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The #1 Ladies Millionaire Maker

Time is so precious. Every day is a gift. The question is are you using it to the fullest? Are you making the impact you want to make? Are you making the money you want to make? Are you enjoying your life? If there is even a hint of hesitation in your answer, this post Click here to read more.

We often get questions from business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs about Success Mastery, our online business academy. They’re often trying to figure out if Success Mastery is a fit for their business and goals. You can google business coach and a thousand and one options will pop up, with all kinds of people making all Click here to read more.

I just want to encourage you with this amazing success story today… I hope that you are able to envision and feel what is possible for you when you finally plant yourself into a thriving environment for success. hint: Accelerated growth happens! Jada Jackson started a brand new business when she joined Success Mastery—her second Click here to read more.

Have you ever felt like you had your hands in many pots but what you were cooking just wasn’t enough? You’re the world’s best busy bee with not much to show for all that effort. That’s frustrating. Dr. Rosche, like many others, felt the same way. She was busy trying many things, stretched in many Click here to read more.

Is your life really where you want it to be? Want to know the secret to manifesting your dreams and goals? Grab your journal and pay close attention because I have life changing information to share that can change your current reality into one that YOU choose. Earlier this week I was sitting with my Click here to read more.

    Dr. Tekesia was determined to reach her personal and professional goals. As a medical professional, she earned six figures but was feeling overwhelmed and underpaid. She was looking for answers to growing her private practice so that she could have the freedom of unlimited income. A newlywed, she also wanted to start a Click here to read more.

Wow and wow!  What a game changing, life-lifting three days! This years Women’s Success Conference was all about manifesting freedom—and that’s exactly what we did. This past weekend was one for the books. We laughed, we cried, we danced, we strategized, we powered up our marketing and social media efforts and then scripted our lives Click here to read more.

We’re only one week away from the Women’s Success Conference! Our office is overflowing with energy and excitement – this is absolutely going to be our best conference ever! I hope you’ve secured your ticket! If so, you are in for an amazing, inspiring, truly transformative experience. You can count on me to help you Click here to read more.

As a business owner, I really embrace making my own hours and crafting a day that best suits me, my business and my lifestyle.  My day starts fairly early with a routine that keeps me calm, focused and feeling great all day long. Here’s my morning success routine. I encourage you to try some or Click here to read more.

You can do it if you think you can! Years ago my son wrote a book, “If You Think You Can, You Can. If you think you can’t, you can’t.” It’s a cute little story about our family and learning how to think positive about accomplishing your goals. He was about 5 when he wrote Click here to read more.

As entrepreneurs and leaders, it’s important to leave your comfort zone and retreat to a new atmosphere. It is easy to engage in all work and no play. Yet, if you want to grow a thriving successful business, consider getting away at least four times a year to gain new information, meet new people and Click here to read more.

Have you ever been in a place where your business is doing good but you’re not FEELING good about your business? It’s like a dull pain that irks you, and you just can’t put a finger on the problem. I get it. Sometimes our personal life is competing with the business…or our business has become Click here to read more.