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How To Create and Manifest 101 Goals

One of my family rituals is to spend time chatting with my children about their life goals, their plans.. and completing our 101 goals lists. Yes you read that right. We each write 101 of our own goals that we want to see happen. Think of it as 101 ways that you can experience a win. It not only gives you momentum to achieve your next goal, but also shows you that what’s written is real and what you crystallize on paper can quickly and even easily become your reality.

We’re very serious about goal setting around here.

This has been one of my biggest personal secrets to achieving massive success consistently. Now, don’t be alarmed…101 goal writing is an extraordinary exercise that forces you to dream big, come out of your comfort zone and take the limits off!

As I look over my current list, I am so grateful for all that has manifested in my life over 2020. But I know that it wouldn’t have been possible if I had never penned them in my journal. What’s written is real. Writing your goals is the first step to manifesting them in your life.

As we kick off 2021, now is the perfect time to plan for what’s to come by reviewing and setting your goals, writing your vision and meditating for this year.

Just the simple act of writing out your 101 goals automatically puts you in charge of your life. On the other hand, not writing your goals means becoming an unfortunate victim of the circumstances that happen around you daily.

Think of  your 101 goals as the outline to your new life movie. Your goals list highlights all of the good that you want to experience. And in this post, I’m giving you an inside look into my goal setting process and walk you through my 6 secret steps to quickly going from goal to manifestation.

1. Think BIG

The first step to writing 101 goals that manifest quickly is to write your list in categories. Writing goals this way will help you cover every aspect of your life and make the list feel more achievable.

  • Personal
  • Family/relationship goals
  • Business, work/career goals
  • Financial goals
  • Physical/health related goals

As you begin to write your goals be sure that at least five of them are optimum goals.. big goals that you really want to accomplish…even if they seem a bit too big or out of reach right now. Give yourself permission to dream big and write your hearts truest desires. You’ll amaze yourself with how much you are able to achieve when you pen what’s real and heartfelt. You will gain confidence, clarity and boost your creativity to accomplish your goals when you think big and write them in a journal.

2. Get specific

As you set your goals make sure that they are specific, clear and measurable so that you can track your progress and clearly visualize the outcome. Create monthly goals that you can actually achieve in a 30-day time frame.  Your goals should be big enough that they energize you and stretch your faith and belief, but small enough that you don’t give up before you start.

3. Accelerate your goals with visuals

As you’re working on accomplishing your goals, you’ll want to have a clear picture that represents your goal so you can focus on it. My Success Attraction Goal Cards are perfect for this. One of the most important parts of achieving your goals is actually meditating on them daily. With your goal card, you can see your end result. The more you see it, the more you will work towards reaching it.

Keep these where you can see them as well to remind you that the process is working and that you are achieving your goals! Let them serve as a reminder that you know how to manifest your goals. It’s an exciting way to rehearse your victories.

“See” yourself completing your goals and feeling the benefits and rewards of doing so. Make notes of the goals you visualized and any ideas that came to you during that time. Allow your goals to become your life blueprint and act as a magnet. When you’re focusing on them you will start to create a gravitational pull towards your goal and your goals will start to be drawn towards you as well–and at exactly the right divine timing, in exactly the right divine place, you and your goal will meet!

4. Get focused

Oftentimes we can burnout and quit too soon because we are focusing on too many things at once. So focus your attention and allow your intuition to guide you in choosing what goals you should put your focus on in the moment. If you’re having trouble with this, then just pick 2-3 goals and put them on Goal Cards and place the cards on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator or vision board so that you can focus on achieving them. You can’t try to accomplish them all at once because that would be way too overwhelming. Choose your goals based upon what is nagging you. What goals keep coming up that haven’t manifested yet? It may be time to put your attention there. When we direct our attention to just a few goals at a time, we can put serious thought and action around manifesting these desires.

5. Take fast action…consistently

I know this point seems like a no-brainer…but honestly many people expect to achieve a goal that is only in their head… but never acted on.. it’s like waiting on a miracle to drop in your lap when in reality every miracle opportunity is passing you by. Other times we can become stagnant, waiting in limbo for instructions because we just aren’t sure where to start.

But it’s important for you to get started right away and then trust your intuition to lead you step by step, even if you don’t know what to do next. The answers will always come while you are in constant motion and constant pursuit. But nothing can happen for you without you making all of the first moves.

The goal itself will never fail you, however the lack of action will. To succeed you must commit to consistent execution. So just start with what you know to do. You may not have all the answers at first but once you take the first step, the resources and people you need to accomplish your goals will start appearing in your life.

6. Revisit. Rewrite and reaffirm your goals often.

When you get definite about accomplishing your goals, you have to revisit  them daily. Take time Monday through Sunday to read your goals list out loud and think about what it would be like to have accomplished them. What does it feel like to finally have this one thing accomplished? How is life now different and better? How will you celebrate? Visualize it, declare it, and write it down in your journal!

Every month I grab a brand new Success Journal and I always start by writing or rewriting my goals. My 101 goals are usually the same so I just transfer them into the new journal. Each month the list shrinks down and changes drastically as I achieve goals and even add new ones. This process of repetitive writing helps me to keep my goals at the top of my mind and helps me to manifest them quickly.

I’ll even do a daily rewrite of the goals that I’m currently focused on for the month so that I stay focused on what I want to achieve. A lot of people write their goals only once and never look again. It’s impossible to achieve a goal that you’re not even aware of. By constantly reviewing your goals, you’ll become empowered to develop an action plan to achieve them.

Once you rewrite them, reaffirm them. Say them aloud. Did you know you can intentionally manifest your biggest goals with the power of your affirmation?!? Once I discovered the power of affirmations, I have relentlessly used them to accomplish my income goals, win lucrative contracts, forge crucial connections and seal big money deals. You can literally grow your business and life from level to level with the power of your own words.

What is one of your big goals that you are focused on manifesting this year? I would love to hear about and cheer you on in the comments!

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