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There has never been a season or better time in history to manifest abundance and get rich than right now.

Building and growing a million-dollar business in our current economy is about more than just launching products, marketing plans and grinding. It is a deeply transformative process that requires work from the inside out. Successful business owners know that true achievement comes when you’ve learned proven principles with spiritual implications that bring about natural manifestation.  This is how I built and maintain my businesses.

Simply put, you will have to seek divine guidance from within to know what to do next.  

I use my intuition and take inspired action with a spiritual emphasis. As a result I’ve experience a life of supernatural success. You can too if you follow these three simple, yet highly effective foundational principles.

1. Pray and focus.

The most important part of my day is the morning hours. I awake early to pray over my life and business and meditate on my vision and plans. I think through my day and my big picture, allowing new ideas and inclinations to flow freely. This activity increases my creativity, causes big ideas to come to me and helps me to develop a master plan to get it all done.

Insight comes early; if you sit quietly in the morning and meditate and then listen within, you will discover brilliant ideas are ready to burst out of you. 

Allow your mind to expand and see yourself productive, profitable and progressing toward your goals. This is one of the daily practices I teach to my clients because what you focus on, you will attract. Take a moment to close your eyes in solitude and SEE deals closing, contracts being signed and money being deposited into your account, day and night.

2. SEE yourself successful.

During my meditation time I am also visualizing, focusing on my Goal Cards, and saying my affirmations as well. I use my goal cards to focus on one goal at a time until it is accomplished. With the Goal Cards, you can write your objective, add a representative photo and write positive affirmations so that you have a good visual to meditate on. It’s even smaller than a vision board so you can carry it around with you to meditate on throughout your day. In my life I’ve seen dramatic results from using my Goal Cards.

So have my clients. They have used goal cards to manifest new businesses, national media recognitions and hundreds of thousands of dollars—just to name a few victories.

3. Plan on paper.

Just the simple act of writing has very strong spiritual implications. What’s written is real. You can change your life and future by using pen and paper to script your desired outcome. As an avid journal writer, I have witnessed several times where I’ve manifested exactly what I have written in my journal. From winning business deals to acquiring my dream homes. I’ve written it all in my journal first.

One of my Success Journal users gained the clarity to pivot her business to double profits during a pandemic after almost having to shut down. Another acquired her dream home and manifested $100K per month after writing exactly what she wanted in her journal.

Journaling also gives you more clarity for your business. Writing about your business vision and goals will help to solidify and crystallize these ideas that start out as abstract thoughts. As you perfect your journaling skills, your focus will become laser–sharp. You’ll jump on opportunities that are right for your business, and won’t waste time with those that aren’t. You’ll have a heightened confidence in yourself and your business’s prospects because you’ll have an unshakeable understanding of exactly what your business is about.

These practices have absolutely changed my life and they can for you as well!

These are my very effective, unconventional ways of achieving my goals and building a successful business and I never start my day without them. You won’t find this stuff in a business class, but I promise it will take you a lot further than using conventional wisdom alone. In my Supernatural Success Course I’ve been teaching my students how to manifest at a very high level using these methods and more. 

If you’ve ever struggled with your big goals or manifestations and you want to learn how to be a money master and a smashing success once and for all…

…then I encourage you to implement these steps in your life and business and join us in Supernatural Success. If you’re already doing them, please share in the comments below.

I am totally commited to your complete success in business and in life. As a coach to thousands of people, I’ve learned over the years that many people have the desire to succeed, but lack the necessary information.
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