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Two manifestation tools that manifest wealth

These past few years, I’ve been so relentless about scaling my business, manifesting wealth and pushing my clients to their next level of financial abundance. I truly believe we are living in the season to manifest our greatest dreams, and I decided –no longer will I hold back.

I wanted to reach certain wealth goals and levels of success in my business, in my life and for my family.

I wanted to see my clients prosper at greater levels and surpass the goals they’d set. I desperately wanted to give women a seat at the table to discover the secret to creating a legacy of success.

We’re now in the third quarter of 2021 and thanks to my manifestation process so far,  I am seeing dream after dream come true. Manifestation mode is on 100 and I’ve cleared almost all of my goals.

I’m so grateful and thankful that now more than ever I completely understand that the power of manifestation is real! But here’s the thing… it’s not enough to know that the power of manifestation exists. You must understand the process and know how to put it to action in your own life.

I want to help you learn the process and manifest big as we move through the final half of the year!

How to use Deposit slips as a Manifestation Tool

Years ago, I went through a season where I wanted to makeover my money situation—I wanted to have more incoming than out going.  So I began to focus on manifesting large amounts of income. During my daily meditation time, I would ask God questions about what to do and where to put my focus.

After sitting quietly with my journal and visualizing big checks coming in and huge deposits being made it came to me to create and use faux blank checks and deposit slips to help me stay focused on the goal at hand.  

I incorporated these tools into my manifestation process and wow! Let me tell you it was like the heavens opened up for me! Within 60 days so many opportunities for new projects and contracts –not to mention a flood of new clients.

I was so excited about my results that I began to teach this method to my top level coaching clients and WOW!

One of my clients in construction followed my method and posted the deposit slip on one of her bathroom mirror wall followed my instructions and manifested $10,000.00 within 2 weeks.

Now, using my intentional deposit slip is one of my favorite go-to manifestation tools. I especially like to use them when I’m expecting increase from multiple sources.

….Or I may be visualizing depositing cash into my accounts.

One of my clients, Camille, said that filling in her manifestation checks and goal cards were a new favorite part of her manifestation process. She sent me this note:

“I just wanted to share how amazing and powerful your tools are. I’ve been asking God for $10,000 for my business and I knew I needed this money by November. Originally I wrote mid-Nov but I scratched that out and passionately asked for this $10,000 to arrive on November 1. A few weeks ago I asked a close friend about investing in my business (totally random). Without hesitation, I received a solid yes, and can you believe the check was written on exactly the date I asked for it to come. I am in total shock but still so happy. I appreciate you so much and I’m so happy I chose you as my Coach to help me on my journey to success. It’s coming at a rapid rate. I can feel it. God bless you.”

– Camille W. 

So how exactly can you put this method to work in your own life?

1. Fill out and post

a.  For your financial institution write the place which holds the account where you want your money to be deposited.

b.  For the date I put on my checks and deposit slips “right now” or if I’m believing for a certain amount of increase in the next 30 days I’ll set the date a few days earlier than the actual deadline. For example if I want to bring in $60,000 by November 1st, I put on my slip on or before September 30th.

c.  For the account number I normally put the last four digits of the account I really want it to go into.

I fill out the rest according to my intention—I want to receive $75,000 and deposit $60,000 and keep out $15,000 cash etc.

Once you have your deposit slip filled out completely, post it or put it somewhere that you’ll see it every day. To stay on task with my manifestation process, I put the same slip in several places. One I keep on the affirmation white board in my bathroom the other one I keep in the pocket of my Success Journal so I can meditate on it during my journaling time

2. Visualize your deposit in detail

When using my deposit slips to manifest more income powering up your visualization process is essential—no matter what.

The truth is, life keeps moving and happening no matter what. So when our roles and responsibilities pile up, it’s not always easy to imagine a detailed picture of yourself receiving exactly what you’ve asked for.

But here’s the thing, actually SEEING yourself having what you desire is one of the most important steps to manifestation. That’s why using tools like the visualization page in your Success Journal, blank checks, goals cards or deposit slips are so vital.

To manifest big YOU MUST be able to wrap your mind around the fact that you can actually receive what you’ve asked for. You have to SEE yourself depositing that money, you must SEE yourself living out the life that your bank deposits create.

Here’s a perfect example of visualization put to action:

This year during our Ultimate Success Tour event, I was sharing all the money wins of some of my clients! Oh my, was that meeting incredible! The excitement was through the roof!

One of my clients, Darren, who happened to be there heard me sharing a testimonial about another client who used the deposit slip method- he got so inspired that he took his visualization process to a whole new level.

He received my intentional deposit slip at the live event, and left the meeting fired up. Once at home he gathered his wife and children for a family meeting. He had everyone write down their most important money goal.

Next, they all filled out deposit slips. To really visualize this process even more, Darren ordered fake money and actually put it in his deposit bags. Then he loaded up the family and drove to the bank after hours as if he were going to do a deposit. 

They said their money mantra and shared how thankful they were for increase (please note; He DID NOT actually deposit fake money at the bank) a little after a week—Darren was called in for an interview- as he was FINALLY being looked at for a high level position he had been believing for.

During the initial offer, the numbers the company presented was much lower than what he was believing for. So he returned to his journal, scripted what he really wanted and repeated the deposit slip exercise again.

At the final interview, things changed drastically for the better. Instead of just getting the job, he landed a 5-figure contract (the biggest contract he’s ever had) as a consultant and trainer. When all was said and done, Darren received even more than he had visualized and could really go to the bank and make that deposit. What a day!

This is not fluff; you must visualize, imagine and create mind movies to help you see yourself on the next level before you get there. You can destroy mental blocks conclude that you are worthy and push yourself into manifestation with the power of imagination.

3. Expect to prosper

For best results in this manifestation process, you must adjust your mindset to one of expectation and increase. When you get in the mode of expectation and belief fresh new money making opportunities will begin to open up to you.

Wake up each morning take a deep breath and set your expectations for increase and prosperity to come to you.

Expect surprise money to come to you

Expect to receive good news

Expect sales contracts and deals

Expect promotion and increase

Whatever you expect you put into motion.

I truly could go on for days with dozens of testimonies about the power of manifestation props such as my intentional deposit slips and checks. They are truly two tools that will change your life forever when you put them to use. Because I want to see you win and manifest big things this year. I’ve added the deposit slips as a gift to you this week.

If you are ready to manifest more in every area of your life join Ariana and I at the Wealth Accelerator Event coming up in just a few weeks in Orlando, FL. Want to know more about how the principles that are helping these entrepreneurs quickly scale to their next tax bracket? Click HERE.

Of course, I want to hear from you- where do you need help with your money manifestation process? Have you tried my intentional deposit slip method? Please share your comments and questions below.

I am totally commited to your complete success in business and in life. As a coach to thousands of people, I’ve learned over the years that many people have the desire to succeed, but lack the necessary information.
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  • Corin September 10, 2021, 5:24 AM

    Just read the deposit slip, how do I get this.
    Also signed up and paid for the women wealth club. I don’t seem to have received my money off vouchers for the online shop as advertised. Thanks

  • Edith J hall September 22, 2021, 5:01 AM

    Hello Dr Stacia Pierce
    Wow that’s definitely something I need immediately please send me your money intentionally
    Depot Slip.
    Love to write one for the purchase of my new Luxury Home With the Title Deed Thanks ❤️☮️

  • Jamelle Sanders October 1, 2021, 7:11 PM

    Wow Dr. Stacia I am going to try this exercise immediately!