"Discover the Little-Known Creative Process to Developing Your Very Own Books/CDS/DVDs
(and the Marketing Techniques to Drive Sales)
So You Make More Money and Have More Time…"

And finally be paid what you rightfully deserve...

If You've been searching for the EASIEST and MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to create product, market it and let it generate truck loads of money while you sleep...

Here’s your answer—right now

If you're interested in creating a huge (and immediate) cash flow for yourself or your business, this is going to be the most exciting letter you'll ever read. I suggest you print it off, find a place where you can read without distraction and when you're done, complete your registration for the Product Idea Creation Course and get a BONUS EBOOK!



From: Stacia Pierce
Orlando, Florida

Dear Entrepreneurs,

The only thing that stands between you and your thriving, profit producing business is a product your audience desperately wants to buy.  Not just any product but one that sets you above the cluttered market and meets the needs of your target clients.

Imagine having the  "golden product" that hits right on target and sends a flurry of hungry clients to your website or store... rushing to make a purchase...and those sales resulting in you making thousands of dollars every day... 

Have you ever felt like you had an incredible idea...one that you know could make tons of money for you?

...and you never did anything with it...
...This is where most people get stuck.

In my experience, I've found that most dreams die between what to do and how to do it. Or they get put on the shelf until you can "find time" to work on that project...but you never get around to it. Then one day your dream gets fulfilled by another person who acted on it. The worst part is seeing your idea in a tv commercial or already in the store.

Well, the good news is, you are NOT alone and I can help you.

I want to help you turn your ideas into cash...literally.

idea card stacia pierceI believe ideas come to us for a reason...the most simple--yet profitable ideas have come to me when I was right in the midst of helping others achieve a goal, learning something new or taking on a new adventure.  And other times they've come to me as solutions to making my routines easier.

I've earned a lot of money from just taking FAST ACTION on my ideas when they come to me and putting it out there for others to buy. I know that there's tons of ways for you to easily increase your income and create viable streams of "extra" money coming in all the time and in this Course, I'll share with you at least 101 ideas, products, promotions and possibilities for making more money right now.

I've created a complete list of things you can do to start making money immediately.

This course will spark your creativity and open you up to an array of possibilities when it comes to creating multiple streams of income from your own ideas.

With the right information on how to develop profit-producing ideas and turn them into multiple streams of income...ANYONE can start making MORE MONEY right now.

I've been in business for over 30 years and as a serial entrepreneur and business coach, not only have I owned several types of businesses, I've also helped with the creative development of entrepreneurs in many fields. Including: celebrities, hair stylists, fashion designers, authors, interior designers, real estate agents, chefs, corporate expert trainers, doctors, lawyers, TV hosts, and many more. The one concern for all of them is, "How can I take what I'm doing now and make more money?!"

I'm sure you've thought..."If I just had more clients...that's all I need to make more." Sure you'd make more until you've reached the limit of how many clients you can actually work with. After all, there's only so much time in a day right? Plus, you still need time to promote and grow your business—even with all the new clients...

Did You know:  97% of marketers making $10,000 per month online have their own Products?

money products stacia pierceIf you are serious about growing your business and really want to see the money start rolling in by the truck load, then it’s time you create your own product and begin to profit from your own expertise.

I'm sure you've thought of this before now...but haven't really done anything... because you're not exactly sure how to to create a product...right?

Or you may be concerned if you can really sell a product...

You don’t have to worry. I will help you step by step create a winning product that will PRODUCE PROFITS— IF you follow my proven system.

Talk with me for a few minutes about your business and I'll come up with a dozen ideas that will generate you money quickly!

That's how I got the trademarked name: THE IDEA GENERATOR. If you've ever been to a live event, you may have witnessed what can happen in only a few minutes...I can assess your business situation and help you create the perfect product or service to create leverage in your business...and enable you to start making loads of money quickly—even before you leave my hotseat.

