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The #1 Ladies Millionaire Maker


You are an extremely powerful individual. Within your reach you can produce the results that will bring you happiness, success and fulfillment. You hold the keys to true happiness. You can command life to be what you desire with every word you speak. Words are a conduit, releasing positive or negative energy into your life. Every word that you say, your ears hear and transmit to your mind. Whatever your mind receives, it will accept as truth and subconsciously it will begin working to find a solution. Think about what you have been drawing in, or pushing out of your life.

This principle is true, whether positive or negative. We call Muhammad Ali the greatest because he titled himself the greatest. Elvis Presley said that he would probably die at the age of 42 like his mother had, and he died 4 months shy of his 43rd birthday. Carl Lewis said that he would match the Olympic record set by Jesse Owens and he did, without a millisecond more.

You have the option of being like Carl Lewis, just coming short of achieving true personal greatness with words that limit you or you can become like Muhammad Ali and shock the world with your greatness. Are you selling yourself short, or putting the highest possible price on your potential? Your entire world is waiting for your instructions, what do you really want to tell it?

1. Redirect your words. Circumstances are always temporary, but your words have impact forever, so structure them properly. Take the limits off your what you can accomplish by speaking what you want, not what you don’t want.

2. Quantify the emotion accurately. Stop drawing your own negative conclusions when your emotions run high. Instead, build your own bridges. Try “I am well loved by all those that meet me.” “Today was a financial low point, it is only up from here,” “Today was a challenge, but tomorrow promises to be exceptional.”

3. Take a break. I say that wisdom always waits, never say the first thing that comes into your mind. Let your first word be your second thought. That principle will save you from many arguments and save you lots of money.

4. Make a list, check it twice. Construct a list of what you really want for your life. Don’t be limited to what you think you deserve, but be truthful and put what you really desire. Repeat this list to yourself at least twice daily.

5. Post the note. You have those sticky notes everywhere for every other thing, put them to use for your benefit. Write positive statements on them and place them in places that you will run across them throughout your day. When you see them, say them.


On the refrigerator: “We always have more than enough for ourselves and others.”

As a book mark: “I have superior knowledge to get the job done.”

On your desk at work: “I’m in line for a top promotion.”

In your resume binder: “I am offered this great job with a great salary and benefits.”

In your checkbook: “My accounts are always full.”

In your closet: “I only wear the very best.”

6.  Talk good to yourself every day. stand in front of your mirror and repeat your positive confessions to yourself.  This way, you have all of your faculties engaged-you are saying positive things, you will hear yourself saying the positive and you will see yourself saying great things.Practicing this daily will attract your dream life to you.

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