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7 Money Hacks to Attract More Wealth

There was a time in my life when I wanted more money. Not just money to pay my bills…but true abundance. The kind of abundance where I had more than enough all the time on a consistent basis. But for that to happen I knew I needed to change some habits and routines if I was going to cause things to shift in my favor and start attracting wealth.

My most memorable money breakthrough came when I manifested six figures in one day, but it came on the backside of adjusting my mindset and my relationship with money [detailed in the 7-simple steps I’m sharing with you below].

Even in an economy where things may seem slow, you still deserve financial freedom. You still deserve to be in a position where you can live how you want to live, drive how you want to drive and have all of the abundance you desire… 

…because in times of crisis, money is still flowing and present. It’s still circulating and I want to get you into position so that it starts flowing to YOU. 

Theres always a chance for you to rise up…a chance for you to shift…a chance for you to prosper… and a chance for you to change your economic situation and bottom line. 

Anyone can cause wealth to flow to them. And when you align yourself with the actions that govern increase, you’ll change your life in the most amazing way. So here are 7-money hacks to help you attract more wealth: 

1. Examine your relationship with money. It loves attention.

Often times, when funds are low and the bills are high, it’s easy to want to just ignore it all. You avoid your bank account, walk past the mail, and ignore the mounting debt, hoping that it will disappear.

Unfortunately, instead of going away it will only continue to grow until you turn your focus on it and start to do something about your financial situation. If you want to create more wealth you have to turn your focus to your current money.

Just the simple step of gathering the money in your wallet or purse and organizing the dollars and cents will make you feel empowered to do something about what you do or don’t have. Count your money daily. Start checking your bank account daily as well. Don’t let a low balance discourage you, instead be grateful for what you have and declare that more is on the way!

Next, gather your debts and create a list of what is owed. Start by paying off what you can as much as you can. Resist the urge to clench up, disengage or not pay anything. The more you pay the more money will start to flow into your life. Money is currency…it flows on a current, you have to keep it in circulation to have more flowing to you.

2. Have a conversation with your money.

Did you know that money responds to your very call and command? A great philosopher once said, “Money can’t talk, but it can hear.” Call wealth into your life on a daily basis using positive affirmations. Your bank account will begin to be full when you start speaking to your money. Command money to come to you. Declare that you are a money magnet and you are receiving all the wealth that is meant for you now.

Positive affirmations are a great way to shift from negative thoughts about money to reconditioning your mind with positive thoughts and emotions about money. I have a daily money mantra that I started speaking over my life years ago:

“I am a money magnet…”

“Money loves me…”

“My money makes money for me…”

“Money always finds me…” 

“Money chases me down…”

“Money comes to me now and always…” 

“Money comes to me in avalanches…” 

“My clients love paying me…”

“All of my storehouses are filled with money…” 

“As soon as I spend money, more money comes right back to me…There’s always more where this came from…” 

Just saying these simple affirmations has helped me to gain so much wealth…even going from five figures to seven figures in just six months.

Affirmations work best when you start to believe what you are saying. It gets into your subconscious and informs your brain that what you are saying is your new reality. Once you can accept a new positive money consciousness your ability to attract wealth is unlocked and money starts to flow into your life.

Before we leave this point I want to warn you…Never ever say things like, “money isn’t important” or “it’s not about the money.” This kind of negative talk will only push money away from you and contradict all of your efforts to attract it. Pay attention to your casual conversations, thoughts and even your subtle complaints that you say only to yourself. Intentionally speak only good things about money and your money situation so that good things can flow to you.

3. See yourself having more money.

Visualization is an amazing strategy and it can be used to attract more wealth. I often tell my clients to put a picture of money where they can see it often. Meditate on it daily and allow your subconscious to accept that this money is for you. Many clients have reported that they were carrying around in their wallet a thousand-dollar bill that I had given them at a seminar. Every time they opened their wallet, they did an exercise by saying aloud, ‘where is my thousand dollars?’ Soon they starting getting money in thousand dollar increments. One client picked up overtime on her job to earn an additional $1000. Another was sent a check from the IRS for $4000. Even my own mother in law invoked this principle and attracted several thousands of dollars!

You have to see more money coming into your life. Take time every day to imagine checks in the mail, money being handed to you, deals closing, offers being made, people buying your products. The longer you can hold this image in your mind, the more real it becomes, the more money will flow to you.

4. Keep money on you. 

One exercise that helped me develop a healthy wealthy mentality was keeping hundred dollar bills on me at all times. I actually kept three hundred dollar bills on me. I would take them out and think about what it meant to have money, I would see the money multiplying in my life. Over time, as I continued my money meditation, I could see that three hundred turning into $30,000 and then $300,000 and so on. I would hold it in my hands and think about all the things I could buy if I wanted to.

I kept that money for three consecutive years, never spending it. I never used it for emergency money, I needed it to help shift my thinking to the next level.

Most people have only negative thoughts about money—how much they don’t have and how much they need. This exercise really helped me get used to having money and thinking about money in a positive way. You can do this too, start with one hundred or more hundred-dollar bills and start your money meditation daily. You will feel different and more confident about money, which will cause you to manifest more wealth.

5. Invest more money to increase your money

Investment for your advancement will always be the key that unlocks the door to outrageous abundance.

Know that money is currency…it flows on a current, you have to keep it in circulation to have more flowing to you. Investing for increase is the most powerful thing you can do when you want to attract more money into your life.

Even when times are tight, it’s better to invest in a life-changing solution to get you out of a dire situation, than to use that money for a quick fix and be right back in the same spot again. Never retreat to fear or intimidation over your financial circumstances while also sitting and doing nothing about it. Investing in the right information can turn your life around in an instant.

The Women and Wealth Club is one of those investments for your advancement. It’s a powerfully supportive community where ordinary women are becoming “thousand-aires” and millionaires in a short period of time. Click here to learn how to join us.

6. Keep track of your money blessings.

Go through your day and begin acknowledging your money moments. Write down every money moment that comes your way. Whether someone buys you a beverage, sends you a check, pays for your food, gives you a discount…all of these are signs that more prosperity is on its way to you.

Expect money to come to you…look for it to show up in opportunities and be ready to take fast action to activate a money flow.

Attracting money does not mean that money will flow to you from everywhere. You have to take some risks, calculated action, and believe and receive. It is all a part of the process.

7. Journalize: write yourself a money script. 

I use the “I am” page in my journal to write my weekly wealth script of my life. I am very specific about what I want. While writing I add as many details as possible. Sometimes I have to sit and envision what I want first, feel it, then write about it in my journal. By doing this I allow my mind, heart and soul to become aligned with my true desires. This is how I start everyday, with writing in my Success Journal about my business and my life. Ever since I have been doing this, things began shifting dramatically in my business and life. More and more opportunities pop up, my ideal client seeks me out, products sell out and so much more.

I have found that implementing these foundational wealth attraction exercises are easier to do when you have a community of like minded “get-it” partners, a support system to cheer you on and coach you to the finish. That’s why I created the Women and Wealth Club, to give you the ANSWERS to building wealth consistently, plus provide you with all the tools you need to get started right away.

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