At my Women's Success Conference, Britani C., a young ambitious 23-year-old entrepreneur sat in the hotseat and as we discussed her goals, I helped her define her new service offering and highlight her true talents. For Britani, this was a major shift in her business. She literally went from theory to action right away. While at the event, Britani scored 3 new clients!

Her story is not unique, this is just what happens when you connect with me, the Idea Generator. Mark H. came to me to help him develop his Image Consulting business...and while he had a few clients and the business was doing fairly well, we discovered that Mark had been sitting on a gold mine! He's incredibly talented at creating resumes that land jobs. So, I showed him how he could add on this service as a new division to his company. Mark implemented this one change and it resulted in thousands of dollars of extra income! Don't just take my word for it...check out what Mark had to say in his own words:


Stacia Helped Me Go From Zero Prospects to 33 Clients and Thousands of Dollars Richer!

I came to Stacia with an idea for my new business as an image consultant...We were making headway with building my new business and after working with me for a couple of weeks, I was sharing with her some of the things I did on the side as a hobby...and from that conversation, she gave me the idea to turn my hobby into a business. That's how Mark's Resume ReWrite.com was born...When I followed her advice I got 33 new clients, worth thousands of dollars for my business!

Mark Hillery

With Stacia's insight on creating new streams of income in your business, I've learned to make more money than I've ever had. I had my first $1200 Day and now my weekly earnings have DOUBLED.

eshetoddI've always had a desire to make tons of money...I just didn't know how exactly I would do it. Since Dr. Stacia became my business mentor and coach, she has constantly given me MULTIPLE WAYS to fill in the 'HOW' blank.

I went from being STUCK to receiving exactly what Dr. Stacia said she was going to deliver – LOADS of useful information – detailed techniques and systems that helped me increase my income instantly.

I was blown away by the HOT SEAT demonstration
. Dr. Stacia quickly gave entrepreneurs ideas & insight about their businesses. The atmosphere was charged with creativity...I instantly came up with many ideas for my own business. Stacia always delivers new, creative information that just makes you want to run out of the session and take action! Her systems are proven and so easy to implement. More importantly, THEY REALLY WORK.

After a one-on-one Session with Stacia she instantly stopped me from embracing sabotaging thoughts that were holding me back...and challanged me to make some changes...FAST! And as a result I doubled my weekly earnings..My first week I made $3,000! My advice to those who are thinking about taking the Product Idea Creation Secrets Course is this course is so much more than you think it is. Take it from someone who attends ALL OF STACIA'S EVENTS, I can tell you with all sincerity Her courses are worth every penny plus a bonus! It’s a no brainer...so just register right now!

Eshe Todd
Success Circle Member
2011 Business Excellence Award Winner

I can go on with stories like these, but here's the point: You need to prove to yourself that you can experience your own personal miracle...

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I love brainstorming with entrepreneurs and showing them a picture of what's possible that’s why I created this awesome new course…just for YOU.

I want to use my innate ability to generate countless number of ideas for you and your business…It doesn’t matter if you’re online or offline…I can show you how to make money now…using what you already have!

 In the Product Idea Creation Tele-course You’ll...
  • Get 101 idea generating tools, techniques and tips to add multiple income streams to your business…using your very own enterprise and knowledge base!  pinkdress-workshop
  • Expand your vision of all the creative ways you can generate revenue
  • Finally get a road map to completion of your idea into a product
  • All the tips, tools, and techniques you need to articulate your idea and build a product from it
  • An entire library of products that you can create with low overhead
  • Quick to implement strategies to actually sell the product.

You don’t have to be an audio engineer, movie producer
or master writer to produce your own product.
Get my list of consumer friendly products and resource list
to help you accomplish your goals quick and easily.

In the Product Idea Creation Secrets Course you're going to enjoy the stress-free, fun way to create new products andlaptop stacia pierce implement new streams of income.

You'll feel confident about your product’s success because you’ll be providing what your audience has already told you that they need.

Trust me, You’re in good hands….I’m a creative director of my own company and several successful products

I’m even sharing with you my exclusive, long list of products you can develop in ONE DAY and make money instantly!

