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The Art of Solitude

I’ve talked with many women over the years who have a deep desire to launch a new business, write a book, develop a new program and even take the time to finally work on themselves. But many of them are stuck in disorganization, poor daily routines and absolutely no time or space designated for personal retreat.

You must know that solo time is so important, now more than ever. We’re in a season where just one of your big ideas can spark millions. But you have to tap into your intuition to unlock the idea flow, think big thoughts and attract bigger wins..and that process begins in solitude.

Do you have a set space for solitude and million-dollar ideas to come to you?

When you sit in silence and listen within, you’ll hear more ideas, gain more confidence and get more things done daily. 

Here are my six secret steps for solitude that leads to manifestation. 

1. Secure your sweet spot.

Big money ideas, insights and answers are all birthed out of your time in solitude. But it starts with finding your very own sweet spot, a quiet space in your home to retreat for at least 15-minutes per day where you can sort your thoughts, clear your head and let big ideas flow.

I love my sweet spot. It’s adorned with sweet smells, inspiring art, comfy pillows and picture windows…a space I specially designed to bring me an overwhelming sense of joy, peace and happiness every time I step into it.

Carve out a corner or special space where you can do the same.

If you sit there quietly and listen within, you will discover brilliant ideas are ready for you to discover.

Whatever you do, resist the urge to clutter your think space with noise, busyness, interruptions and the rigors of your day. Because wherever there is order and peace, prosperity soon follows. On the other hand, when there is a lot of clutter and disorganization, chaos is close behind. So it is very important to keep this space organized and sacred so that you can remain receptive to your increase.

2. Take a breath…a real one. 

Believe me, I’ve known the stress and anxiety that can evolve from high pressure deadlines and a hectic day. But sometimes for your best ideas to flow, your intuition needs you to calm your mind and body so that you can be open and clear to intuitively hearing what’s next. 

Deep breathing always does the trick! It de-stresses the brain, it slows your heart rate and reduces anxiety so you can think clearly. 

Here is one of my favorite breathing exercises for immediately reducing stress and calming my mind and body:

1. Start by laying on your back with your knees slightly bent and your head on a pillow. Place a pillow under your knees if you need extra support. You can also do this while sitting with your back straight-up.

2. Place one hand on your upper chest and one hand below your rib cage, allowing you to feel the movement of your diaphragm.

3. Begin by slowly inhaling through your nose for a full 4-seconds, completely filling your lungs with air and feeling your stomach press into your hand…

4. Next, tighten your stomach muscles and lips and exhale by pushing the air slowly out of your mouth for an 8-second-exhale. Use your abdomen muscles to push the air out. Repeat this for a total of four times.

5. Lastly, inhale through your nose quickly filling your lungs with air within 2-seconds. Tighten your lips and abdomen muscles and push the air out slowly for a 16-second-exhale. Repeat this for a total of four times. 

This is one of the best breathing exercises I have ever done. It is a wonderful calming technique that centers me and immediately relaxes my entire body.

3. Clear your space so you can clear your mind.

Take a quick look around the space you’re in right now. How is the cleanliness, order, beauty or disorganization, clutter or chaos making you feel? What is it saying to you? Any space you’re in has a way of speaking to you and informing your brain how to think and function. If there is clutter or disorganization in your personal space, it didn’t just appear…it was first born in your mind. A messy, chaotic or stressful room will always manifest messy, chaotic and stressful thoughts.

Want to know a simple trick to clearing your mind? Clear the physical space around you!

Answers and insights are always all around you and waiting to be uncovered, but a mind blocked by mental clutter always clogs up the idea flow. So the key to a clear mind is a clear space. This is why you can clean a room, put things away, fold clothes and vacuum, and immediately feel at ease and have clearer thoughts. 

So clear your mind by clearing the clutter, so that you can be present, focused and ready to receive a breakthrough.

4. See it. Script it. Secure it. 

Now that your mind and body are in a restful state, think of one good thing that you really want to manifest. Anything at all! It can be a new promotion, a deal approval, or even a new connection.

Visualize yourself in the manifested scenario as if it all happened for you successfully. See it in your minds eye. Put yourself in the scene. How does it feel to now have accomplished your biggest task? Closed your biggest deal? To be driving your dream car? To see the 5, 6 or 7 figure bank balance from your bonus? Really connect to and feel the happy feelings that it brings!

Now, “rewind” the scene and replay the story to yourself. How did the full manifestation occur? Where did you show up? What did you do to secure the victory? 

5. Play it out in your minds-eye.

See the entire scene played out in your minds eye first like an episode to a T.V. show, and then write it down. If you can see it, you can manifest it.  

This is one of the main techniques I teach to my clients because this kind of solitude helps you to transform your thinking, manifest winning moves and catapult your entire life overall. As you are seeing it and writing it, trust that you’re creating it! 

Something amazing happens when you script what you “see”. As you write, you are locking in the vision and the winning moves in your heart and subconscious while training yourself to manifest the big win.

That’s why what’s written is real. 

6. Record the “aha’s” and action steps that come to you as a result. 

There’s something else amazing that happens as you sit in solitude…you get sparks of inspiration and breakthrough ideas…the kind of intuitive nudges that end up being the golden keys to your big wins!

To make sure you don’t miss anything, really silence yourself and let your intuition speak loud and clear as you listen. Then make notes. You’ll thank yourself later. Whatever intuitive prompts come to you write them on this page and date it. Don’t try to edit yourself right now, just write down what you hear. Later, when planning, you can decide which ideas are good and what you should take action on. When trying to decide if an idea is good or not, let peace rule the way.

This is how you maximize your time of solitude for the superpower that it is, and step right into your manifestation fulfilled.

During this week find your sweet spot, start taking at least 15-minutes per day to sit in solitude and ask questions, focus on a successful outcome and listen for insights. And when you have a divine idea that comes to you, act fast! When you take fast action, you’ll have more incredible moments in your business and life. Just 15-minutes of solitude every day will change your life and open you up to a whole new arena of possibilities.

Please share your outcomes from your meditation moments with me! I would love to hear what you had to change or do different that made your manifestations more successful.

I am totally commited to your complete success in business and in life. As a coach to thousands of people, I’ve learned over the years that many people have the desire to succeed, but lack the necessary information.
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