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How to write your way to wealth in 6-simple steps.

Journalizing can be so much more than just keeping a diary to record your life events and feelings. If you know how to journalize effectively, it can bring you increase, advancement and help you manifest your greatest goals. This is what I call wealth journaling.

And it is my go-to method when in the process of solving a money challenge or… if I’m simply in the mood to take my finances to the next level. It is simply taking the power of writing things down and giving them a specific focus to manifest financial increase.

  • I’ve used this principle when I’ve needed to meet my sales goals.
  • I use wealth journaling when unexpected financial challenges arise.
  • I’ve used it even for the little things when I want to upgrade my life.

I’ve used wealth journaling to write my way from a horrible, heartbreaking situation to a happy, fulfilling life marked by abundance– and you can do the same.

This practice has helped me become unstoppable. Every time I’m ready to manifest increase in my personal life or through my business, wealth journaling has saved the day.

The practice of scripting out your life can become your most important habit when you consider that you can write your way to success by getting alone with your dreams, a pen and your journal pages.

The power to meet any goal starts with writing it down. So all of my money manifestation plans and strategies start in my success Journal. 

Here are 6 steps to manifesting wealth through journaling:

1. Write out your specific request or desired outcome.

Whenever in wealth journaling mode, I write a freestyle morning script of the specific financial outcome I want to manifest in my life, both in the short term and long term.

I always write in present or past tense to stay in a place where what I want is really happening for me. This is a technique to train your brain to do what you want. If you’re writing in the future, then you’ll stay in a state of wanting something to happen vs. writing in the present where it’s currently happening or in the past where it has already happened for you.

For example: if you are expanding your business and need to hire an assistant but don’t quite have the extra funds, you can start by writing something like…

“I’m so grateful and thankful that I found the perfect assistant! Their skills and personality are a wonderful fit for this company and me. I’m able to pay her well with ease and her efforts here immediate bring increase to my bottom line…”

When wealth journaling, remember the more specific you are the better while you are scripting your desired outcome.

What’s written really is real, and once the words and images hit the paper, you have now crystallized a thought or idea and can expect it to manifest. You can use the power of pen and paper to strategize and create anything you want.

2. Write your affirmation around your specific financial request.

Affirmations are intentions to be declared out loud repeatedly for a specific purpose of influencing your subconscious mind with thoughts, feelings and images that are in line with the process of manifesting your dreams and goals …And in this case a specific financial outcome.

Remember, your words are a creative force. So use your power.

When wealth journaling ALWAYS create an affirmation to compliment your specific request. Also, please remember there is no need to make it complicated. Affirmations can easily be made in list form (this is my fave). They can even be one sentence or paragraph! 

For example, say you’re scripting a specific request to manifest $85,000 in sales in the next 14 days. When creating your wealth affirmation you can pen something like:

“I AM so grateful and thankful that I made $85,000 or something better within the next 30 days.”

Write the specifics of your goal. Say the words I AM with conviction. Also remember to always note and leave room for God to do something better than what you may have had in mind.

Here are notes and samples of a few good things to say in any wealth affirmation for business:

  • I Am a millionaire.
  • I Am a $100,000 (or enter your preferred amount) monthly earner.
  • I live a luxury life.
  • Clients call me continuously.
  • My phone rings all day for sales.
  • I have million dollar sales.

Whatever you end up writing keep in mind that the number one key to powerful affirmations is saying them consistently and with passion (even if you’re still working on your belief).

3. Meditate on your wealth day and night.

One of the best compliments to your wealth scripting is taking time each day to visualize your desired outcome. When in manifestation mode for your finances it is very important to visualize what you’ve scripted in your journal as if you already have it.

To create a strong flow of wealth and abundance in your life you have to fight to align your thought pictures with what you really desire, not what you fear or don’t want.

Create your vision page in your journal based on the financial goal you’ve written during your wealth journaling session.

The principle language at the subconscious mind is images. When we visualize, we are speaking to and forming our world in our subconscious minds!

To attract more money and abundance, you have to visualize what you want to come about in your financial life!

You have to literally see money coming to you. Starting tomorrow morning take 7 days and commit to visualizing your financial goal day and night.

4. Ask God questions.

In your meditation and prayer time, ask for insight and strategies. Ask God to show you doors, plans, products…specifically ask— “Show me the next step. What do I need to do?”

When I’m wealth journaling to increase in my business or personal life, I always ask God questions.

Usually right before bed I review my goals, write my list of what I’m grateful for then think about all I’ve written while wealth journaling.

Then I ask God questions based on what I want to accomplish right now. I write the complete question in my Success Journal.

Which normally goes something like this: “How do I manifest an extra $10,000 for my product packaging this week?” Then I write down everything I have and sense about it in my journal.

I capture every intuitive thought then make a “take action” list.

When you make a habit of asking God questions, you can trust that the answers will come!

5. Call money in but have a plan of action plan for it.

Make a plan for what to do on the other side of receiving more money.

Note in your journal what you will take care of when the increase you requested has manifested. You can simply write, “This amount of money is for…”

  • Clearing debt
  • For my savings
  • Doing a hobby I enjoy
  • Self-Care Pampering
  • Charitable giving

An essential part of completing the wealth journaling process is making plans on paper for what you will do with the increase you receive.

6. Practice gratitude daily.

Wealthy and happy people have mastered the art of being grateful for what they have while they are on their way to where they want to be. This practice leads to continued success in their lives and business. Why? Gratitude is one of the most powerful, yet overlooked ingredients to high achievement.

In fact, I believe that gratitude is the number one key to living a fulfilled life and attracting new levels of wealth. When you engage in the daily practice of being grateful, it helps you to eliminate negativity and toxic thinking so that you can generate better ideas, more income and attract your dream life!

At the conclusion of each of your wealth journaling sessions list what you are grateful for right now.

I want to see you build a life of wealth and happiness, and wealth journaling is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve made it my mission to help women manifest wealth and well being in every area of their lives. If you want to know more about my latest adventure and the tribe of women who are joining me click here.

Ok now let’s chat. Have you practiced wealth journaling?  Let me know where I can help you master this process. I love talking with you. Leave your comments or questions below.

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  • tia singleton May 17, 2021, 3:33 PM

    Stacia, you and Arianna are amazing. I am soaking up everything you all have to offer. The content and wealth of knowledge that you provide is phenomenal. The Success Journal is life changing. I cannot say enough about how my life has transformed since I stopped and listened. Thank you all for obeying God. Thank you for persevering. Thank you for your continued determination to help so many people.