Why can I teach you about product creation? Because... in my 30 years as an entrepreneur, I've develop several products, owned many businesses and I’ve helped the creative development of entrepreneurs in many fields. Including:

  • Event Planners
  • Accountants
  • Copywriters
  • Proofreaders
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Professional Organizers
  • Life Coaches
  • Medical Doctors
  • Auto Dealership Owners
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Financial Planners
  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Fashion designers
  • Bakers
  • Celebrity Hairstylists
  • Celebrity Makeup Artists
  • Actors/Actresses
  • Film Producers
  • Day Care owners
  • Business Consultants
  • Bakers/Dessert Shop Owners
  • Record Label Owners
  • Interior Designers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Music artists
  • Actors
  • Actresses
  • Diet coaches


I've helped these professionals go beyond their current standards to reach their desired goals of financial increase. Together we've discovered many new and unconventional ways to expand their businesses, leverage their skills and bring in new clients, customers and most importanly NEW INCOME.

You can master something really well and create it into a system that you can apply to different businesses.

Finally, you don't have to limit yourself to just one way of earning income. Break the mold. Jump out of the box and let's do it all! —Every money-making Idea—Let's implement them!

I'm sure you've heard time and time again...hone in on your most dominant gift and service and work that one thing. Well, I believe that you must develop your service and create systems that can be leveraged into several other business ventures as well. It's okay to explore all of your passions and profit from them just like I have done for years and years!

I truly believe that you should create work around the life you want to live. So to keep it easy, lucrative and fun, infuse your business with your personality and passions!

I've owned several businesses and created many products...in various industries (all according to my passion, of course!)

Take a look at some of the many income streams and products I've created and be inspired to all the possibilities you can have on your own...

After years of mentoring women and private consulting, I've developed several coaching courses for entrepreneurs and business professionals. These products are information products, where I've taken my expert knowledge and put it in a course to teach others how to duplicate my success in their lives.

I wrote my first book, at 19 years old and since then I've written a total of 21 books, many of which are best-sellers. I self-published them all...and I can show you how lucrative and easy it is for you to self-publish your book too! From Ebooks to paperback or hardcover, it's all possible for you!

wave rule stacia pierce

My love for beautiful girly accessories lead me to create and sell unique, fashionable and feminine accessories for stylish business women. From custom decals to phone cases and jewelry, there's plenty to help you ehance your style. If you are interested in selling accessories or own an accessory business already, I'll show you a few proven ways to quickly generate more money..more passive income while you sleep. You can do more than just host parties to sell your business or invest in a building. I'll show you how to bypass unecessary overhead and bring home the profits!

wave rule stacia pierce

As a HUGE fashion and beauty enthusiast, it was only natural that I explored ways to do business in this industry. From my own perfume to our nationally recognized nail polish line, Superstar Nail Lacquer, my daughter and I have had so much fun expanding this division of our corporation. In the course you'll learn more about the process it took to build a beauty business and what you can do to get started in this arena right away!

My businesses have always been filled with Entrepreneur Eye CandyTM

My love for fashion and keen eye for design has caused me to win big In business In the market place...
And help others create hit products, programs and promotions...And in this course, I'll cover what's new, hot, fresh, fashionable and relevant in product packaging. Creating eye-catching memorable packaging is just another way to snag new customers and keep them coming back for more.


If you've become stagnate in your business or you're facing money problems I want you to know...

You don't have a money problem...you have an IDEA problem.

Every obstacle you face can be overcome with creativity and faith to believe you can win! Whether you're personally in need of fast cash OR you're raising funds for a community project, I'll show you how I did it, and how you can duplicate my success in your own projects.

One year, I wanted to make a huge impact on our community and promote working women. I got the idea to host an event that brought 100's of entrepreneurs together to offer their services to women in the community, from hairstylists, resume building, makeup artists, job placement, etc.. Everyone offered their services...and In just one day, we raised thousands of dollars to help disadvantaged women get on their feet and back into the workforce.

