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I can remember a time in my life where we needed to manifest a large amount of money really quickly. My husband and I were very early in our marriage, many years ago, and we were literally living pay check to pay check.

After being met with bill after bill and trying to handle the growing frustration and horror of not being able to pay all of them, I remember the day I finally said enough is enough!

Every entrepreneur I know has been there. Yes even me.

I was exhausted with waiting on a breakthrough and vowed to create my own. Along with my journaling I decided to use my words and focus solely on creating increase in every area of my life. I wrote down money mantras and then began to speak them over my situation day and night until I could feel a breakthrough…a shift. 

What are money mantras? A money mantra is a short, powerful statement created and declared out loud to attract wealth and abundance in your life. This concise affirmation states the big picture concerning your prosperity and should be repeated at least three times daily.

As soon as I got intentional about what I was SAYING about my money, everything changed.

Using money mantras have been pivotal in empowering me to change my financial situation. They have been my go-to when I’ve needed to get rid of lack in my life.

Here are five money mantras that truly changed the course of my life and set us on the path to prosperity:



I said this daily every time I had to pay bills, expenses…basically whenever money was going out of the door.

Let’s be real. You financial future can get a bit fuzzy when not enough ends are meeting and money is constantly flowing in the opposite direction. So to combat any inkling to complain or worry—whenever I paid anything, I’d always say with passion, “Money comes to me now and always!”

This simultaneously put the law of reciprocity into effect on my behalf and booted all the fear right out of my subconsciousness. It wasn’t long before I was getting exactly what I said. As money was going out it started coming right back in.

Checks came in the mail and new contracts began to manifest. The more I stated my mantra my faith strengthened and my income shifted.

Remember, worry and faith take the same amount of energy with very different outcomes. So always use your mouth and your mind to generate increase not lack.


Some years back, our whole team was working on money-making projects in an effort to shift and raise our company’s income. We were truly toiling away on every task cause “Making money is hard work right?” After all, “Money doesn’t grow on trees!”

Sound familiar?

Here’s the thing. Of course success and prosperity are not awarded to the lazy—but you will also attract whatever you focus on and say.

As my team was working and I began to see my staff look more and more burdened, as if Every. Single. Task. was horribly laborious. I couldn’t take it any more –not one more minute!

So I called a staff meeting –solely to announce…MAKING MONEY IS EASY! Yes you must be diligent, but making money DOES NOT have to be hard, terrible, joyless work—Really it’s easy! We have great products, the right systems in place etc… it was just time to adjust our perspective.

After my announcement, immediately something broke.

Everyone’s perspective shifted which cleared the way for new ideas and positive expectations.

As a reminder to stay focused on the possibilities, I had cups made that said “Making Money is Easy!”.

So that whole month as we sipped our water we’d say, “Making money is easy” and stay mindful of the the ease of bringing in new income when you set your intentions to do so.

–and you know what? We did over $100,000 that month! And…our income hasn’t declined since that day.

Some of our greatest income generating products and ideas came from that session.

The cups worked so well for us, that I added them to our inventory of success accessories.

Now thousands of people use it as a daily reminder that “Making Money is Easy!” — And are getting outstanding results.

What have you told yourself you couldn’t do or couldn’t earn because you thought it was too hard?

STOP. Shift your thoughts and say “Making Money is Easy!”


You must get specific with your words. I would declare that I had money and that I had it where I wanted it to show up. Sometimes you have to be specific about where you want your increase to manifest.

Saying this money mantra led to sales opportunities, deals, and collaborations manifesting in my life. Companies began to call on me specifically to represent their brand or review their products.

Look over your finances. Where specifically do you want more money to show up? Include those details in your mantra and say it at least 3 times daily.


When I hit a rough patch in my relationships, you know, the one where you learn who your frenemies are? I was dealing with the usual mishaps as I climbed the ladder of success. Jealous people, growing apart from those who have different perspectives on wealth than you do.  Getting rid of people who think “that’s just too much.”

I was right in the midst of the growing pains that come with prosperity and abundance. While inwardly you know that it must happen, it doesn’t make this season in your life feel more comfortable.

To speed through this phase I began to declare, “Everyone loves me, prospers me and gives me monetary gifts and good deeds”.

I said this in the morning before my feet hit the floor and at night before I slept– or anytime I felt the pressure of a relationship gone sour.

As I consistently declared this, it was like a cloud lifted and the sunshine could get through.

In a matter of months, I received an overwhelming response of love from business associates, the media and more.

The local news came to interview me about what a wonderful job I was doing and how much I was giving back to the community.

I had great favor with my suppliers, and clients. Letters of support started to pour in as people shared how much they loved what I was doing and how it changed their lives.

I met new friends and connected upward with those who celebrated me, not just tolerated me.

This literally became a year of big gifts being given to me. Boxes began showing up at the door. One day totally out of the blue, a mentor of mine sent a huge box of designer clothes filled with dozens of outfits!

Another person who got awarded a large sum of money decided they wanted to gift me with a huge check for coaching them to shift and transform their lives.

I went from fighting sadness to a constant state of celebration. Remember no matter what you are facing, you are never stuck. You words can rescue you out of any situation!


I said this at a time when I desired higher level clients. As a coach I was ready to pour out everything within me to help my clients make more money.

I desired greater abundance but was willing to be of greater service to others in return. Instead of $100,000 months I wanted to have a $100,000 day. So I stepped out and took action on my intentions and planned a live workshop.

This would be the first time that not only did I significantly raise the registration fee, but also had a $997 product package—YIKES! But you know what? I refused to allow fear to grip me. I stated with boldness, “Money comes to me easily and effortlessly. I help my clients succeed and they easily pay me”.

Even with a small group of about 100 people, the workshop was a smashing success. In fact it was one for the books, it was my first $100,000 day!

Ready to get a little (or a lot) richer? Stop simply waiting for a breakthrough and begin to create your own with the words of your mouth.

You are not stuck

You deserve more money

You can up-level your life

You can enjoy more abundance

You just need to demand it by incorporating money mantras into your daily routine.

Manifesting is so much fun! Will you do this with me? Let me know in the comments below. As always, I love hearing from you!

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    Thank you Dr Stacia Pierce for your money Cometh To Me NOW and I will see you soon ❤️ in the
    Women and Wealth by January 1st 2022. Great way to kick off the new year . Queen Edith