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The #1 Ladies Millionaire Maker


Ever wonder how wealthy women attained their wealth? How they scaled it? How they manage to keep it and continue climbing the wealth tax bracket?

Acquiring wealth can be such an intimidating subject for many women, and some women let that fear and intimidation of money hold them back. But if you have a genuine desire to see increase overtake you and become a wealthy woman, then read on.

Making money is EASY! I live by that mantra, especially in this day and age.

Never has it been easier to attain wealth, scale that wealth and keep wealth flowing to you. But it begins with developing the proper mindset and that attracts it and causes you to be a recipient.

The first thing we have to understand about wealth is that no one does it alone! That means we have to overcome the DIY mentality when it comes to wealth. EVERY wealthy person had a lot of help. No matter what they say, every wealthy person had teams, partners or tribes around them to help make it all happen.

Follow these 3 habits of wealthy women to help you get in the wealth flow:

1. Invest in assets that appreciate in value, starting with YOU. 

YOU are always your number-one asset that appreciates in value the fastest!

You’ve likely heard this before, but when looking for wise investments with a healthy ROI, you are always your best investment. This means that prior to investing in stocks, savings plans and hight yield assets, invest in yourself. 

This involves investing in courses, books, coaching classes, workshops, webinars…whatever adds to you the fastest, fight to find yourself in those rooms, spaces and wealth building atmospheres. Sit at the feat of wise others that have your answers and lead you down the fastest pathways to increase. The right coaches and mentors will speed up your progress while turning years into months, months into days, and days into million-dollar moments.

The best compound interest investment is the learning that you invest in yourself.

Invest in your learning and the skills to make that plan a reality. You will have received more money for it than what you paid, and that’s a great feeling.

2. Cut back and save

YES, that was an intentional strikethrough! 

So instead, we’ll make #2. KEEP YOUR ENJOYMENT. Reward yourself along the way. Have fun and enjoy the journey.

I know this may sound quite unconventional, especially when building wealth. There are a ton of money managers out there advising that you save all your money, refrain from spending, delay your gratification and enjoyment, delay all vacations, save every penny and spend nothing. 

“Saving your way to wealth is the hard way to wealth. You need to enjoy the path to riches. You need to reward yourself for hitting milestones. People who enjoy life along the way are motivated to do more, get more and keep achieving. This keeps you happy and fulfilled as you’re building your wealth and your empire. 

You need to enjoy the wealth building journey. You want to be happy. Happy people make sales. Happy people are the ones people want to support and partner with. Happy people are money magnets. 

This is one of the first mindset lessons I train my clients on when they first connect with me. We teach them that they can have both—wealth and enjoyment as they are building. So as you’re building wealth, don’t think that you have to make the choice of either taking the vacation or building the wealth. Don’t that your options are only THIS or THAT. Think this AND

Ask yourself—“How can I have BOTH?”  There is always a way for you to have both.

3.  Show up for your increase

When you want to be rich quick, you need to surround yourself with people that align with what you want to achieve. “Get-it” people, celebrators, wise others, sound counsel, coaches and mentors that have been there that can shed some light on your wealth path. 

You’d want to be in a group that has the same millionaire mindset and won’t judge you for what you want to have, so that you can learn from them, search what their habits are, their routines, and use the access to better yourself.

It’s always easier to be successful at achieving your goal when you have someone or some people who go through the same journey as you do.

The Wealth Accelerator event is one of those places, where we will be providing the most relevant information, tools, action steps and on-site support to helping you manifest wealth quickly! So many attendees report manifesting contracts, open doors and done deals even while in the room! 

That’s how charged that atmosphere is. Tap the link below if you’d like to register to join us!

The Millionaire Wealth Accelerator Live Event.

As always, I love hearing from you! Please leave me a comment below and let me know where you need wealth help!

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  • Carolyn Blackley September 4, 2022, 12:39 AM

    Your email are always so encouraging and uplifting, causing me to believe for more. Thank you