So, if you own a non-profit business and you're looking for ideas to generate more funds..register now. You can revolutionize your fund-raising activities, infuse your business with new profit producing ideas and impact many more lives with your services.

This is one Course you don't want to miss… believe me it's loaded with secret treasures to wealth building.

When You've completed this course, you'll be well on your way to making money from your knowledge and ideas!

This course is all about You profiting from your passion...Here's a some more of what you'll learn how to:
  • Discover your niche
  • Determine your product type
  • Develop your product quick and easy
  • Deliver your products to the market with excellent & unique branding
  • Do the work and have fun doing it

I’m giving you everything you need to not only create a product, but make money from it.

In this 4 part Homestudy course you’ll also get:
  • Promotion strategies that move products
  • Payment methods that cause you not to lose out
  • Plan of action that leads to profits     
  • And as a Bonus: You’ll get Interviews & information about your shelf products (projects)  & how to bring your ideas to the marketplace

There's no good reason why you are not reaching your maximum earning potential. But I know that there may be self-imposed obstacles that could be holding you back...

Some of you may be thinking...
  • What if I can’t write that well but want to publish a book?
  • I don’t know how to record my own audio for a profit.
  • What’s the time commitments, I’m busy!
  • Can I really get a new product created that fast?
  • Will I need a whole lot of help to create my product?
  • Am I qualified to create a product somebody will want?
Well, first let me assure you of this one thing….

You have information and ideas inside of you right now that can help a whole lot of people...plus there's tons of people who will be willing to pay you for your answer to their problem.

The process of creating new information products isn't all that different from market to market in terms of the actual process...

What I'm teaching is how to create awesome products that your customers will value and shine as beacons of quality in your market.

By taking part in this tele-course, you'll learn how fast and creatively you can create a new product

I show you how I do it quickly, professionally and profitably.

It really doesn't matter whether you want to sell information
on how to make hair bows or you’re selling video guitar lessons…

You can turn your ideas into profit producing products in just 4 weeks!

Secondly, Wouldn’t you agree it’s about time for you to stop letting excuses hold you back from having a lucrative business?

If your answer is Yes...then get ready to DEMOLISH all of your barriers and burst through to success! You’ll finally get to experience the freedom of an infopreneur's or product producer's lifestyle and the awesome security of a steady income from your business.

Here's a couple more stories of entrepreneurs who creatively improved their bottom line after working with me:

Just from listening to trainings by Stacia I got an idea that generated thousands of dollars and 4 new clients in only 2 weeks!

walyndat After listening to Stacia's training calls I came up with new ideas to generate thousands of dollars and 4 new clients in 2 weeks! Something happens in your mind when she starts talking...a river of ideas begin to flow. She has a way of triggering something in you to think more creatively than ever before. Since I've been connected with Stacia, I've earned over $5,000 in passive income, gained several clients each month and improved my own skills and developed new product packages to increase my rates. My new streams of income make it possible for me to outsource projects and grow my company.

Stacia's courses are like no other. Trust me, if you've been searching for someone who can help you grow your business and make more money...YOU'VE FOUND HER! She gives it to you straight and simple so you can go out and start generating money right away. All you have to do is TAKE ACTION on what she said and your business will grow automatically. I did it and you can too!

Walynda Thompson


Omada Finally Turned Her Ideas Into Products and Now has New Streams of income.

omadaI As a doctor, having only one income stream was becoming frustrating...I could see only so many clients and I wanted to have a greater, long-lasting impact with my patients. For years, I've written ideas for needful products that I knew could benefit my patients...but I never acted on them because I didn't think I could. But...Once I told Stacia my ideas, she gave me step by step instructions on how to create my new product and she gave me the idea for the follow up product...Now, I am working on my second ‘set’ of info products. Now sending for proof reading and should be ready in the next 2 weeks. Can’t believe I am generating these products!!! Very excited about this one and I intend to use every step of the product launch that she gave me to promote and market my new products. Product idea creation can’t get any easier. Thanks and thanks again, Dr Stacia.

