause you to make more money while you are doing what you love.

When you CONSIDER how much your EARNING POTENTIAL will increase. I'm sure you'll agree that joining the Go Big Coaching Program for a minimum investment of $1497 and getting your Millionaire's Dream Book Success Attraction System ($997) for free is quite a steal.

It's your time to become your authentic self and start living your dream life and make a difference in people's lives.

I want to make this a no-brainer for you…

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Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.