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Have you ever thought about what “Living the Dream” would be like for you? Is there a special vision that you’re holding close to your heart that motivates you to keep striving to the top? While there may be twists and turns on the journey, it is very possible for you to make your dreams come true. Many of you have jumped on board with me and declared that 2024 will be your biggest year ever. This is the year of making dreams come true and this week I want to give you just a few proven keys to making your own dreams come true in your business and life.

1. Define what you really want and WHY you want itMost people have a difficult time answering this question. Yet, without defining what you really want, how else will you achieve your dreams? Take some time and consider this: Think about the perfect day in your life…What is the ONE THING that you’d be doing, which you’d immensely enjoy and would be rewarded richly for?  Once you can define your dream, then you can take action on making it come true. You have to name it to claim it.

2. Don’t drag people into your dream. Do not drag clients, customers or other people into doing business with you. If you have to drag them into your business, you will have to drag them around your business! Release the resistant and open yourself up to attracting your ideal clients and support team. There are people who are ready and willing to do business with you, they want your products and services and they want to follow you! To connect with your ideal clients, you have to show up where they are. Make sure you plan to attend conferences and workshops so that you can expand your network with other fired-up business owners who may become your client or a partner.

3. Become an expert in your dream arena–this alone will put you way ahead of the game. No one becomes a trusted adviser overnight. Get your expertise and knowledge by hunting and gathering information as it pertains to your five dominate areas that surround your purpose. then apply what you learn immediately in your business

4. See it! Believe it! And Achieve it!  That’s always been my trusted dream-building model.  I use my Success Journal as a visualization and meditation tool to manifest my dreams. It’s a simple and fun process to creating a visual of your dreams. The process is easy to implement: cut and paste words and pictures that describe my dream life.  I focus daily on these dream magnets to materialize my goals and desires. This has to be one of the most fascinating systems I have created to fast track your way to dream fulfillment. Post up something that will move you closer to your dream TODAY.

6. ACT FAST: Nothing can happen until you act on it. Acting fast—taking action quickly on your dream will draw success and opportunities to you at a much faster rate.

I have a client, Roz, who acted fast to publish her book and within only a few weeks, the book was on shelves in major bookstores offline and online. 

Kiyah, another client, acted fast and reached out to major tv networks, and ended up with her own show segment!  

As you can clearly see, you don’t need a fairy Godmother to make your dreams come true. The one person who can make it possible…IS YOU. Once you begin to actively pursue your dream with all of your heart and consider only the opportunities, you will find that some how, every tool, resource and person you need to make your dreams come true will suddenly appear!

There are also times when the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY stands before you as the vehicle you need to make all of your dreams come true. All you need to do, like I mentioned in point 2…is pay the price to make your dreams come true.  Your reality is the sum total of what you’ve invested in it thus far. The magnificent dream life comes when you’ve made a great investment to have it.

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I am totally commited to your complete success in business and in life. As a coach to thousands of people, I’ve learned over the years that many people have the desire to succeed, but lack the necessary information.
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  • Angela McCain February 16, 2024, 10:02 AM

    I am ready to manifest my dreams to life

  • Jamelle Sanders February 22, 2024, 4:06 PM

    Awesome insights Dr. Stacia!