Dr. Omada Idachaba, MD


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Here's Exactly what You'll Be Learning in this 4-Session Course:

You have information that others will gladly pay you to share with them. In this session, I will show you How to get paid to create your very own information product and leverage it many times over. Whether it's an ebook, DVD or Audio program, people are always seeking information and you may very well have their answer. I'll tell you the many ways you can share your knowledge and earn a pretty penny at the same time.

My Elite client, Dr. Jason Littleton, is passionate about harnessing your natural energy...he created an ebook that pre-sold before it was even finished! The beauty of an ebook is no-overhead costs, no out of pocket expenses. All you need is a few things in place and you can promote your information products on and offline to generate income 24/7. I'll cover 25 different niche products and ideas. And help you work in your niche market to discover multiple ways to profit from your purpose.


Learn how to automate and accelerate your income, from your products and programs. Here we'll cover 25 more profit producing products, programs you probably never even thought of. Plus quick cash infusion solutions and ideas. If you’re in direct sales, you'll discover super creative ways to expand your 1 stream into many! I was in direct marketing for years and generated $100,000’s of dollars. fashion industry professionals, get ready to learn of ideas you can use to leverage your service.

Plus there will be:

  • Bonus interviews with my clients who have multiplied their income from one of my idea generating products or programs.
  • Idea generating action sheets to help you succeed in a short time!


I’ll even share some of the ideas many celebrity clients have used to create very profitable second, third and fourth streams of income!

My celebrity stylist got the idea to host a live workshop in her niche service, she's set to generate thousands from this 1-2 day event. Plus she's doing what she loves, interacting with other stylists helping them improve their skills. This new stream of income will help her fund some other projects she's working on.

I’ll take you step by step through at least 8 new ideas for generating income in this Session. All you need is One idea that could turn into a fortune for you! We'll also cover how you can easily begin to develop your own ideas into income streams fast!

In this session, I’ll cover creative business ideas you can start and leverage for income! Even if you’re not ready to launch out and have your own full-time business, you can earn a second income from these new relevant ideas. For instance, have you ever loved a product so much that you told EVERYONE you know to go out and buy it now? We do this all the time, with movies, restaurants and stores...did you know you could be earning some kick back from those referrals? It's called affiliate marketing and I'll show you how to make money selling others products and services, where it won't cost you a lot of time but could easily bring in a lot of money.

Perez G., a certified CPA, added affiliate products to his website...he started selling the very products he recommended for his clients and the cash began to flow. I'm sure you're sitting on a few extra streams..get in the course so I can show you how to leverage them.

And if you want to venture into making custom products like nail polish, perfume, and jewelry we'll be discussing the how-to's in this session. I've made over $100,000 a year in a passive market with the beauty and accessories lines, respectively and I have several new ideas on how beauty industry professionals can jump into product selling with low overhead.

We'll discuss trying out a new idea on existing products. How there's several ways to market and promote your product that can equal extra income.

I also have 25 fun and fabulous product income generating ideas. That you can use as well!

In our final session together I'll answer all of your burning business questions about generating more income and creating products. Plus, because you showed up, you'll qualify for a chance to be in the hot seat and get quick laser coaching with me.

If you want to know the power of laser coaching, ask Aaron, he's a music producer that specializes in custom beats, jingles and soundtracks...He was at my last event, where I used him as an example of how to gain the edge in business. I generated 3 new product ideas and methods for Aaron to make more money that same day.

So, you'll want to be on this call live and get the a chance to win.


1. Three 90 Minute Audio Recordings with me, Stacia Pierce, walking you through my Product Idea Creation Secrets course giving you over 100 ideas, tips and techniques to generate more income immediatel. For your convenience these calls are recorded and you will have access to our resource center to download and listen to each call immediately after you register!

