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The #1 Ladies Millionaire Maker


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In today’s world, ordinary women are breaking barriers and transforming their big ideas into fortunes, and so can you!

One inspiring example is Tara Bosch, who founded SmartSweets in 2016 after a conversation with her grandmother about the regret of consuming excessive sugar. Her journey not only led to the creation of a successful low-sugar candy company but also sparked a movement to support aspiring women entrepreneurs. 

With the belief that community is a valuable asset, Tara Bosch’s story encourages women to step out, connect, and turn their dreams into reality.

In The Women and Wealth Club, we have cracked the wealth code and are fast tracking women to millions quickly! 

More on that later, but here is what we can take away from Tara’s story…

1. Seize opportunities boldly

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Bosch learned the importance of not hesitating and fully embracing opportunities. She recalls a pivotal moment when she witnessed a man boldly claiming an entire platter of sandwiches while she and another woman hesitated. This experience taught her the power of seizing opportunities without holding back. Aspiring women entrepreneurs should be fearless and assertive when it comes to pursuing their dreams. By diving headfirst into opportunities, they can unlock doors that lead to success. I often refer to this as “taking bold fast action”. Fast action means fast results. There is tremendous power in moving quickly. You will be drawn to the right people, answers, and opportunities to bring them to pass. You’ll quickly accomplish twice as much as your peers and soar to great heights living your dream life.

2. See challenges as hidden opportunities

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Challenges are often disguised as opportunities for growth and innovation. Bosch faced unique obstacles as a young woman entrepreneur in the candy industry, including manufacturing setbacks and difficulty securing funding. However, she did not let these challenges discourage her. Instead, she used them as motivation to prove herself and transform SmartSweets into a thriving brand. 

Never see challenges, setbacks, or unforeseen issues as a sign from God that you chose the wrong path. Challenges are to be overcome and conquered. One thing I know form being in business for decades, is that if you don’t quit, and you stick to a success formula, victory and sweet success is inevitable.

3. Embrace the powerful commodity of community

Tara Bosch’s personal struggles with self-doubt and imposter syndrome inspired her to create Bold Beginnings, a program dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs. Bosch believes that community is crucial in the entrepreneurial journey. 

When you surround yourself with like-minded and supportive individuals, you can ignite meaningful conversations, spark innovative ideas, and receive invaluable support. Being a part of a network of gutsy women who celebrate achievements and propel one another forward can provide the confidence needed to make big moves.

That’s exactly what our Women & Wealth Club is. 

Tara Bosch’s journey with SmartSweets exemplifies the power of ordinary women turning their big ideas into fortunes. Her story encourages aspiring women entrepreneurs to seize opportunities boldly, view challenges as hidden opportunities, and embrace the strength of community and connection. As you embark on your own entrepreneurial path, remember that you have within you the potential to make a significant impact. 

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Together, let’s celebrate and propel each other forward towards success.

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