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7 Keys to Hosting a Dynamic Event With Lasting Impact

With the Women’s Success Conference coming up shortly, I’ve been in full conference mode preparing for the event. I thought that this would be the perfect time to answer a question that I get often, “How do you host a dynamic event?” As you may know, I love hosting events! I host several each year, from the six-city Success Tour, to the one-day workshops, birthday and holiday parties and now most importantly, the International Women’s Success Conference (WSC).

I’ve been doing the WSC since 1997, and it has multiplied and transformed into something magnificently empowering for business owners. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of focus, creativity, time and effort to put on a major conference. I’m going to share with you some success keys to making your next event dynamic.

  1. Define the purpose of the event. Before hosting any event, I always write my goals and objectives in my journal. It’s important to be clear on who you want to attend, what you want to happen at the event and your desired results. It is good to set goals so that you can measure the success of the event based on the outcome.
  1. Get organized. Organization is the ultimate key to your event’s success. It is very important to spend time thinking and planning for your event and going through all of the logistics. There are always a lot of moving parts with live events. From food and venue, to registration and event entertainment it’s a lot to consider. You may want to invest in a planner to help you stay organized and on point. One thing that I always do to stay on top of my events is discuss my goals and objectives with my team and go over the plan quite often. This is how you stay organized, by reviewing assignments and responsibilities on a regular basis to avoid unforeseen mishaps.
  1. Create a timeline. Starting 6 months to a year in advance from your event, you should create a timeline with due dates, budget amounts and a plan to make it all happen. A good timeline will give you an idea of how much money you need to generate to host the event. Plus, you’ll give your guests time to make plans as well. You can also use the timeline to plan your marketing efforts. I like using Eventbrite for event planning and handling registration. They have a lot of resources and tools you can use to organize your event.WSCday1-20
  1. Communicate with attendees often. This is so important. Communication keeps every one excited about attending. So schedule emails often to let attendees know what to expect.WSC-ticket-SALE-last-sitebanner
  1. Schedule in some “me” time. In all of your planning, make sure that YOU, the host, steals away some precious time to rejuvenate before the big day arrives. It will be counterproductive to put on an event and show up burned out. So, pencil in a spa day on your agenda, take time to meditate in the morning and find joy in what you’re doing to keep your stress levels low. I always take weekly spa days to get myself together…and I keep this schedule leading up to the conference. My alone time allows me moments to read, get inspired, and recharge my batteries. Trust me you’ll need this to perform at your peak during the event.DESIGNER CELEBRITY EVENING DRESSES
  1. Add a ‘wow’ factor. The element of surprise is always good to take your event over the top. Consider how you can add a touch of your personality and pizazz to the event that will have people remembering and chatting about the event long after it is over. I like to add entrepreneur eye-candy to my events, I just love adding color and other fun things to make the décor beautiful, vibrant and special.WSCday1-48
  2. Be prepared. Leave time for yourself to study your keynote and presentations. I prepare for my events a month in advance with ongoing studying to keep things fresh, relevant and in tune with my audience. I believe in giving people exactly what they need, not a canned response or just some basic information that they can get anywhere. The best events are the ones where I’ve felt like I was helped a lot. Where there were tangible nuggets that I could implement immediately and see results.

This is how I model my own events. You’ll always get information that can produce quick results in addition to other information that may take a little more time to set up.

Hosting an event is exciting and a big responsibility, yet it is so worth it to be in a space with your tribe, sharing high value content and helping others transform their business and life. This is why I love the Women’s Success Conference so much. Yes, it’s a lot of work but when I enter the room and see all the attendees, it is very rewarding.

Live and in person with last year's group of amazing Success Mastery coaching clients.

Live and in person with a group of amazing Success Mastery coaching clients.

I hope to see you walk through the doors of our loving environment, ready to recharge and build a booming business. Will you join me? Let’s meet in Orlando to discuss how we can take your business and life to the next level.

I want to hear from you in the comments below. Will you be attending my event? What so you like most about attending live events? Please share!

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  • Jamelle July 9, 2016, 11:49 AM

    Great tips Dr. Stacia!

  • Tamra Vanderhorst July 19, 2016, 5:22 AM

    Thank you for sharing the wisdom you’ve acquired through the years of building your brand. It helps us all create a vision for our businesses and lives.