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Well, summertime is in full effect. It’s also a season of garage sales and clutter clearing. It’s a fact that order always precedes clarity, increase and even cash blessings to your bottom line. Not just having order in your personal space, but also order in your mind. 

I’ve talked with many women who strongly desire to launch a new business or finish writing a book, develop a new program…but are stuck in the never ending chaotic cycle of disorganization, draining relationships and disheveled daily routines.

Well, I have little assignment for you…

Clearing the clutter is certainly a manifestation hack to cause rapid manifestation, BUT….

The disorganization that is all around you, was first born in your mind. So before you you de-clutter your home, your office and personal think-spaces, take a moment and…

De-clutter your heart and mind. 

This is where abundance and prosperity begin. When you think the right thoughts you can navigate yourself to your place of abundant blessings.

So let’s start by clearing out the excuses, fears and doubts that have been stopping you from going after your dreams and goals.

A few years ago at The Women’s Success Conference, we did a powerful audience exercise to clear our minds and hearts of the crippling excuses and fears that would hinder our moving forward. I had each participant write down their biggest fear that was keeping them from moving forward in their business and life. I then had them tear out the page, ball it up, say a freedom affirmation and then line up in the room and throw that piece of paper away. And as we trashed our fears, we eliminated the barrier and released the next level into our lives! It was such a powerful moment!

In fact, do this with me right now. Use your Success Journal to write a list of every thought that has been stopping you, keeping you at bay or holding you hostage from your big dreams. Then I want you to tear that page out, ball it up and throw it in the trash! 

As you do so, say this aloud: 

“I’m Trashing My Fears and Living My Dreams! Fears, I am now free from you! No longer will you be held captive by those old thoughts. They are gone and it’s time to embrace new opportunities with expectation and hope!”

2. Take your own home-tour.

Next, let’s get our house in order. Last week I gave my ladies a special home decluttering assignment. Their task was to take their own home-tour, walk through each room and take note of how each room made them feel? I want you to do the same. Step into your closets, kitchen, pantry, patio, living room, dining room, bedrooms, your home office…what are these spaces speaking to you? Are they thoughts of stress? Or thoughts of prosperity and increase? 

Take note and commit to cleaning up, eliminating extra junk and getting organized. Having things in order is extremely important for every area of your life. But don’t just clean and organize…You want abundance and increase to overtake you! So I want you to take it a step further and beautify each space to send you into manifestation mode. 

I’ve found that when my clients take time to clean, they often become richer. One client decided to open piles of mail that had been cluttering her desks for months. She found a notice from the IRS that they actually owed her $40,000. Had she waited just a few more days to open that letter, she would have forfeited the claim.

This is a manifestation and legacy strategy for raising a prosperous family.  

As you intentionally prime your space for abundant thinking, stay mindful of the big picture, by asking yourself, “What does it mean to leave a legacy and what kind of family legacy do I want to leave behind?” Whether you realize it or not, how you choose to live also influences your legacy. You are handing down traditions and mindsets to your children and even grandchildren.

What kind of family mentality do you want to leave your legacy. Let it be one of prosperous thinking, a diligent attitude and organized effort in every area of life. Set the example now for your family. Put into motion a legacy that will live on for years.  This is one of the most important ways for your family’s increase to exist far beyond yourself.

3. Take inventory of your inner circle. 

Who you hang around influences what you do and where you go. While your environment can bring about increase, you also have to stay in the company and conversation of positive people—those who will stretch you, show you and remind you of your big possibilities. You want to carefully curate your circle to include people who are possibility thinkers—in the company of rich conversations.

When you want to keep the abundance flowing in your life, the next step is to evaluate who you hang around and listen to. Who has your ear? What conversations are you having and where are you going daily? Get rid of things you don’t want like toxic relationships, to make room for what you do want, such as exciting new friendships that encourage you and challenge you to become your best.

Always remember that order, in every area of your life, precedes increase. It starts by having a clean and orderly mind and spirit and then environment. The more excellent you make your space, the more abundance, wealth and prosperity you will cause to come in to your life and businesses.

This week, as I gear up for my International Women’s Success Conference kicking off on next Friday (by the way—I hope you have secured your tickets!), I am in full decluttering, clearing and beautifying mode! Every room counts! Will you do this with me? What room or space will you commit to decluttering, beautifying and putting your time into? I would love to hear about it in the comments!

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