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7 Ways to Become a Relevant Leader in your Industry

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To continuously grow your business, gain new clients and stay ahead in your industry, you must stay relevant. Remaining relevant is the most pertinent way to stay afloat and rise above the masses. Give your clients and customers a reason to choose you over the competition every time.

Relevancy in business is two-fold. You have to be relevant to lead your team that works with you as well as relevant to your customers that buy from you. Successful leaders who pay attention to the trends and adopt quickly to change are always on top. While it can be tempting to stay with what worked 5 years ago (or even last year), fight through your comfort zone to always give people the best version of yourself and your business.

Here are seven ways you can become a relevant leader in your industry:

1) Lead with positivity. An infectious positive attitude can shift your entire life. The eyes only SEE and the ears only HEAR what the mind is looking for. Make a mental shift from negative to positive aspects to improve your optimism, empathy, and confidence. When your mindset zooms in on what is strong, valuable, and possible, what you say and do is far more likely to inspire others to action.

2) Become well versed in technology and how to use it to benefit your business and clients. A strong leader must acknowledge tech trends and determine quickly how to implement them to enhance your business. Try everything that suits your style and enhance your visibility. That could be something like mobile marketing through tablets and smart phones or using new software to educate consumers on your products.

Evaluate your business often to determine how you can improve your customer experience. For example, many major retailers are now using tablets to keep track of inventory, make sales on the floor and manage long line cues. When I went to pick up my iPhone 6, I noticed that the phone company had adopted the Apple Store cueing system for waiting on customers. Once my name was added to the list, it was displayed on a screen so that I could see how many people were ahead of me. Think about how you can implement new technology to enhance your business. Take action within the next 30 days for best results.

3)  Become more incline to using Social Media. One would think that this goes without saying…however, there are many people in business who shy away from social media. They fight to stay disconnected and don’t realize how badly it’s hurting their business. Social media is a part of the new marketing plan for businesses. On social media sites is where relationships, business deals and opportunities are sprouting all the time. One of my clients took her sports camp business online, promoting it on Facebook and Instagram and increased her business dramatically. Another had no social media experience at all but got on Facebook to share her customized pillows and art. She instantly started getting sales, just because she created a online photo album full of her custom creations. You have to be seen in order to be considered. Since the majority is online connecting, conversing and cashing out… should you be as well? If you haven’t already, join a social media site today.

4) Adopt a new level of excellence. You have to be particular about personal and professional persona, online and in person. Marketing requires you to attract more attention to your brand and yourself. In order to stand out you must adopt a new level of excellence because people are looking at you, researching you from many angles wanting to know if you’re a good fit for them as a leader. Show them on every front that you are about your business. You can do this by paying attention to the details. For example, make sure your website is professional, use only updated professional quality photos for your products and services. This kind of detail sends a message of quality service to prospective customers. The more excellence you show, the more attractive you become to others.

5) Strive to establish credibility in your arena. There are so many people and so much information that is readily available in the world. In order to stand out above the rest you need proof points. Find new ways to show others that you deliver top quality services and products. For example, you can show your expertise by writing a book. Ask past customers to give you a testimonial of how much they love your goods and services. You need others to speak to your credibility and share with others how much they like you. Their comments are the proof that visitors look for when they are considering going with you. Stay relevant by updating your proof points often.

6) Authenticity helps you to be unique and creative. Follow the success and principles of others, but establish your own voice. Deliver your service and create products from a place of authenticity. The thing that is quirky, different or fun about you is what makes you unique. Your uniqueness is what attracts others to you. You can build your own tribe of supporters and customers by being your best self.

7)  Return to spirituality, Successful leaders learn to lead others and themselves by tuning in and trusting their gut instincts. Strong women leaders incorporate prayer, meditation and trusting in God into their daily regimen. This success habit is the source of your authentic creativity and competitive edge. When you are more spiritually in tune you pay more attention to synchronicity and how the events of your life come together to bring about your intended goals. We now also run some business about bridesmaid dresses UK ONLINE.

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  • Michelle Kirkland September 25, 2014, 10:14 AM

    I love your tip about being authentic! To stay true to yourself and showcase the real you through your business is so helpful in having people be able to relate to you better! Great post!

  • Colette N September 25, 2014, 10:55 PM

    I completely agree that becoming well versed in technology is very important. I currently provide leadership for a customer service center that offers over 2 M calls annually. We are in the process of switching to a VCC (Virtual Customer Center) platform. I had to learn the language in order to understand it for myself and explain it to my staff so they can explain to our customers.
    Also, before coaching with you I was truly one of those people who did not bother with social media on any level. Since, I joined Success Mastery, I gotten both Facebook and Instagram accounts. As we speak I having a YouTube Channel created. It only makes sense. Part of my business is to offer training. What better way to do this than to offer classes via YouTube and social media platforms? I can reach more clients (customers). Just the fact that I’m commenting on this post means, I’ve grown in the few weeks since our first class.
    And there is not much I can add about spirituality. I pray everyday for my management team and staff. And I know without a doubt this is why our numbers are so impressive. We have the same equipment and training as everyone. It’s the prayer. Dr. Stacia, thank you for all of your awesome, common-sense and easy to implement tips.
    I can’t wait for the next post.

  • Jamelle Sanders September 26, 2014, 11:00 AM

    Wow, Dr. Stacia this was so awesome! I love all of these points especially leading from a place of authenticity.

  • Sonya September 26, 2014, 4:04 PM

    Great points as always!