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How Entrepreneurs Use the Success Journal to Create Miraculous Manifestation


As entrepreneurs, we know that business isn’t all numbers. In most cases we have to dig deeper to manifest our truest desires and favorable outcomes. It requires spiritual centering, where you can align yourself mind, body and spirit to manifest miraculous results. God has intended many great things for you in your life and business, it’s up to you to accept and attract it into your life.

I use my Success Journal as a main manifestation tool to achieve my goals and desires. Don’t underestimate the power of writing in a journal to bring about your greatest desires. I have done it over and over again and now I will share with you my secret.

Here’s my sure-fire method for miraculous manifestation:

1.Write it down. Write affirming statements of truth that you want to happen. Use present or past tense words to connect to the feeling of already having what you desire. Some may think this is silly or lying. Yet, it is a proven method of aligning your thoughts and emotions with God’s best for your life. Everything that you desire is desiring you too. When you write your statements of truth you place a call in the atmosphere to draw those things to you.

When I started writing things down, miraculous events have occurred over and over again. Healings in my body, attracting my dream home, new cars within days of writing it down. I’ve written my affirmations in my journal to increase attendance at my event and it happened just the way I wrote it. I wrote commanding statements of truth to become a top winner in Oprah’s contest and it happened.


A few affirmation samples that you can start with:

Sales: write affirming statement of what you want to earn.

  • I earn $5,000 in sales daily.
  •  I am so grateful to have earned $20,000 this month in online sales.
  • I give thanks for having earned $40,000 in sales from my live event.

Attendance affirmation:

  •  I am so grateful that every seat at my event is full! We had 40 new registrants today that took us over the top!
  •  My audience is filled with my ideal clients waiting to purchase my products and services today.

Product and services affirmation:

  • I will sell 1000 books this quarter.
  • My schedule is full of bookings. I have 10 new speaking engagements this month.
  • People buy my books in bulk (10 or more) all the time.

2. Reference it often. I review my affirmations every day. It’s important to go back and read what you write, it keeps it fresh on your mind and it helps with reprogramming your thinking to manifest miraculous results.

3. Say it aloud: read your affirmation out loud every day. Saying your affirmations helps to shift your thinking, boost your confidence and increase your belief that they can and WILL happen for you.

4.  See it. Take time to visualize your desires happening in my life. See yourself with checks in the mail, people buying your products, orders coming through your emails by the thousands. Seeing is believing. Your brain does not know the difference between what is imagined and what is real. You can create a new reality with your imagination. SEE yourself reaching all of your goals. For many years I saw myself co-authoring a book with Jack Canfield, and now it is happening!

5. Talk it out with positive others. Get with people who will agree with you. This is one of the ways I boost excitement and momentum around my desires. I talk it over with a person that I trust—someone who wants to see me win. They’re excitement and energy helps to keep my fire burning bright and more momentum is built around attracting my desired results. Be careful not to share with people who lack energy or excitement. Avoid doubtful people at all costs. They will suck all the energy from you and cause you to doubt your own desires.

6. Believe that it can true. The more you see your affirmations, say your affirmations, reference them and talk about them, the more you will believe it! You need a strong conviction in your heart that what you want will happen for you.


7.Write a note of gratitude in advance. Using the gratitude section in your journal write a note of thankfulness for what you desire. I cannot share with you how important it is to be grateful in advance, during the process and after you receive what you want.  Gratitude is key to continued blessings and miraculous manifestations. The more you are grateful, more will come to you in abundance. At the end of each month, I go through my journal and mark all of my victories with stickers, and write a note of thanks and gratitude for all that I have achieved that month.

I am totally commited to your complete success in business and in life. As a coach to thousands of people, I’ve learned over the years that many people have the desire to succeed, but lack the necessary information.
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  • Jacqueline December 1, 2016, 8:37 PM

    This is vital information.. I love my Success Journal one of my favorite tool to use.. Thank you for sharing..

  • Tammy December 3, 2016, 10:45 PM

    Excellent post! Many valuable nuggets to put to use now.

  • Tamra Vanderhorst December 4, 2016, 1:19 PM

    Thanks Dr. Stacia. I just gave journals and your Success Notes and Quotes to my girlfriends during our ACC Championship college football retreat to jumpstart 2017. After sharing with them how you’ve helped change my thought patterns and you’re helping so many people pursue dreams and desires, they are excited about 2017 and beyond. Thanks for being a great coach and creating awesome products.

  • Chiqkita Ford December 4, 2016, 2:06 PM

    Thank you for this wealth of information to jumpstart 2017. I am going to write my goals down with affirmation!

  • Edith December 6, 2016, 5:10 AM

    Hi Dr. Stacia
    I have been up @ 4:-5:00
    Affirmations & Visualizations
    That are written & recorded.
    Once again, no manifestatiom.
    Yet I beleive evetyfay in mircales


  • Que January 20, 2017, 2:54 AM

    Thank you Dr.Stacia! This post gave me just the jolt of energy I needed. Such great ways to maintain focus!

  • Deidre Wright June 7, 2020, 8:49 PM

    Quite informative. Will definitely be applying these techniques. Thank you very much.

  • Rachel January 15, 2021, 1:25 PM

    Thank you