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The #1 Ladies Millionaire Maker


How is it that people are making money and scaling to millions in 2022?


Virtual real estate?

Virtual businesses?

Crypto staking?

Binary Trading?

Crypto mining? 

Peer-to-peer lending?


There are so many new ways to make money in 2022 right from your phone. Some of which did not exist just 6-months ago.

There are even teenagers becoming multi-millionaires just through the power of Web 3.0 and their smartphones, with $0 in startup capital. That’s how you know we’re living in a new day and age!

But don’t just sit by and hear about it and not do anything about it. When you are privy to new knowledge, get curious. Be determined to learn, take action and monetize. 

If women are becoming the new faces of wealth, then doesn’t it stand to reason that it should be you too?

Our Women & Wealth Club is one of the hottest groups in the world right now because we keep our members privy and trained on all of these new opportunities that are leveling the playing field for the everyday player.

Here are just a few of those opportunities and how you can start monetizing this weekend:

1. Digital Products and Courses

Whenever my clients feel stuck or like it’s becoming hard to make money, I always encourage them to get back in the game and make more offers, especially in the virtual space.

Digital courses are the big thing right now and you can create them in a weekend, right from your very expertise. What have your customers, clients and buyers been asking you for? What service do you provide that they just can’t get enough of? What problems are you great at solving? I’m willing to bet that there are many out there that would pay good money for something you do well—something you may not have even considered.  

My daughter, Ariana, for example has become a manifestation master! She created her dream business, manifested dream partnerships and brand collaborations, and recently she attracted her dream fiancé. Well so many young women had been direct messaging her asking her for insights on dating, that she decided to create a digital course on How to Manifest Your Mate Now. The course has been a hit since she launched! You can grab the course HERE if you’d like. 

What do you need to create a course out of?

You have an expertise. You really were created for something. There is knowledge, experience and a purpose that resides on the inside of you. There is something that you’re good at. I’m even sure there is something you’re an expert at—something that you can show others that people will pay you to teach them. So be bold…Share your expertise and sell it.

2. Digital Assets

If you’ve been following me on social media you may have even heard about Binari, an exclusive club where my daughter and her team are teaching everyday individuals to manifest money in minutes with her currency and crypto trading strategy. Ariana has become so skilled in this arena, and has literally helped many individuals produce millions of dollars within a few minutes of trading!

I can remember when she first started educating students globally on the science and strategy of trading foreign currencies. She would spend time in prayer and meditation asking God to give her a special trading formula that would help her students manifest more than 90% percents wins on their trades. Needless to say, He gave her a special formula, and it is a hit!

She then became an expert on Web 3.0 and in the non fungible token (NFT) space, investing in, trading and building wealth with digital art and helping others do the same. Yes, there are many ways to spread your roots and monetize in this digital arena right now! You can learn more about those groups HERE. 

3. The Women & Wealth Club

A few years ago, I made a decision to create 100,000 women millionaires. Shortly after, I heard God speak to me in my meditation time—“Release Women & Wealth”. And ever since creating this circle, more millionaire women have been created under my auspice at a faster rate than ever.

This is the circle where we clear up the uncertainty and confusion that often surfaces when it comes to managing investments and building a financial portfolio. We teach how to be prepared for and even manifest a flood of increase.

Every day women really are stepping up to play big and live extraordinary lives. And out of the hundreds of women that coach with me in my Women and Wealth Club community and thriving, I’d like to highlight just one of them and their big wins.


“I’m so excited about what’s to come. When I joined this club, within 30 days I started manifesting 100K a month. I listened to the calls that’s available in the back office since I’ve had some free time. I did the exercises that Dr. Stacia gave us and I met that goal!! I also created 2 products that’s have been selling out! I’ve been reaching my 100K+ goal monthly every single month since joining! Thanks Ariana and Dr Stacia!” – Deon

When Deon joined my WW Club, one of the first tasks for everyone to complete was the Wealth Wheel visualization assignment—a very high level visualization tool that I supplied my ladies with that would help them manifest their big abundance goals within 12-months if they followed my instructions. Well Deon posted a picture of the type of neighborhood she dreamed of living in on her Wealth Wheel. Well some months later, she was able to purchase her dream home, and only later came to discover that the magazine photo that was on her Wealth Wheel, was actually a photo of the same neighborhood that she had just purchased her new house in and she didn’t even know it! She literally manifested what was on her Women & Wealth Wealth Wheel. 

Joining this circle is a decision to level up! For one full year, you’ll be a part of my inner circle and learn what I do to build and maintain wealth. BUT WAIT– this is only for women who unashamedly want success. I’m calling for those who feel in their heart that they should be wealthy but need to know how to make their money grow.

We have loads of info to share with you and just to add to all this financial fun, throughout the year, I will be introducing you to my incredible circle of expert friends during our monthly zoom sessions.

Ready to power up your ability to generate wealth, and completely change your financial future? Join our tribe of smart, intuitive, creative business women. CLICK HERE.

Of course, I want to hear from you- where do you need help with your money manifestation process? Have you tried our methods? Joined one of our courses? Please share your comments and questions below.

I am totally commited to your complete success in business and in life. As a coach to thousands of people, I’ve learned over the years that many people have the desire to succeed, but lack the necessary information.
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