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The #1 Ladies Millionaire Maker


For years society has taught women that it is a faux pas and inappropriate to talk about the money they make and how to make more. 

But wealth for women is now a thing! The economic clout of women is rising and we as a whole, are making more money than ever.

The real issue for most women now is the uncertainty and confusion that often surfaces when it comes to managing investments and building a financial portfolio. But you can be prepared for a flood of increase. In fact, you can learn what it takes to turn cash flow into wealth–real wealth.

So the question is—have you stepped up to claim the abundant life yet? Are YOU positioned for wealth? Do you know exactly what to do in our fast paced, ever changing world of finance and technology?

Every day women really are stepping up to play big and live extraordinary lives. And out of the hundreds of women that coach with me in my Women and Wealth Club community and thriving, I’d like to highlight just a few of them and their big wins. Be inspired!


Just a few years ago, you could find Niki waitressing, scrubbing toilets, working retail…anything she could to support her husband and take care of her family. A devoted wife and mother of two teenagers—“Whatever it takes” is her motto. 

Well when I opened the Women and Wealth Club (WW) a few years ago, Niki joined right away and dove right in. She followed Ariana’s and I’s investing instructions in alternative currencies. And in one year her $100 investment turned into $25,000! Now she has her husband and kids investing and they each have 5-figure portfolios. I always say that dreams die between what to do and how to do it, but I am determined to give my ladies the how-to-do-it. Niki is enjoying her new found wealth, her new found freedom and her brand new luxury home! Needless to say, Niki is not scrubbing toilets any longer.


When Rachel first began coaching with me, she had several hustles, but just not enough. Maybe you can relate? There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to stretch a check…and wishing you had access to more money. After her first group lesson inside of the Women and Wealth Club, Rachel springboard into fast action. She quickly applied the information provided in our club to her life and got major results.

She began to build a wealth portfolio with only a few hundred dollars, grew it to several thousands and then increased the entire portfolio by OVER 75% within two months! During another session, I invited a special guest from my private network to share with us ladies some game changing financial information. Rachel, now full of faith and expectation, didn’t even hesitate. She implemented the takeaways immediately and her account get by an extra 4-figures in a single day! 

Rachel used tips from the Riches and Resources section of our WW Club and tripled her income. Now that she’s making more money, she’s able to invest, travel internationally and save for her future.


Before joining WW, Denice, like so many women had always thought that things like stocks were only for celebrities and the super rich—and it has always been my heart to educate women, guide them to their most authentic purpose pathways and really live a dream life. And on Denice’s first WW call, I taught my ladies how easy it was to participate in wealth building vehicles, like trading, stocks, hard assets and even small business building. And ever since, every stock that Denice bought has tripled in value! I am so proud of her for stepping up and not being afraid to learn about and participate in what many assume to be an intimidating market. She literally went from $0 in stocks to now having over $16K in stocks! Her credit score even went up by over 117 points because of what she learned in our group! Investment always equals advancement and investing in yourself and in your knowledge is the first step.

Dr. Mary 

I just love it when women step up and play big in spaces that are not traditionally female dominated. The clean energy space is one of those sectors where Dr. Mary is quickly rising through the ranks and she had an important sales pitch coming up and she really wanted to nail it. I had shared a special negotiations resource in the WW Club with some instructions and when Dr. Mary got to her pitch, she recalled the resource and put it to good use. When she applied it, everything she asked for was approved and she even made an extra 16K from that one deal! And Dr. Mary says that’s just the first payment! As she puts it—“I know these things are happening for me because I’ve stayed connected to Dr. Stacia! I call her my ‘Wealth Producer’. It’s triggered so much manifestation in my life—and it just keeps coming!”


When Cece had first joined my WW Club, she was doing very well in the corporate arena. The problem was she was always traveling for work, living out of airports, hotels and suitcases and she had really been wanting to manifest more wealth from home and spend more time with her family. After a Saturday WW call, she decided to order my Success Journals, Goal Cards and suite of success products. When the shopping came in, she placed them as a centerpiece in her living room. As she puts it— “Just using and looking at them puts me back in that space to think, feel and act rich! Well within a week, I got a message from a friend who needed to rent some space in my home for a friend of theirs. That friend is a reality T.V. show producer and ended up choosing us as co stars. And just this morning, I got a call from a huge network to be on another show!!! I literally attracted abundance and thousands of extra dollars into my home!”


“Last year when everyone was saying that 2020 was their worst year ever, I could honestly say that it was my best year yet. I made more money in 2020 than I ever made in a single year because of being in the Women and Wealth Club. Before WW I had maybe 800K in life insurance, but setting up my policy the way Dr. Stacia laid it out, I now have $3.2M and a silver and real estate portfolio. And last year when no one really knew when to get into digital currency, Dr. Stacia took away the confusion and showed us what to do. So I entered with a penny and it has now grown to 3K—and I took another 7K and turned it into 20K!”

Fast forward a few months later and Jenelle is even thriving in a new way on her corporate job. She got a brand new promotion to a director role, a 5-figure increase in salary and is even being requested to present to the executive board at company meetings!


“Following Dr. Stacia’s guidance in Women and Wealth earned me a major promotion to my dream job last year. I had always wanted to work downtown in my city and have a beautiful office space. It was so surreal when it happened because it was all right in the middle of a pandemic! While people were losing jobs, I was getting my dream job! My word for this year is ‘Promotion’. Now as of this week I just received my second promotion from being an Officer to Assistant Vice President in my company!! And it came with another raise! I am so grateful and excited to be in Women and Wealth!! Prosperity and abundance just keeps coming to me!”

She also recently manifested a $30K promotion. Got promoted to her company’s board of directors. And her former bosses that gave her grief over a 30-cents raise, now have to report to HER!


“I’m so excited about what’s to come. When I joined this club, within 30 days I started manifesting 100K a month. I listened to the calls that’s available in the back office since I’ve had some free time. I did the exercises that Dr. Stacia gave us and I met that goal!! I also created 2 products that’s have been selling out! I’ve been reaching my 100K+ goal monthly every single month since joining! #faith Thanks Ariana and Dr Stacia!”

When Deon joined my WW Club, one of the first tasks for everyone to complete was the Wealth Wheel visualization assignment—a very high level visualization tool that I supplied my ladies with that would help them manifest their big abundance goals within 12-months if they followed my instructions. Well Deon posted a picture of the type of neighborhood she dreamed of living in on her Wealth Wheel. Well some months later, she was able to purchase her dream home, and only later came to discover that the magazine photo that was on her Wealth Wheel, was actually a photo of the same neighborhood that she had just purchased her new house in and she didn’t even know it! She literally manifested what was on her Women & Wealth Wealth Wheel. 

So what is one thing that each of these women have in common?

They made a decision to connect, coach with me and conquer. They will also be at my Ultimate Success Tour in a few days. If you’ll be there, you’ll get the chance to interact with them too. You can always grab your ticket HERE.

My Women and Wealth Club is not coaching per usual.  Women and Wealth is hands on mentorship where I bring you into the mix of our real life. You’ll see behind the scenes and get the candid insight that can shift your life in the right direction.

For one full year, you’ll be a part of my inner circle and learn what I do to build and maintain wealth. BUT WAIT– this is only for women who unashamedly want success. I’m calling for those who feel in their heart that they should be wealthy but need to know how to make their money grow.

We have loads of info to share with you and just to add to all this financial fun, throughout the year, I will be introducing you to my incredible circle of expert friends during our monthly zoom sessions.

Ready to power up your ability to generate wealth, and completely change your financial future? Join our tribe of smart, intuitive, creative business women. CLICK HERE.

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