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The #1 Ladies Millionaire Maker


2022 is the year women are quickly rising up and changing the world in our newly renovated digital economy. They are quickly becoming global icons, selling out entire collections in minutes and making millions in the process.

Just this past year, there were more millionaires made than any other year in history and much of this wealth is being created overnight in the digital and Web3 space.

One of those Web3 wealth building tools are NFT’s—digital artwork also known as non fungible tokens. 

It’s such an innovative way to scale your business, create raving fans around your movement and become relevant in this new digital world. The good news is anyone can easily create and mint an NFT, turn it into multiple streams of income and carve out their own space in this new digital world. 

Here are 3 benefits to diving into the Web3 space and minting your own NFT project:

1. Having your own NFT can help grow your business

Last year, we took my son, Ryan’s children’s book, If You Think You Can You Can, If You Think You Can’t You Can’t”, and launched the cover art as an NFT. Although everyone loved it and bought it, we decided to add value so that it could do even better. So now, not only do you get the digital artwork, you also get a physical copy of the book, while the digital artwork will act as your access pass to future events and features!

You can always purchase one of these for your own collection at StaciaNFT.com. Creating and minting your own NFT invites buyers to participate in a movement, a cause and be a part of something bigger than themselves. And most savvy NFT buyers don’t just purchase one. When they find a business that is making a difference, they’ll often purchase multiple NFT’s from one project—usually one to sell, one to gift and one to hold onto. 

2. Having your own NFT creates a second stream of income

When you create and mint your own NFT on the blockchain, you can expect to receive payment once it is purchased, just like in any other buyer to seller online marketplace, but it gets even better! Should any of your buyers choose to sell it or auction their purchase to a higher bidder, you can receive a percentage of those proceeds! And not once, but every time that NFT is traded! It truly gives a new meaning to the phrase—“Create once, sell forever!” In the Web3 space, we refer to these transactions as secondary trades. An original buyer triples or increases the price, and you, the owner, gets a kickback per every transaction that follows.

As an added income generating benefit, let’s say you purchase an NFT for $300 and resell it for $30,000. You could use that profit to kick start your dream business. I’m reminded of when rapper, Tory Lanez, created an NFT album! Owners of the NFT would receive his new album and also own the rights to use his music! Once he launched the project his NFT hit a million sales in under a minute while many buyers, who had purchased it for a few bucks had already flipped the NFT for as much as $50,000!!! The financial opportunities become endless for NFT holders! 

3. Support, invest in and profit from other NFT projects

The most popular and meaningful NFT projects have quickly become those with a movement or cause attached to them. Those are particularly ones that I love investing in, ones that support women, entrepreneurship and female empowerment. 

Here are a few other popular NFT projects that we love:

Alpha Girl Club – A women led coalition which centers around mental health, self-empowerment and wellness. Their mission is to help individuals manifest their personal and creative visions so they can lead a well-balanced, fulfilling and happy life. 

[Photo Credits: www.instagram.com/alphagirlclubnft]

Boss Beauties – A women led initiative which focuses on empowering girls and women at the forefront of technology, leadership and creativity. They are all about creating opportunities for women through striking lucrative collaborations worldwide. 

[Photo Credits: www.instagram.com/bossbeautiesnft]

Women Tribe – A women led movement guided by helping women embrace their inner divinity and power. They are focused on providing scholarships for women and supporting charities with positive values. 

[Photo Credits: www.instagram.com/womentribe.eth]

Scrumptious Wicks – A woman led candle company specializing in beautiful scented soy candles that are paraffin and toxin free. They are the perfect example of an everyday business that decided to launch an NFT around their physical product where owners can have access to exclusive deals, offers and bigger benefits down the road. 

[Photo Credits: www.instagram.com/scrumptiouswicks]

And there are many more!

Let me remind you that you can do this too! You can take ground and build wealth within the NFT and Web 3 space. Yet another way to rise up to do something meaningful, profit and take some major ground in this great wealth transfer. 

Building wealth and being on the cutting edge is so easy when you load your portfolio with gems like these. Having the right NFT’s in your portfolio, including launching your own, can help you turn pennies into thousands.

We are truly living in historical times and having your own NFT can shift the culture and change the game for your business, your industry and your bottom line.

Can you see yourself having your own NFT? Having your own digital art that sparks a movement? My daughter, Ariana is leading an incredible NFT course where she is helping women learn more about Web 3, create, launch and profit from their NFT collections. Most all of our students have never created an NFT prior to now and are thriving in the Web 3 space under her tutelage. You can always register for her course here: How To Create Your NFT Empire. We are going to help you win big in this new digital space.

As always, I love hearing from you. Are you ready to get involved in this exciting Web3 space? Do you already have an NFT project that you would like for us to support? Please leave me a note below and let’s continue the conversation in the comments! 

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