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Just yesterday, I was sitting with my family and staff going over all of the testimonials from our current 30 day Big Money Manifestation Course, and the money breakthroughs have been undeniable! All month long we’ve been sharing with these students our most powerful manifestation secrets that have proven to work in my life and those of my clients time and time again.

Let me ask you…is your life really where you want it to be? Is your bank account really looking like what you want it to look like? Want to know the secret to manifesting your biggest dreams and money goals quickly? Grab your journal and pay close attention because I’m about to show you how to condition your mind for luxury living and big money manifestation.

1. Book a luxury staycation.

It has been said before that the best vacation is a staycation. While I love taking vacations abroad, you likely don’t want to wait months to plan and experience a getaway. You need more consistent enjoyment, mind expanding experiences, and moments of refuel to keep your money-making ideas flowing and your manifestations consistent. A staycation is the perfect way to do it. 

So if you take a day off of work for some much needed personal time, don’t just use the time to run errands or do busy work. Intentionally use this opportunity purely for doing the things that bring you joy and rejuvenation. Have a spa day, dine at a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, experience something new and exciting in your home town.

But whatever you choose, take it up a notch. Add some luxury to it. Make it an abundant experience. Do the things you’ve been wanting to do. Test drive the cars you’ve been dreaming about driving. Do a home tour of the kind of home that’s been on your vision board. 

Experiencing the things you desire to manifest causes the manifestation to speed up because the subconscious mind registers it as if it’s already yours!

2. Go and do what brings you joy

Write what you love and what you enjoy and then go do that list. Sometimes it’s just a simple joy-break that you need, especially when you feel stressed or weighted down…whether it’s seeing and listening to flowing water, kicking up your feet, breathing fresh air, etc. You have to practice joy in order to keep your mind and your spirit conditioned for manifestation. And these don’t always have to be grand activities, but something where you can step away from the desk for a bit every day and get inspired and refreshed.

If you’ve just been wanting to spend time curling up and reading some books, do it in a luxurious space, like a 5-star hotel. You get to decide when and where, but when you saturate yourself in this kind of self-care and surround yourself in abundance you’ll acquire a desire for it and you’ll start getting in position to manifest more of it.

3. Have prosperous conversations.

We tend to speak about 12,000 to 25,000 words daily…not to mention the conversations we’re having in our heads. That’s a lot of talking! Each of those thousands of words is setting things in motion – both inside you and in the world around you. Words take ideas and turn them into reality. But when you intentionally speak toward your success, what you say will actually cause you to attain success. 

When I’m in manifestation mode for a big goal that I want to happen fast, I speed things up with what I call Success Talk. 

It’s a practice that I do often, and encourage my clients to do as well. If you want to add some fire to your manifestation process, this really is a great thing to do. Get a trusted purpose partner and set a time once a week to chat about your goals—as if they already happened, so your conversation would sound something like this:

“Wasn’t it awesome how you sold out of all your books at your online book launch?”

“We had the best time attending your housewarming! Your brand new home is absolutely gorgeous! It’s just what you wanted!”

“Tell me all about your brand new promotion! That’s so exciting that you met with your employer and they gave you everything you asked for!”

My daughter Ariana loves doing this and enjoys the results even more. At first, you may feel a bit silly, but if practiced correctly and consistently, you’ll feel empowered, hopeful, and embody a sense of expectation that will demand results.

Having these kinds of prosperity conversations draws prosperity right to you!

4. Dress the part.

Your image tells people how you want to be approached. Every time you go out you reflect an image that educates others on how you want them to approach you.  They are sizing you up and making an assumption of where you work, your income level and where you live based solely on your appearance.

When you look good, you feel good and when you play good, customers pay good. To attract your ideal client, you have to upgrade to their level. Walk the walk and talk the talk. Take your image up and beyond your ideal client, you want to look and feel like you can do business on that level.

This week go get yourself a new hairstyle and upgrade your seasonal look. You’ll find it much easier to meet new people, express yourself, present in meetings and even close the deal when you are looking and feeling your best.

now your mind has been expanded — and when you experience better you’ll be determined to manifest better.

5. Create a new rest routine

As an entrepreneur, success coach, keynote speaker, author, mom and wife, getting a full good nights rest is rare. So I’ve taken measures to ensure the quality of my rest, even if I can’t ensure the quantity of it.

Haphazardly going to bed can affect the quality of your sleep. Which in turn can cause you to awake from your bed or nap time like you never rested at all. Habits like falling asleep with the light on, checking your phone and emails right before dozing off, sleeping with the TV on, jumping in bed without showering or taking makeup off, neglecting to write a to-do list for the following day all can rob you of your best rest.  Which directly affects your performance the next day.

Every night I follow the same routine whether I go to bed at 11pm (which is usually a miracle if I can get to bed this early) or 3am. My rest routine helps me to control my quality of rest even when I can’t control the amount of it. Every night I carry out the following routine…

  • Begin to wind down with a cup of hot lemon and water
  • Take 5 minutes to straighten my room and vacuum my floor
  • Set my phone on the charger and stay away from it
  • Turn on an audio book
  • Wash off my makeup and use my skincare
  • Take a hot shower and put on fresh PJ’s
  • Add essential oils and turn on my diffuser
  • Grab my Success Journal, and write my grateful list, tomorrows to-do’s and my success scripts (which I’ll talk about in detail in a bit)

Following this routine helps me to get my body and mind prepared to rest in a clean, peaceful environment. Writing my to-do’s and gratitude lists help me clear my mind to receive ideas and answers as I rest.

And if you’re interested in manifesting more big money manifestations and the life you love, I want you to meet me and Ariana next month at The Ultimate Success Tour in Orlando, FL on March 18th! It’s going to be a full day of saturation to set you up for your biggest year of dream fulfillment yet! In the meantime, get in with us for our Big Money Manifestation Course. Although the live course just ended, you can grab the recordings HERE!

As always, I love hearing from you! Let me know in the comments what you are going to try! Where will you staycation? What routine will you upgrade?

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