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Summer is the perfect time to relax, enjoy the sun, and take a break from the daily grind. But while you’re soaking up the rays, it’s crucial to keep your eyes on the prize and stay wealth-minded. In today’s world, much of what you see in the mainstream is designed to make you scale back your ambitions and settle for a simple life. This kind of thinking can derail your pursuit of wealth and lead you to rely on “the system” to take care of you. Instead, fight against this mindset, ignite your inner fire, and refocus on your financial goals.

The people who achieve their dreams and go big in their businesses are those who have learned the secret to showing up. They are present at the right time and place for opportunities, increasing their odds of success. No matter who you are or what you’re striving to become, showing up where and when it matters is essential for your success.

Scaling back your ambitions can lead to complacency. When you stop striving for more, you settle into a comfort zone that stifles growth and limits opportunities. By staying wealth-minded, you keep pushing your boundaries and exploring new avenues for success.

A wealth mindset isn’t just about accumulating money—it’s about adopting a proactive approach to life. It means setting ambitious goals, being willing to take risks, and continuously seeking opportunities for growth. This mindset is crucial for anyone looking to achieve lasting success.

I’ve found that one of the biggest reasons that businesses fail is because of the owners lack of connections and access to the right information to succeed.  Most businesses are ran by solopreneurs, owners are who are running the show all alone. They are facing many obstacles and setbacks that without the right connections can be really hard to handle. The odds of going it alone are just not promising—especially for women entrepreneurs.

See, you were never meant to go it alone.

You need successful others to empower you to succeed. You need to success environments to ignite  your creativity, expand your thinking and push you to try new things in your business. You need success connections to inspire you to go higher, keep going and never give up.    

A big part of your success is connecting with others. You can’t do that if you’re hiding out at home, behind your computer…or holed up in your store, buried in paperwork…You have to get out, get connected and get going…there are people, places, and programs already positioned to help you manifest your greatest desires. 

Business conferences, workshops and events can be the perfect environment for you to grow to the next level. Showing up to events increase your chances of connecting with the right person to help you take your business to the next level. Studies show that entrepreneurs that frequently associate with other business owners are more likely to have success in their business. 

Here are three reasons why you need to show up to an environment of success…

1. You can achieve your dreams, grow your business, and live the life you truly desire when you show up. Showing up is about pushing past the obstacles, life circumstances, and your inner barriers—any excuse that could be holding you back from being where you need to be to succeed. Showing up, is a testament of your fortitude, drive and ambition to succeed at all costs. Once you’ve come that far, you’ve increased your chances of winning big by 80 percent.

2. When you show up you get answers.

In those times when you’re frustrated or fatigued or worried about your business…and what was working for you is no longer producing good results…show up to an event, program or conference for answers. You will almost always discover that you are not alone, others have been where you are. You’ll also learn that there’s a better way to solve your problem.  You may have heard the saying, “You can’t see the forest, because your staring at the trees,”  Showing up at a conference can give you the BIG perspective so you can see a better way of reaching your goals.  Lastly, you’ll discover a continual source of inspiration to keep you on track long-term. When you come across an irresistible offer to connect with a coach or mentor long-term….jump in! Especially when you’ve been with them for a few days and you know your life changed from being there. That’s just a great indicator of what’s to come when you connect long-term. 

3. When you show up you get connected. There are other successful people just like you.  They are your co-creators, dream drivers and purpose partners are all waiting to connect with you. Under any other circumstance, you may never share the same air with some of the people you meet at events. You can easily develop relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs and business leaders that support you and will partner with you to grow your business. Last year, at my conference, we had lady hire her stylist right on the spot, another business owner closed a $3,000 deal over dinner. This is what you can expect when you are surrounded by like-minded leaders and business owners coming together. Purposeful and profitable relationships opportunities come about when you show up.

Showing up in the right places at the right time is very transformative. It’s the difference between the successful and the want-to-be successful. See, the successful always show up against the odds no matter what the circumstance, they let nothing get in their way of a divine appointment. Once they get a witness that they are supposed to get on board,  nothing can stop them.

And that’s what the Success Tour is all about on September 28th, 2024. So girl, get up! Come see me. Bring your friends and your purpose partners, even your mature teenagers.

But whatever you do, you want to be in that room. You want to be there by divine appointment. Because we’re going to be talking about what needs to happen next for your life. What you need to do to manifest your dreams and your goals…the abundance of money you need…with everything changing all around you, what do you need to do to live your best life, NOW.

When you show up, my team and I plan to meet you more than half way so you can finally live your dreams and make it! Go here now to save your spot: TheUltimateSuccessTour.com

I am totally commited to your complete success in business and in life. As a coach to thousands of people, I’ve learned over the years that many people have the desire to succeed, but lack the necessary information.
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  • Jamelle June 27, 2024, 5:11 PM

    So good! The right environments unlock wisdom and solutions.