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If You’re not Manifesting What you Want, You’ve been Journaling Wrong

Every time I talk to someone about journaling I get a similar response, “I love journaling, been doing it for years!” And further conversation often reveals that most people use their journals only to recap their day, vent or record significant events.

It’s mainly used to record History.

But there’s a revolutionary way of that can actually change your future.

If you’re interested in learning more about what I’m talking about here…then read the follow Q & A that I recently did.

Q: You are a journaling expert and you say that most people are flat out journaling wrong and not seeing any results with their intentions. Can you explain why that is?

A: Most people use their journal to record events or to vent. But there’s so much more you can do with your journal and get Immediate results in your life!

Journalizing is so much more than just keeping a diary in which you record your life events and feelings. If you know how to journalize effectively, it can bring you increase. This is a powerful success attraction tool that only the top echelon practice.

Use your journal to write what you want your life to be! For years I’ve kept a journal to chronicle my life, plan for my dreams and strategize my goals. It is one of the important success habits that I do daily. Journaling empowers me to take my ideas and turn them into reality. What’s written is real. Once the words and images hit the paper, you have now crystallized a thought or idea. You can use the power of pen and paper to strategize and create anything you want.


Q: What are the benefits of journaling?
A: Journaling is one of the best methods of self-care therapy. When you’re journaling consistently, you tend to ask questions about life, your direction and your business.

The answers comes to you intuitively and so your journal becomes like your personal guide to more success in life.

It helps you have intentional success.

Scripting out how you want things to turn out and you set yourself up for intentional success.

You achieve a lot more goals because you’re intentionally affirming them, meditating on them, preparing for them and intentionally taking action to draw the resources to you to achieve them.

It keeps your life in extreme order and keeps out overwhelm.

When you get things out of your head and start writing them down you can easily formulate a plan.

These are some of the things you can do:

Journaling can help you shape your desired future. Your journal can be used for both short-and long-term planning. You can use it to work through specific strategies on how you will accomplish your goals. Plan everything from the week ahead to the entire year in your journal.

Journaling can help you solve problems faster. Writing things out gives you the accurate perspective necessary to attract the right solutions. Everyday I write questions in my journal concerning my business, my team and my projects. It helps me to create products, determine if I should engage in certain business deals, plan out projects and so much more.

Journaling can keep you in a state of gratefulness. Practicing gratitude is vitally important to your contentment on your success journey. The best way to do this is by regularly writing down what you are thankful for. Each night, think back through your day and write everything you are grateful for; every victory, whether big or small. Doing this will heighten your awareness to all the good things that are happening in your life and business — and when you are focused on the good, you will attract more of it. Every night I write a gratitude list and review it each morning. Thankfulness is the key to happiness. It builds your awareness and fosters humility as well as empowers you to continue on your success track.

Journaling helps you solve problems faster. We need daily guidance for our purpose. Writing things out gives you the accurate perspective necessary to attract the right solutions. Everyday I write questions in my journal concerning my business, my team and my projects. It helps me to create products, determine if I should engage in certain business deals, plan out projects and so much more. Writing with an expectancy of answers will help you attract the answers in some form. Write down questions that you have about your problems.

When you ask the right questions, you will get the right answers.

Q: How important is it to “take a moment” to journal and check in with yourself?

A: One of the most important things you can do is check in with yourself daily using your journal. Sometimes people think they don’t want to be confined to a routine. But it’s quite liberating to journal daily. Once you begin the process it becomes natural for you to do.

The biggest frustration is not having clarity. Lack of clarity is binding and frustrating. Yet writing in your journal will help you clear the clutter from your thinking and lay out a road map to achieve success with a peace of mind.


Q: What other tips do you have for folks who feel like they may be stuck in a rut and are looking for a boost in the New Year?

A: Start writing your 101 goals list. Before you can get out of a rut, you have to see your way out in your heart and mind. Writing a goals list will get you thinking about a bright future and things to accomplish.


Q: What is the first thing someone can do if they want to start journaling? How do you create that routine?

A: The biggest hurdle to journaling consistently is not knowing what to write about. That’s one of the reasons I created The Success Journal. It takes the guesswork out of getting started.

Take about 5 minutes in the morning and write your thoughts and ideas that come to you, these are what we call morning pages.

And then at night write a gratitude list of what you are grateful for that day.


Q: Tell us a little bit about your Success Journal and what makes it unique.

A: The Success Journal is a manifestation manual. It has a lot of blank pages so you have the freedom to write what you want but it also has the guided pages to help you manifest your intention.

The Success Journal is a culmination of my manifestation techniques in one place so that you can achieve the life you desire. I’ve always written in journals to shape my life over the years, I’ve added my own little ways to improve the process. I was looking for a journal that could do this for me but there was none on the market so I created my own.

The success journal is not a book of blank pages it has…

1. goal setting sheets
2. vision boards
3. quote pages
4. a word of the month
5. book notes
6. and journal pages

It has five sections so that you can write in it for one month and start the process over with a new one. It’s designed to get you accustomed and active with journaling on a daily basis.

What’s written is real. The more you write about what you want and what you see for your future, the more it will manifest in your life.

Just the other day I wrote that all money being held up from me will be released immediately! And as I was checking my mail, I opened up a big check that was back pay from an insurance claim. The paper work indicated that it was one of 3 checks to be delivered!

When you write with intention you align yourself with your truest desire and the goal to achieve it and then things start to happen for you!

Right now we’re preparing for the new year by writing our 101 goals. JOIN US!

Grab your Success Journal here (hint: they’re on sale).

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  • Shelly February 27, 2018, 5:39 PM

    Journaling right changed my life and helped me manifest so many things! It blows my mind when I’m reviewing 101 goals section and seeing how much I actually did!!
    This keeps me motivated and