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3 Lessons in Wealth – The NYC Prosperity Tour recap

“What a gorgeous day for vibing with your tribe and learning ways to increase your wealth!”  These words came straight from the mouth of one our incredibly excited New York tour attendees and I couldn’t have agreed more.  What a gorgeous day it was!  Ariana and I had a wonderful time pouring out secrets, strategies and systems for building wealth to the bright bunch of boss babes (and a few gents) who joined us for the NYC Tour.

I always like to take in the city a bit before the tour, so Friday morning I was out and about early for meet ups, to handle a few last minute touches for the tour and of course a bit of shopping. Saturday we had a flock of early birds that arrived WAY before the doors opened to ensure they would be front and center for all the awesome information and insight soon to be shared. Ariana shared powerful social media marketing solutions that completely empowered all in attendance!We LOVED hearing that you learned so much!We LOVED that we were able to answer your questions!After hearing all of your wonderful feedback and reading your heartfelt emails, here were some of the favorite Prosperity Notes in fact, the top three Lessons in Wealth that were your favorite take-aways!
Thank you New York for sharing your day with Ariana and me. The day was filled with…What an amazing tour stop it was, I’m still in awe of how many of you were more than ready to step up and master your success! Everyone left excited, empowered and equipped for major manifestations. And the best is yet to come. I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the Women’s Success Conference in July.

I love hearing from you so lets chat! If you were at any of our tour stops so far, what was your favorite take away? If you missed it, what would you like to learn about at the Women’s Success Conference?

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  • Jacqueline May 25, 2018, 10:21 AM

    Greetings Dr. Stacia,
    One of many AHA Moments! When you talked on having Money Thoughts. How much do I really want to make? Figure it out by writing and scripting it out until you get what you really want.. Say it, See it, Write it, Work it! Thank you… The Success Journal is golden..

    • Stacia Pierce May 25, 2018, 2:43 PM

      Love it Jacqueline! Love the way you’re using your Success Journal. Those Money Thoughts are key to manifestation. When you fill your thoughts with what you’re believing for financially, it makes it much easier to write them out and speak them daily because they’re already on your mind!