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The #1 Ladies Millionaire Maker


You can easily be a woman with a mindset that attracts millions…a woman who operates in wealth…and a woman who can cause it to come in on command. But it always begins with a mind-shift.

Let me show you how to condition your mind for millions right now…

1. Intentionally keep champions around you

Your associations matter. Who you hang around determines your outcome and your income. 

This isn’t a call for you to do a detox of your network, but do closely govern what conversations you are finding yourself in. 

When you think about your closest five friends or family members, what are those conversations like? Are they stimulating life-giving conversations about increase? Are they conversations that inspire you and move you closer towards your goals? Or are they are conversations that discourage you and keep you thinking small?

Not everyone has to leave your circle, but do make sure that your inner circle is carefully designed around your goals and dreams…with people that will encourage and propel you forward. 

To be a money magnet and a recipient of wealth, you must saturate yourself in the kinds of messages, visuals and conversations that keep you inspired to pursuit. Conversations and environments that stimulate your creativity and growth. And not everyone in your inner circle qualifies to be on that team. 

Many times, one of the first lessons that my clients have to learn early on is to clear the clutter of unproductive conversations with people they’re close with. It can often be our closest friends can become afraid of the next level that you’re aspiring too. Their intimidation of it can cause them to try and keep you from it. Before you can include them, you may need to let their envy die off first before you go all-in with them or attempt to bring them along for the journey. 

Who you hang around influences what you do and where you go. Stay in the company and conversation of positive people—those who will stretch you, show you and remind you of your big possibilities. My Women & Wealth Club and my Big Money Manifestation Course is perfect for this. You want to carefully curate your circle to include people who are possibility thinkers—in the company of rich conversations. Intentionally make room for exciting new friendships that encourage you and challenge you to become your best.

2. Shift your mind with intentional words

An affirmation is simply a short powerful statement declared out loud to attract into your life the very thing you are speaking over. When you’re looking to speed up your money manifestation, begin to speak affirmations, mantras or declare something positive about what you want to happen and say it often. 

Here are a few examples:

More money is coming to me right now.

This goal is manifesting for me today..I can feel it!

My clients love me and love paying me.

Making money is so easy for me!

I am always productive and diligent.

I am so grateful to be the proud owner of [your dream home address].

My dream mate is quickly showing up.

I have a clean bill of health. I feel energized, abundant and prosperous.

I am worthy to achieve all of my goals.

If you say what you want, it’s going to come to you and in the exact way you said it or better. Your mind will even be primed to look for and expect the very thing you’ve been talking about. The key to affirmations that work fast is to be specific and to say them in the present or past tense…not in the future tense. When you say them in the present tense then they will presently manifest, but when said in the future tense (ex.“One day I’ll be a millionaire”) you end up disqualifying yourself from having it right now and your millions will always be pushed out in your future… and never in your now.

3. Create conversations around the win to manifest the win

In my household we call this—having an Act-As-If conversation, and it is probably the most fun manifestation exercise I’ve ever used. So much so that I have all of my top clients partner up during our private masterminds and do this around their greatest goals. It simply means role-playing your win before it has actually happened. 

You simply start thinking from the end, then have a conversation acting “as if” you’ve already achieved your desired goal. Express in the conversation how great it felt to get exactly what you wanted..to sign the contract..see the direct deposit hit your account…buy your new dream car for cash..or creatively overcome your biggest challenge. Then cheer for one another as if the victory were your own!

Learning to “act as if” can become a life-altering breakthrough in your thinking and your ability to get results! The method is easy, yet revolutionary: ACTING AS IF is like dress rehearsal; you get into costume for your dream life and perform like you are presently living the life that you want.

This is how you create a vision board that really manifest for you and secure your biggest victory.

What you want is on it’s way to you now! And as you really commit to this process you will amaze yourself as you begin to easily attract so many good things that you’ll quickly begin running out of goals and end up having to create new ones! Manifestation is so much fun!

You know, it really does bring me so much joy to see you succeed.. to see you get the life you want, manifest your heart’s greatest desires and see you have ultimate satisfaction. I want that for you this year. I love bragging on the successes of people just like you.

As always, I love hearing from you! What tips resonated with you? What are you going to try? Where do you need support? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Jamelle Sanders May 18, 2023, 9:18 PM

    Powerful! Acting as if the goal has already manifested is a powerful success attraction tool.

  • SHARON D CONNOR May 18, 2023, 9:33 PM

    Please send me the free download of your powerful CD, Ten Millionaire Entrepreneur’s Secrets for Business Success AND the 6-week coaching system Path 2 Purpose. Thank you.