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The #1 Ladies Millionaire Maker



I believe you are sitting on a goldmine. There is more money to be made with what’s already in your hands…or the monetization expertise in your head.

But wanting riches and actually knowing how to manifest riches are two different things. 

I want you to have a true method of attracting riches right where you’re at, an understanding of how to manifest it and position yourself where money, increase and all the abundance you desire is flowing to you for the rest of your life!


1. Tap into your “hidden income”

This is my all-time favorite answer to the question “how do I become rich?

Turn the skills you already have into a side hustle. Start an online business and reach millions of people all over the world.

Take an inventory of your talent, the things you’re good at, or even what people come to you for on a consistent basis. Tapping into your money-making-moxie is one of the fastest ways to get started in business and making extra money.

You’re not just good at something…I believe you really are somebody’s answer. I’m even sure there is something you’re an expert at—something that you can show others that people will pay you to teach them. So be bold…share your expertise and sell it. In this age of information, people that provide valuable information are worth their weight in gold. So become a distributor of real answers. To do this, of course,  you must be authentic in your expertise and honest in your intentions. Focus on helping people live better lives in the form of an online class, online workshop or program and prosperity will follow!

2. Go viral with your value

Think through your current service or product offering for just a moment. Sometimes, manifesting more attention and profits, just means adding more value, a higher rate and putting your offering back out to the public. Oftentimes, buyers have what I call “purchase-pause” because the cost of entry seems too low for the value being promised. So you might need to add a few layers of value to your offering and then raise your rates along with it. You can even create a one-on-one service and offer it at a high rate. High value information, products and transformations, are always hidden behind a high cost. Savvy buyers who are in the market for high value are expecting higher. So raise your value, raise your rates and you’ll raise your profits.

3. Reinvest for your riches

Of course, I am a firm believer in investing in the market, building a portfolio and acquiring hard assets that appreciate in value (learn more about that here). But let’s talk about the other money that so many people are leaving on the table…existing clients!

I’m willing to bet that you have some clients that love you—that are committed to you and loyal to you. Think about the next step that they can take with you and share it with them. Not sure what to offer them? Then look for trends in your feedback. What are your customers, clients and followers asking for? What are they complaining about? Can you take that information and make changes to address their concerns? It might be streamlining your website to make buying from you easier. It might mean adding a virtual training on “how to use” your product. It might even be as simple as adding a product that compliments something you currently offer. Whatever it is, wake up your customer list. Take in your customer’s feedback and use it, it’s an extremely valuable asset!

As with everything…

I want you to envision the ending first. Take a minute and focus on your immediate future before you begin and “see” your goals being accomplished. See yourself rich before the riches manifest. See yourself receiving deposits, paid invoices and raving customer reviews. See yourself fulfilling the orders, completing your services, being fully booked and high in demand. And rest in the feeling of your reality being drastically different 30-days from now. If you can see it, you can have it!

Doing these things will help you attract bigger profits, a more fulfilling reality and keep you optimistic about achieving it. This is key because your business will only prosper to the degree that you believe it will. I believe this is going to be a remarkable year for you. I’m declaring it over you!

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I’m calling for those who feel in their heart that they should be wealthy but need to know how to make their money grow.

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