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The #1 Ladies Millionaire Maker


If you dig deep into the stories of wealthy people, you’ll notice a pattern:

Rarely will a wealthy person be able to boil down their success to a single miraculous moment. Instead, they’ll cite their mindset as the biggest reason for their prosperity.

A wealthy mindset is a constellation of beliefs, habits, and actions that separate the prosperous from the rest. A wealth mindset, once acquired, will guide you to manifesting avalanches of increase if you plug in.

But there are some essential actions required. It involves tuning in closely to wise counsel, taking fast action, and being consistent—That is a surefire formula breakthrough and financial increase on the other side. 

Here are 3 ways to operate like a millionaire…

1. Take full control of your financial future…

…by creating new income streams. 

60 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, but you don’t have to.

And when you want to live a lifestyle full of freedom and financial health, the last thing you want is another second job that you hate. 

So build something you love…

…As in a business that you love. 

When job offers and advancement opportunities are few or your careers path hits a dead end, it may be time to head in a different direction. One pathway to riches is to create your own business. 

Often times the best job is the one you build for yourself.

It’s so rewarding to start with an idea, service or concept, and turn it into a service or product. But where do those big ideas come from? And how can you translate them into a financial and spiritually successful enterprise?

It begins with your mediation time. All of my greatest ideas and top selling products that have catapulted me into millionaire status, began in my meditation hours. The challenge then becomes—how to launch and monetize those ideas once they come!

That is where coaching comes in…

2. Get a coach and play to win

When embarking on this millionaire mindset journey, the most important thing to invest in is…


People hire a coach because they want to get paid what they’re worth. They want to break out of the income bracket they’ve been stuck in. They want to be able to afford the things they desire – from luxury vacations, to better schools for their children, to building a home for their families, to supporting that cause that means so much to them. A coach can show you how to finally start earning what you’re worth. Adding new streams of income, leveraging the knowledge you already have, adding value to your offers – a good coach can show you how to do all these things and more.

Action is always required

Bottom line—no one gets rich just by daydreaming about money. Additionally, no one gets rich just by reading about how to get rich and not acquiring the HELP. 

The truly wealthy invest in wise counsel and coaching. They use that counsel to construct a plan. They are serious fast-action takers and they aren’t double-minded. Once they’ve decided on a direction or path, they go all in. They are laser focused. They work it until they succeed and they don’t second guess themselves. 

Could you use a coach? I am currently taking on students in our Big Money Manifestation Year Course. Click Here to see where you might fit and to apply for one of our spots. 

Action is always required for wealth. So launch those ideas before you’re ready and never stop hustling. Perfection is not required in order to start. Just start now, and perfect as you go.

3. Clean up your thoughts

The law of attraction states that like attracts like. In other words, our thoughts and actions attract similar thoughts and actions.

If you think positive thoughts, positive things will happen.

If you think about creating wealth, you will bring more wealth into your life.

If your business ideas, product launches and client earning endeavors will ever have a shot at succeeding, you must foster positive thoughts of succeeding and positive thoughts around money coming in. If you dwell on the negative, you’ll get discouraged and give up on your dreams.

Start by erasing negative thoughts from your mind. Replace them with thoughts like:

“My ideas are making me rich.”

“I am good enough.”

“I am succeeding.”

“All of the right people are buying my products and services.”

“They are looking for me right now!”

When you get in the millionaire mindset something amazing happens. You’ll take your dreams off hold. You’ll start producing cash on demand. You’ll begin to believe that anything is possible for you. Because whatever needs or desires arise (that money can support), you’ll know you can always create the cash on demand—by selling something, launching something, creating a new offering or getting another client. Nothing will be off limits for you. You won’t wait on a limited weekly paycheck in order to live and thrive. You won’t get stuck between only being able to afford this or that, you’ll think this AND that. 

As always I love to hear from you so let’s chat:

What do you need a coach to help you with?  What is most the important aspect of your business you want to improve this year?

Write a comment below and let me know.

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  • Twyla Redd April 20, 2023, 2:14 PM

    I like the statement I don’t have to be stuck, I can have this and that. I am still just trying to tap into that thing or things that can generate me some extra income that I really see. Great post!!! Thanks for the inspiration.