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The #1 Ladies Millionaire Maker



We’ve often heard that in business— without the risk, there’s no reward. But when you are led by your intuition, move with expectation, and add a little bit of faith to your hustle, you will soon arrive at your place of abundance.

That’s what happened for this couple, Syd and Shea McGee, the new breakout design stars of the hit Netflix Series: Dream Home Makeover. 

A career P.R and Tech worker, the couple both felt an intuitive nudge that it was time to take leap of faith, quit their jobs to start their design firm. In their own words—“We toyed with the idea for months, but shied away from taking the leap because it sounded crazy!” So they sold their California starter home and everything they owned, and moved to Utah to follow their interior design dreams. 

Now they run a full service design company. They are making waves in the interior design industry with major collaborations with Target, and oh…a hit Netflix Series— where they make dreams come true for families looking for the perfect home to their own unique style. 

But what was it that caused this couple to hit big, make their dreams come true and thrive? Well most dreams die between what to do and how to do it. And that’s where most people quit. 

But I’ve found that these three things that caused this couple to come out on top in their business are the same things that will work for any entrepreneur looking to manifest big abundance. 

Read on…

1. Location, Location, Location.



We all know location to be the most important factors when buying a home, but so it is when you’re trying to find your wealthy place. Where you reside has a lot to do with how your prosperity comes. 

After Syd and Shea decided to quit their jobs and pursuit their dream full time, they quickly hit rock bottom. In the beginning they stretched everything to make things work but profits were low and they found themselves cutting back everywhere to stay afloat. So they sold their California home and relocated to Utah, where the couple first met and fell in love—a place where they felt they could prosper, save and make more money and have more freedom to work.

When pursuing wealth, it’s crucial to upgrade your surroundings.

Your environment is always speaking to you. But what is it saying? Is it peaceful? Blissful? Clutter free? Are there dirty dishes and overdue bills everywhere? These things speak to how you wake up and how you do business. If everything around you says stress and strife then that’s exactly how your business dealings will be. 

Sometimes a change in location where there’s less stress and more relief means more success. 

2. Document your journey on social media.


Unless you are active on social media, the world won’t know you exist. 

Standing out on social media and being consistent with your content is so important. It causes you to become relevant, searchable and it helps to build your client roster—and that’s exactly what happened for Syd and Shea. 

They knew their niche. And they stayed clear, creative and consistent on social media, with their own unique theme and aesthetic, which made them known in their space and garnered them more clients and lots of attention.

They documented their entire business journey on Instagram and YouTube with authenticity and style, which was later discovered by a production company and ultimately led to a meeting with Netflix. 

When you are consistent on social media with your brand and your posts, the world takes notice. They become intrigued and are more empowered to purchase. 

3. Remain open to opportunity. Say YES. Rely on your faith to get you through.


You know how it is after taking the leap into business…doing everything you can to get clients, get money and at times just get by. But no matter what, Syd and Shea just kept going. They pressed forward and took baby steps wherever they could.

In their own words—“We worked 16 or 17-hour days…we took nonpaying clients just to be able to say that we had clients…we didn’t say no to anything.”

At one of their lowest points, they even remember the shame and embarrassment at having to put things back to check out at the grocery store just to save money. And adding a newborn baby into the mix of stress and tears. Ever been there?

The entrepreneur life is full of highs and lows, but when you have a clear vision, are led by faith and determined to press through, you will reach your abundant destination. 

Now today, Syd and Shea they have 140 employees, millions of fans online, clients all around the country, a collaboration with Target, a T.V. show, a best selling book and much more to come…

As they put it—“Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would be here now. We hoped to provide for our family, have some clients, and maybe sell some products…but to have people from all over the world reaching out to us and telling us that we’ve inspired them to pursue a new career, or a new path, or design their home, I mean, that’s incredible.”

What will YOUR life by design story be? Are you currently in pursuit of something major? What big vision do you see for yourself? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section. Syd and Shea’s story is proof that when you follow your intuition, utilize your faith and stay the course, you will manifest a dream life that is bigger and more abundant than you could have ever imagined.

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