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80% of  success is just simply SHOWING UP.” (Woody Allen)

People who go big in their business and achieve on high levels… always show up. They show up at the right time for the right opportunities  and consequently increase the odds of succeeding in their favor.

I’m a believer in divine placement. I believe in SHOWING UP. I believe that there are people, places, and programs already positioned to help you manifest your greatest desires. I am convinced that there are times in life where you just have to SHOW UP for your solutions to unfold.

Most of the major turning points in my life happened because I SHOWED UP.
I’m so glad that I showed up…15 years ago at an event with Bob Harrison…. I was so inspired that I bought his entire product line, charging my credit card to max…based upon an intuitive nudge and because I understood how information changes the seasons of your life. I was ready for my next level and willing to invest whatever it took to get there. Flash forward ten years later; I was standing on stage in Hawaii as one of his guest speakers along with Myles Munroe and John Bevere.

Showing up in the right places at the right time is very transformative. It’s the difference between the successful and the want-to-be successful. See, the successful always show up against the odds no matter what the circumstance, they let nothing get in their way of a divine appointment. Once they get a witness that they are supposed to get on board,  nothing can stop them.

I’m so glad that I maximized the showing up principle in my life because that’s when the real shift for success came. Now it ‘s your time, indeed it’s your season, don’t miss your moment, decide you’re going to show up.

I get chills just thinking about what’s going to happen when you finally get off the fence and show up where you are supposed to be.

You can achieve your dreams, grow your business, and live the life you truly desire if you’d just show up! Showing up is about pushing past the obstacles, life circumstances, and your inner barriers—any excuse to hold you back. When you wait on the perfect conditions to take action or show up, you’ll never have success on time. At some point you have to bust through the barriers and go after what you really want. Once you’ve come that far, you’ve increased your chances of winning big by 80 percent.

Show up for your business – generate income
Show up to the gym — exercise and get fit
Show up to the grocery store with a healthy shopping list — buy healthy foods and live a healthy lifestyle and extend your life.
Show up
to your relationships — schedule time for your family and spouse
Show up to your spiritual practice — meditate, read, attend services, etc.
Show up to success – make decisions, set goals, commit
Show up to give — volunteer, share, help others, etc.
Show up to opportunities — write a book, start a business, create a web site, etc.
Show up to growth — invest in good training to uplevel your thinking. Then invest in books, training materials, memberships that broaden your perspective and expand your thinking so you CAN grow and succeed.

If you allow your business success, your dreams and goals only to be abstract concepts you won’t move forward and progress in these areas. Eventually you need to grab a hold of your dreams and make it real enough for you to turn them into physical actions. Your abstract thoughts and dreams must eventually become a process of showing up.

Of course we know that merely showing up doesn’t guarantee success but it’s certainly a prerequisite. Once you have positioned yourself by showing up, you’re more likely to finish what you’ve started.

It’s the business owners and want-to-be business owners who only contemplate on taking action but never do. Who live in discontent and never get the results they deeply desire.

Did You Know…
Over 10 million women own their own businesses in the US. However, according to research, over 70% of those business will fail within the first 5 years. There are a number of reasons that businesses fail: lack of vision, lack of information, and the inability to develop and implement systems of growth…

Additionally, fewer than three percent of the businesses that do survive will ever cross the million-dollar mark in revenue.

No matter who you are, or what you are striving to become, in order to succeed, eventually you MUST SHOW UP wherever the information you need is being offered.

When you join me for the Go Big Coaching Program, my team and I plan to meet you more than half way so you can finally live your dreams and make it as a successful business owner and industry leader!

Don’t go on wondering if you could have had a wildly successful business and life…. Show up in the Go Big Coaching Program and live the dream. Now is YOUR time to show up and GO BIG!

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I am totally commited to your complete success in business and in life. As a coach to thousands of people, I’ve learned over the years that many people have the desire to succeed, but lack the necessary information.
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