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What were the things that shifted me from having ups and downs in my business?

What was it that changed in my life to cause me to have an even and consistent influx of money all of the time, and not just some of the time?

Several years ago, when I began my coaching career, I really sat down, I got quiet, and thought—when was it when I experienced the big shift? And what did I really do?

When I was getting information, and training, and reading books and attending seminars, and investing in coaching, but not experiencing a consistent flow of income…it was because I hadn’t changed my mindset.

And mindset is really a deep thing. If you’ve been following me for some time then you’ve heard me talk quite a bit about mindset, but you don’t change your mindset just by hearing a few lessons or reading a few books about it. You’ve likely been most impacted by years of patterns, cycles, routines, rituals and behaviors that you’ve practiced…or from people that have been in your life for years engaging you in conversations. Those are the things that add up to determine your end result and outcomes. 

My big shift came when I went on a year long tangent to focus on nothing but changing my mindset around money and increase. I had a whole year where I made my mind become money-aligned. I worked on getting all of the junk about money and limitations out of my beliefs system, because when you have limiting beliefs about increase and finances, you’ll make up all kinds of reasons for why you cannot have a breakthrough—Example: “I can’t afford it…” “No one’s buying right now”, and on and on).

It’s never the financial climate…it’s never the business landscape…it’s not the times we’re living in…its your mindset. When you don’t have what you want, you have to go through a series of shifts until you become aligned to start receiving what it is that you really want. 

Here are a few ways you can elevate your mindset to multiply your money… 

1. Think global not local

I remember I went live one time on a hunch and I just answered questions for an hour on social media. Something about doing it in the moment and without a fully scripted plan, just made the connection from my followers across the globe real, and many of them pulled the trigger to buy my new product. Going live to my global audience meant $15,000.00 in sales all from one hour of going live on social media…and ALL of the buys were from people outside of the U.S!

That’s what global thinking does.

The people with real riches are those who think GLOBALLY.

To do this, you’ll want to have a product that can stretch the globe. Think—ebooks, e-courses, downloadable products, and subscriptions. Sell to people who don’t know you.

And when the rest of the world hops on and buys from you and supports you, then those closest to you start catching on.

Many times, we can have a thought pattern about who is going to buy from us and it’s usually your inner closest circle. But those who know you often resist you because they are afraid you’ll scale up and beyond them. So they’ll often withhold their money…and then when you don’t see the needle moving…. you start scaling back (thinking that no one will buy, and that’s how you shrink your mindset from inspiration to no-manifestation…and that’s why nothing moves. Think global and you’ll get a breakthrough!

2. Write it all down

You can’t think you’re going to have higher sales if you don’t start writing things down. So begin by writing your sales goals, your intentions, what you want the products and the business to do for you. Even people at the top fail unless they set some real intentions. This is real sales thinking. Thinking, meditating, journaling, quiet time… all of these things have to be baked into your routine, into your process and into your rituals.

3. Have higher expectations

Your expectations rule you and you get what you expect. So you have got to raise your expectation level for what you want to experience and have in your life. That means you may have to change who you hang around, the conversations you’re in and what you give ear to. You have to have BIG expectations and then take that into your time of meditation. I always say meditate day and night if you want to have good success. This may seem hard…but it’s only hard in the beginning. When you first begin meditating, you may find yourself thinking of all of your challenges, failures, setback and holdups.  But keep at it until you get your meditation down to one specific thing that you really need and want RIGHT NOW. Try and center on one big goal. Don’t try and focus on 15-different things. Sometimes that meditation focus has to be on something BIG that you achieved in the past so that you can remember that you are already a winner…so you know that you can win again and again.

4. Align your work-set with your mindset. 

Sometimes we have a limiting mindset but also a limiting work-set. To truly experience wealth and abundance, our work ethic needs to get caught up with our mindset. We’ll often accept the mind shift that says “I’m ready to upgrade my mind and go after it…” but as soon as we see the work that may be involved in the shift, we break down. We break down because we have limits around how much work we’re willing to put in to change our bottom line. 

So you can’t think that you’re going to change your bottom line without changing something in your work capacity, which is always required in order to produce more.

Truthfully, I believe you already have the formula…you might already know what to do to produce an other 10k in 30-days… BUT what it would take to get it is where the excuses come in: School – work all day – the kids. High intense work is what it typically takes to manifest our real goals, and that’s the work most are not willing to do. You have to be willing to work through those challenges before stuff starts working for you.

5. Wake up and say something about your sales DAILY

Your mind is constantly telling you something daily. You have voices and experiences and failures speaking to you all the time. They are most likely poisoning your thinking and presenting barriers that keep you from moving forward or even getting started. But the way you change your mindset is with your affirmations. The only way you can change your subconscious is by affirming a new mindset. What you affirm out of your mouth and believe in your heart, you will absolutely have! This certainly works. An affirmation is simply a spoken word of positivity that when spoken, there’s a belief that things are going to work…and then you’re inspired to take fast action…and then you see results. We call that manifestation. But that won’ happen without meditation and an affirmation. So get up every day and say something about your sales. And I personally say a lot of them!

Here are a few for you to try: [Tweak them to your liking]…

“I am a 6-figure monthly earner on my way to millions.”

“All financial limitations are canceled off of me and I am so happy to be in the BIG money flow!”

“Everyone and everything prospers me now!”

“Everyone loves me and they love buying from me too!”

“Right now, someone is looking for me. They are looking for my solution. I am someones divine answer, and they pay me what I’m worth!”

Those are just a few important steps to elevating your mindset so that you can multiply your money. If you’re looking for more breakthroughs and bigger paydays, check out my free Wealth Building Webinar HERE.

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  • Jamelle Sanders May 3, 2024, 12:20 PM

    Wow, Dr. Stacia these are powerful insights! Addressing self-limiting beliefs was a major hurdle that I had to overcome. Mindset plays such an important role in what we manifest.