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The #1 Ladies Millionaire Maker

Now that we’re in the last quarter of the year, I begin to think about how the last quarter is often the strongest quarter—when you tap into your greatness. Regardless of how the first 3 quarters of your year were, know that you can rise up right now and finish with a bang! I often Read more

These past few years, I’ve been so relentless about scaling my business, manifesting wealth and pushing my clients to their next level of financial abundance. I truly believe we are living in the season to manifest our greatest dreams, and I decided –no longer will I hold back. I wanted to reach certain wealth goals Read more

Years ago, when I decided to level-up my financial household and pursue wealth, I knew that it would require some specific adjustments in my mindset, my actions and in my environment to attract the kind of abundance I really wanted.  I’m sure you’ve come across several get rich books, online videos, ads, YouTube “experts” offering Read more

Well, summertime is in full effect. It’s also a season of garage sales and clutter clearing. It’s a fact that order always precedes clarity, increase and even cash blessings to your bottom line. Not just having order in your personal space, but also order in your mind.  I’ve talked with many women who strongly desire Read more

DO YOU KNOW YOUR TRUE EARNING POTENTIAL?  I believe you are sitting on a goldmine. There is more money to be made with what’s already in your hands…or the monetization expertise in your head. But wanting riches and actually knowing how to manifest riches are two different things.  I want you to have a true Read more

Over these last few years, I’ve gotten relentless about my manifestation. I truly believe it’s the season to see your real big dreams come to fruition and I decided –no longer will I hold back. We’re now in the middle of the greatest wealth transformation that the world has ever seen. And thanks to my Read more

For years society has taught women that it is a faux pas and inappropriate to talk about the money they make and how to make more.  But wealth for women is now a thing! The economic clout of women is rising and we as a whole, are making more money than ever. The real issue Read more

Journalizing can be so much more than just keeping a diary to record your life events and feelings. If you know how to journalize effectively, it can bring you increase, advancement and help you manifest your greatest goals. This is what I call wealth journaling. And it is my go-to method when in the process Read more

Sara Blakely, Joanna Gaines, Janice Bryant Howroyd. What do these ultra wealthy women all have in common? They each navigated their way to millions and billions by journaling, listening within and following their intuition as a life practice. They tapped in to a few of the divine success secrets that I share with my students Read more

There has never been a season or better time in history to manifest abundance and get rich than right now. Building and growing a million-dollar business in our current economy is about more than just launching products, marketing plans and grinding. It is a deeply transformative process that requires work from the inside out. Successful Read more

You may remember reading headlines about “The teenager, who first bought bitcoin at age 12 with $1,000 from his grandmother…”. [Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CDlkeC6n3E0/] That was Erik Finman, one of the world’s youngest bitcoin millionaires, who is proof that it has never been easier to become wealthy than it is right now. That’s why I can confidently Read more

There was a time in my life when I wanted more money. Not just money to pay my bills…but true abundance. The kind of abundance where I had more than enough all the time on a consistent basis. But for that to happen I knew I needed to change some habits and routines if I Read more