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What Happens when you get ‘Hungry’ about Success: $38,000 in a few months

What made you go full force in your business? Was it a conscious decision or a life-changing moment that triggered your drive for financial freedom?

In that moment, if you’re going to succeed, it helps to be prepared.

Jarrod had a business that he barely tended to. He would once in a while take a client here or there but his focus was NOT on building his business.

He had a job.

He kept telling himself, when his job slowed down, he’d focus on his business.

Then the job ended.

For Jarrod, his life-changing moment came in the form of a layoff.

And now it was time to fulfill the promise he kept making to himself…get serious about his business.

For Jarrod this process was EASY.

Yes, EASY because he was prepared. Although he had not worked in his business, he had already invested in the information he needed to build a booming business.

So, with laser focus, he jumped in and within only a few months, Jarrod was $38,000 richer.

How did he do it so fast? Watch the video below to listen as he explained how he scaled his business quickly and effectively.

People who invest in themselves (getting systems, accountability, guidance and support) always excel at an exceptional rate.

Why? Because with a solid support system and proven strategies, you feel confident to take a bold leap.

Did you hear that part where Jarrod explains writing a book and publishing it in 30 days…then selling out a huge book launch?

Go ahead and look again, I’ll wait…

I just want you to not just hear the words but feel the excitement and passion as he reveals what revived his business and caused him to go from zero clients to a room full, plus new products and courses and ACTUAL money in the BANK.

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  • Jennifer August 31, 2018, 2:14 PM

    Congratulations on your success Jarrod! I’ve attended a couple of Dr. Stacia’s live events, and Jarrod is an awesome host and engagement leader for the audience. He has nice energy and seems like such a sweet guy. And of course he is also very well spoken. Nice success story!

  • Michelle September 14, 2019, 10:11 AM

    What an awesome story! Much success to Jarrod! So glad we have a coach like you Dr Stacia!