2. The BONUS Q&A Call with Stacia whereyou get to hear Stacia laser coaching advice as she answers the most common product creation questions!
3. BONUS VIDEO interviews with successful entrepreneurs who created new products in record time.

4. Course worksheets with every module, complete with homework, activity sheets, reference information and all your session notes. I suggest you print these and put them in your Product Idea Creation Secrets Course Binder.
product creation course stacia pierce ideas
5. Digital cover artwork that you can download to create your own Product Idea Creation Secrets binder at home and store all of your course materials in.


Fast-Action Bonus For The first 25 People...

Be one of the first 25 people toregister for this course and get my delux ebook My Life in Style. It's a candid coaching resource where I share life-lessons PLUS the revealing secrets to how I built my empire. It's not your ordinary recount of business building tips, but a peek inside my life and mind and how I overcame obstacles, removed barriers and took huge leaps of faith to get to where I am now. I recommend this ebook to anyone who wants to work with me because you'll learn more about my business practices and why I do what I do. This book is yours for INSTANT download when you register for the Product Idea Creation Course. But the offer is good only for the FIRST 25 people who take fast action now.

What's it worth for you to learn 101 profit producing ideas, strategies and products that can create cash...cut your work time in half...make your dream life possible and give you a sense of security...knowing your eggs are no longer in just one basket?

What would you be willing to pay to finally take your life to the next level...start filling up your bank accounts consistently...stop living check to check...and finally feel secure knowing your bills are always paid, there's always food on the table for your family, and you even have "play money" to do what ever your heart desires—GUILT FREE?

To know that in just 4 classes...you can accomplish a goal that you’ve been struggling -- possibly for YEARS -- to achieve?

Especially when you consider the value of the information you’ll be getting and its impact on your business....

This Course will:
  • Take years of planning and preparation off your shoulders
  • Save you from costly, time consuming mistakes
  • Show you how to make more money right away, with new and existing income streams
  • Solve the problem of how to use leverage to increase your income while working less
  • Streamline your thinking to attract your new niche ideas that will generate cash and eliminate all of your confusion, while showing you how to position your superior product in a cluttered market.

There are other people out there who will offer to work with you... to teach you how to turn your business into a profit. They'd talk so far over your head and not give you any step-by-step solutions...leaving you more frustrated...

If you were to work with me one-on-one...it would cost you upwards of $10,000 for half the time we'll spend together during the Product Idea Creation Secrets Course.

But if you join me for the Product Idea Creation Secrets Course you can learn 101 ideas, secrets, programs, products and strategies to generate income anytime, all for the low one-time investment of just $497!

I think you’ll agree that’s a pretty reasonable price in exchange for being able to overcome your obstacles to finding new streams of income once and for all, and start making MORE money right away!

After all, what I’m giving you will instantly boost your productivity and profits. You can literally use one idea and create a very lucrative lifetime income stream. And over the course of years, that could easily be worth HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars for you. And that doesn't even include the value of you feeling confident and secure enough to really step out and implement extraordinary ideas that will cause you to make more money while you are doing what you love.

Register In LESS Than Five Minutes, And Get Instant Access to
ALL The Lessons, Downloads and Bonus Materials.

The course price is $497... When you CONSIDER how much your EARNING POTENTIAL will increase. I'm sure you'll agree that learning all my Product Idea Creation Secrets for such a low fee is quite a steal.

And when you think about how much this information will be worth to you in the near future, the price doesn’t compare—$497 is just a FRACTION of the income you’ll generate. This course will likely pay for itself IMMEDIATELY...and keep on paying for itself, over and over again.

Register Now

It's So Easy to Sign up Now...Just Click the 'Add' to cart button Below and we'll secure your spot in the Product Idea Creation Secrets Course right now!


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Remember, If you want things to change, YOU have to change. And if you want them to change in a BIG way, you've got to make BIG changes. There's no other way. Massive leaps in income require massive action. And registering for the Product Idea Creation Secrets Home Study Course marks your decision to make BIG changes in your life AND income.



Empowering You to Succeed,

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.