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How to Enjoy Life and Avoid Entrepreneur Burnout

If you’ve been following me on my Instagram (or any where else for that matter) you’ve seen that I have been in full on celebration mode. The combination of my 50th birthday (see the party here), being honored by L’Oreal (see behind the scenes here), and a bucket list moment of working with Jack Canfield. I’ve had so much to grateful for and celebrate. So in the midst of all the projects our team is working on, my new book I’m writing and the HUGE preparation process that is underway for the upcoming Women’s Success Conference in July, I made the decision to stop and take time to enjoy my life and truly celebrate these wins.

We work so hard as entrepreneurs. Many of us have been taught the mindset that entrepreneurship is a constant grind and never ending drudgery is just your lot in life if money is to be made. After all money doesn’t grow on trees right? Making money is hard work! –And last but not least “the struggle is always real!”

In my success journey I’ve decided to take a different approach. Yes, being a successful entrepreneur takes giving your all, consistency and resilience but Enjoy Your Life. Celebrate your wins; flood your mind and spirit with gratitude. Take deliberate breaks from “the grind.” Not only will you avoid burnout but you’ll find yourself making more money as well.

How Enjoying Life Can Make You More Money

1. A refreshed mind creates moneymaking ideas. My morning thought walks allow me to absorb all the beauty all around me, enjoy the sunshine and rejuvenate. Then next on my agenda, is writing down in my Success Journal everything that comes to me. This is when I’m usually inspired to write my blog ideas, map out new products, coaching programs or complete a chapter in my new book. To add a little fun and fashion to my morning journaling sessions, I use my Success Girls Sticker Collection I love adding color and flair to my written affirmations, plans and ideas.

2. Enjoying life breaks help you to nurture your network and increase your net worth. Travel, fine dining, and enjoying the arts helps you to expand your mind as well as meet and connect with like-minded others. Networking is the key to building your net worth. It’s a tried and true way of making lucrative and lasting connections that can help you find new clients, opportunities and maximize the value of your current contacts.

Get away with the Girls for Shopping and Fine Dining

3. Taking and “Enjoy Life Break”  when it matters helps you to return to your work inspired, empowered and ready to create. I often take enjoy life breaks and escape to Epcot, one of my favorite Disney properties. One day while sitting on the bench in front of the Paris attraction I had an idea and created an entire product funnel that yielded a six figure increase. Enjoying life is knowing when to add a pinch of play to your day. A simple fun break can inspire and nudge you to take your income and life to the next level.

Increase comes from a place of joy and gratitude. Making the choice to enjoy your journey is the catalyst to success, fulfillment and earning more money. After working with hundreds of clients, I discovered that when you are not emotionally experiencing joy in your life, you’ll find it difficult to manifest your goals. When you feel good you’re apt to do good. When my clients started adding joy breaks into their daily routines their income increased and relationships improved as they cultivated a life of happiness.

Insight  from my book Enjoy Life

Be an entrepreneur that’s optimistic. Don’t complain about your journey. Of course you will face challenges but don’t market the struggle. Instead, make it a point to talk about your victory and your wins. Whether posting on social media, working directly with clients or even chatting with other entrepreneurs let your joy shine through.

So how do you genuinely enjoy your life?
Set your intentions to do so. A good life doesn’t just happen; it is planned and carried out. Enjoying life is a skill that you can develop. Here are a few ways to amp up your joy factor.

1. Power up your visionary skills with meditation, so that you can expect the best each day.  I go all out to protect my meditation time. No matter what my schedule, I do whatever it takes to get in my 15 minutes of meditation time. I sit quietly and focus on the outcome I desire for my day. This is one of the greatest secrets to my success. My morning meditation time fuels my day and powers up my intuition that keeps me so keen about what to do next when navigating through my day.

2. Fuel your genius with outstanding information. A nurtured mind is a happy one. Read great books, blogs and newsletters that are relevant to your business. Listen to audio programs and invest in classes and coaching courses that will sharpen your skills and give you a blueprint for success. Every morning like clock work I listen to something inspiring and informative, as I’m getting ready for my day. I truly believe that information changes the seasons of our lives. So to keep moving forward I keep learning

3. Find your tribe of “get it” people. Connecting with people who “get”  who you are and what you are trying to accomplish is such a stress reliever! I’m very adamant about surrounding myself with the right people. Entrepreneurs are cut from a different cloth. You should connect with others who are going to stay positive, keep pushing and encourage you along the way.

I’m so passionate about this that every year for the last 20 years I’ve hosted the Women’s Success Conference. A place where Girl Bosses can gather, connect, be inspired and learn in a fun environment. There are so many moments at the Conference where we infuse enjoy life moments. I always hear from past attendees how every time they attend the conference they always leave with a new perspective on how to do business with joy not drudgery.

These are just a few things I do to enjoy life and keep abundance flowing in my life and business –and now I want to show you how to do the same. If you want to know my entire process for daily joy and prosperity I’ve revealed all of my secrets in my book Enjoy Life. It’s an intentional guide to building a beautiful life and business. When you get your hands on it you’ll see exactly why this book has become the go-to guide for entrepreneurs who are in transition. Or the “get unstuck solution” for boss babes who are in a rut. I put this manual together to help entrepreneurs to enjoy life and still get more done.

Take deliberate Enjoy Life breaks. You can make a greater impact on the world around you, when you’re pursuing your dreams from a place of joy.  The Enjoy Life Guide shows you how to embrace the beauty around you. It encourages you to open up to new adventures. Living a life that you enjoy must start now…in your present.  Not your future.

Get your copy here

Where do need help enjoying life more? Share about it below, I’d love to help.

If you’ve already read my Enjoy Life Guide, please share your thoughts and aha moments in the comments below! What was your favorite adventure?

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  • Rheami June 30, 2017, 1:02 AM

    Wow this blog is incredible!! A much needed post for all entrepreneurs. I got so much out of this and really love your points on being inspired by enjoyment to fuel entrepreneurial passions. Thank you!!!

  • Tammy July 1, 2017, 3:47 PM

    Great post! I really enjoyed reading your tips. I have grown so much over the last year by getting intentional. Your posts have really been a big part of that. Thanks for all that you and for being so willing to share so that we can all win big.

    • Stacia Pierce July 6, 2017, 1:43 AM

      Awesome! I love to share and help people grow. Glad to hear that it’s helping you!