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The #1 Ladies Millionaire Maker

How to Tap into Your Intuition to Manifest Success

As women and as entrepreneurs we all aspire to succeed and enjoy the freedom based life style that being your own boss provides for you. The specifics of our “Why’s” may vary but for the most part the end game for us all is to enjoy healthy, happy, impactful lives where we can provide well for our loved ones and ourselves. This is why we work. I’m also sharing how you can get to this level of success…and better yet, how to stay there?

As a success coach and owner of multiple thriving businesses, I’ve discovered one common denominator among all highly successful people from–Oprah to Beyonce to the late Steve Jobs…It’s their intuition…and you have access to the same intuitive insight.

Your super power of intuition will allow you to make great decisions with very little information. You can use this super power to not only make better decisions but it is a valuable success tool to help you experience more prosperity, purpose, health, happiness, and safety in every area of your business and personal life.

I believe you need to tap into your intuition to achieve your very highest levels of success.

Just to be clear–What is intuition?

  • An inner knowing
  • A hunch
  • Wisdom from within
  • The wisdom of God
  • A still small voice inside.

The more you listen to your tiny inner voice, the more you awaken to frequent manifestations.

People who are extraordinarily successful have mastered the art of trusting their gut.

Billionaire and media mogul Oprah says she as always trusted her gut for her business decisions. In a recent Own magazine article she shares; “For all the major moves in my life—to Baltimore, to Chicago, to own my show, and to end it—I’ve trusted my instincts.” I take in all the information I can gather. I listen to proposals, ideas, and advice. Then I go with my gut, what my heart feels most strongly.”

John Paul Dejoria
In the 80’s John Paul Dejoria and business partner Paul Mitchell developed a line of hair products and a new way to distribute them- selling exclusively to salon owners and hairstylists. When a primary investor abandoned them at the last minute John and Paul trusted their intuition, moved forward anyway and figured out what had to be done to meet a tradeshow deadline and introduce their products to the world. The rest is history. Today, their company, Paul Mitchell Systems, has an estimated billion dollars in annual revenue.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs trusted his gut when against the norm he led Apple to run a sophisticated operating system (normally only found on desktop computers) on a mobile device and created the revolutionary iPhone. It was reported that as of July 2016 over a billion iPhones have been sold.

Beyonce trusted her gut and changed the game for how artists share their work back in 2013 with her self-titled, surprise album, BEYONCE. Stripped of traditional marketing campaigns Beyonce did a heart lead project with a tremendous payoff. With the release of BEYONCE she did 430,000 copies in just one day in America alone. Additionally, according to USA today, until Adele’s 25, it was the fastest selling record in the history of iTunes. Over the last seven year dozens of artists have followed suit begin to take their careers into their own hands.

Building wealth is more than just products, marketing plans and spreadsheets. It is a deeply transformative process that requires work from the inside out. I use my intuition to guide me in my business and life affairs. I’ve made more money when I started trusting my gut, implementing what I’ve learned, going with ideas that spoke to me and taking fast action.


1. Practice the art of solitude so you can learn to hear your inner voice
. MAKE YOURSELF pause for moments of alone time; especially when you have big decisions to make. Allow your mind to get quiet. An active mind cannot hear intuition’s quiet hunch. Before I charge into my day I sit quiet for 15 min with my Success Journal in hand. The more you practice hearing the still small voice within, you’ll recognize it faster and know exactly what to do when you hear it.

2. Expect for your intuition to kick in. Research and gather all of your facts, know your numbers then get quiet and follow your heart. The best business decisions are made from within not simply based on data. Ask God questions and expect Him to answer.

3. Journalize. Writing things down brings clarity and allows your hunches to be heard and recorded so you can refer back to them and take action. Countless times I’ve had a hunch about something, wrote it down in my journal and when the time was right I could go back to my written plan. I did this with the Women and Wealth Club. A few years ago in my morning meditation time I asked God, “What does my audience need now?  How can I best serve them? ”

Then it came to me: Release Women and Wealth

My mind began to flood with ideas and I wrote them all down as fast as I could. As I was listening to my inner voice and journalizing, this new portion of my vision became very clear.  It was time for a fresh take on my next coaching program for women.  The Women and Wealth Coaching Club would help women to learn how to manifest wellness, true wealth and joy in their lives — then learn how to put their money to work for them in a fresh new way.

4. Once you get a hunch, take action. An amazing idea is nothing without action.  So I feverishly went to work with my team to make the Women and Wealth Club a reality. We opened the program in early 2019 and it has been a smashing success!

Women and Wealth is not just a club.  It’s a smart mix of coaching, accountability, mentorship, inspiration, inside information, years of financial expertise, insight on wellness, and loads of actionable content all soaked in love.

During our first year collectively, our group has generated over $5 million dollars in assets.

…and it all started as a hunch that I wrote down in my journal.

When you want to make miraculous things happen… tune in to your intuition. It is the all-knowing compass that can assist you in achieving success at an accelerated rate in every area of your life. Here’s a bonus checklist to help you.

Where do you need to trust your gut more? What changes will you make this week to begin to allow your intuition to lead the way?

LET’S CHAT! Share your thoughts below. I’d love to hear about it and help.


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  • Mindy Beck February 2, 2020, 3:16 PM

    My position was recently eliminated and I am now unemployed. The last time this occurred I had an intuition of being a Customer Service Consultant. I jotted down some ideas and even created a PowerPoint but that is as far as it went. I want to help others become a bright star. Hence, the name of my wanna be company is BrightStar Consulting.
    My vision is to assist companies, call centers, etc. I want to gain financial freedom, take care of my family, and travel.

    I would like assistance in journaling and obtaining my goals.

    Thank you!
    Mindy Beck

    • Stacia February 5, 2020, 2:45 PM

      Hi Mindy
      Yes! Journaling is a great way to sort through your ideas and thoughts so you can get clarity for what’s next. Recently I did a Journaling bootcamp where Ariana and I show you how to use your Success Journal to grow your business achieve your goals and be profitable in the face of life’s challenges. I’ve gotten so many testimonies from ladies who have used the journal to manifest new (and better) employment. Wishing you success no matter what path you map out! Here’s where you can learn more about the bootcamp

  • Jarrod Uddin February 5, 2020, 1:49 PM

    I love this post! Amazing insights on using the power of intuition to manifest success!

    • Stacia Pierce February 5, 2020, 2:23 PM

      That’s great Jarrod, thanks for reading!

  • Jamelle Sanders February 19, 2020, 2:11 PM

    Dr. Stacia this is so good! Our instincts have the power to produce increase and inevitable success in our lives.

  • Andria Jones June 5, 2020, 7:09 AM

    I’m stuck in my business. My desire is to make a million dollars this year.

  • LaTonya September 2, 2020, 9:30 PM

    I started my own company to do obituaries. That came to me to do. I am having a hard time getting it off the ground. I am on my third journal but it doesn’t seem I am using it correctly. I would love if you could help me with using your journal correctly

  • Edith Hall April 6, 2021, 1:11 AM

    Journal hasn’t worked for me to
    Manifestation of my Big Dreams and Big Goals and I have been journaling since 2017.
    But my Faith has moved in to my apartment no money. How would your program work for me to
    Manifest my Business and Personal Fianacial Goals
    I’m trusting my gut to get into
    Women and Wealth ❤️ and learn how to use your journal.