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On the journey towards manifesting abundant wealth, it’s crucial to address the barriers that hinder our manifestation. It requires deep inner work and unwavering determination to attract and manifest money into our lives.

To pave the way for financial success, we must clear out the clutter that hinders us from reaching our desired end. And it starts by making a bold declaration…Say this with me: “This is MY season to experience abundance! It’s my divine birthright!”

However, we cannot expect to receive abundance when our minds are filled with chaos and distractions. To move forward and unblock your money and manifestation, it’s essential to release and renew your mind. 

So here are five powerful ways to unblock your money mindset for money manifestation:

1. Identify your beliefs about money

Creating a list of resistance statements that arise when you take intentional actions towards having more money is a helpful exercise. One common resistance statement is “I need money to make money.” However, this belief can be challenged and replaced with an alternative action and answer to combat the resistance, for example: “I have more than enough money and favor for every need, project, and desire. Money is constantly filling my hands, my bank accounts and my profit margin”. It’s essential to dismantle limiting beliefs and adjust your money story to free yourself from any self-imposed constraints. Within the Women and Wealth Club back office, resources can be found in the prosperity proclamation folder. This includes a space for you to craft a new money story, one where money flows to you easily and effortlessly.

2. Adjust your money story

Your unconscious beliefs about money, shaped from childhood by your parents’ attitudes and teachings, greatly impact how you handle money today. These beliefs determine what money means to you and influence your level of prosperity. Instead of resenting bills, view them as an opportunity for increase. Reject outdated narratives like “working twice as hard for half-as much.” Remember, making money is easy, but it does require effort.

3. Eliminate the attitude of “undeserving”

When I was very young and early in my career, I used to believe that my worth was dependent on someone else’s validation, and it took me time to realize that I was already worthy of success. It was time to move forward and leave behind the need for external cues. So while others seek validation, focus on your own growth. You don’t require validation because you are inherently deserving of abundance. Trust that God will fulfill your desires and lead you to financial success. Remember, you are worthy of reaching your goals. Repeat to yourself, “I AM WORTHY!”

4. Forgive. Loose. And let go

Holding onto unforgiveness and replaying past pain will always hinder your personal growth. This includes forgiving oneself for past mistakes, which is crucial for moving forward. Forgiveness is a transformative act that releases the weight of resentment, unblocks blessings, and prevents victimhood. Unforgiveness can impede progress, causing difficulty in finishing tasks and hindering your overall advancement. Sometimes, the lack of forgiveness manifests as agitation, irritation, and an inability to truly listen or engage with others. Recognizing and releasing these defense mechanisms is essential. Take a moment to reflect on who needs to be forgiven and released. Forgiveness has the power to invite abundance and increase into your life. 

Consider incorporating this forgiveness prayer to initiate this process and open the floodgates of blessings: 

“I now fully forgive and release everyone now. I am free and they are free too. All things are cleared up between us now and forever. I no longer condemn myself or others. Neither do I condemn my health, body, finances or my relationships. Only the good is true. All bitterness and belief and injustice now pass from my mind and body. Divine justice and divine adjustment now appears in my life!”  

5. Write it and activate it

Once you have written in your Success Journal, expressing deep gratitude for all that you possess, it’s time to activate the power within. Believe that prosperity will come to you as a result of this gratitude. Embrace the feeling of abundance, imagining yourself as a millionaire. To manifest your desires, tap into the emotions associated with your goals. If you desire $100K, feel as if you already possess it. Step into the moment before it happens and embody that reality. Create money manifestation affirmations and place them strategically around you to reinforce your beliefs. Describe in detail the money you desire in your journal, and write a bold “I AM” statement affirming your financial success. For example, say, “I am easily and effortlessly making over 2 million dollars this year.” Close your eyes and visualize deposits being made, envision sales statements reflecting 2 million in deposits for the year.

Forgive, let go, and plant seeds of gratitude…That’s how increase comes…

Remember, unblocking your money mindset is an ongoing process. Stay committed to your journey and persevere through any obstacles that may arise. You have the power to manifest abundance and create a life of wealth and prosperity. Now, let’s start decluttering and manifesting our dreams together!

As always, I love hearing from you! So let me know in the comments. Have you tried these steps? Where have you found success? Share with me!

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  • Jamelle Sanders March 14, 2024, 7:24 PM

    Affirmations are a powerful catalyst for attracting abundance and success!!

  • Alice Lyles March 18, 2024, 12:40 PM

    Thank you for these awesome tools.