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3 Ways You Can Power Past Anxiety with your Journal

Anxiety is real—But the joy, peace and happiness you can manifest in your life to get rid of anxiety is just as real and even more powerful. 

So, what is anxiety anyway?  The official definition is apprehensive, uneasiness or nervousness usually over an impending or anticipated ill—In short, it’s worrying ahead of time.  Allowing your mind to race ahead of your reality to the worst-case scenario.  The problem with this is that you tend to manifest what you meditate on- So you see how you can create quite a vicious cycle focusing on what COULD go wrong?

From helping my clients, I understand how crippling anxiety can be.  But no matter how formidable an opponent anxiety (worry at it’s worst) may seem to be it DOESN’T HAVE TO CONTROL YOUR LIFE.

In challenging, shifting or unprecedented times it’s easy to lose sight of mindfulness, process of manifestation and morph into a worry wart.  The problem with anxiety and worrying is that it doesn’t solve a thing; therefore, there is no need to give it a foothold in your life.

No matter what the circumstances, you have the power to take control and walk in perfect peace concerning your finances and your future.  I’m going to show you exactly how to tap into that power. So get comfy and pull out your journal and a pen. These three simple steps are real, written solutions to help you allow joy, peace and productivity to flow into your life, as you keep marching on to new levels of success.

Every night before I go to sleep, I pull out my journal and 1.  List what I’m grateful for (we’ll chat more about that later.) 2. I ask God a pressing question about something that’s close to my heart.  Whether it’s a project, financial need, family member, business issue, how to better serve clients, what products to create, how to protect me and my family’s health or simply what direction I need to take next.

This keeps any worry or anxiety from going into overdrive.  I never fret because I ask God daily about the things that effect every area of my life. And He always answers. Sometimes I will awake with inspired thoughts about the questions I’ve written.  Other times I feel a nudge to take action in a certain direction or receive an answer as I go about my day. 

Ask God questions. Sit in silence, relax then…

  • Write in your journal all the income increasing ideas that come to you
  • List the things you love
  • List all of the things you want to do, be and have.

Making these lists upgrades your attitude and attracts success solutions into your life. Whenever you need to regain your peace of mind, insight and creativity, sit still and listen within.

Let the power of your written words protect you from worry. Focus on a joyful outcome by scripting it out in your Journal. Whenever you feel anxiety looming, pull out your journal.  Stress and anxiety are no match for the power of scripting and affirmation.

With your journal in hand take a moment to acknowledge what you are worrying about. Then write an affirmation to oppose your concern. For example; if you find yourself worrying about income. Write down something like.

“I have more than enough income to take care of myself, my household and enjoy life.  Money comes to me every day in every way!”

Don’t allow stress, anxiety or worry to linger in your mental space.  Clean house with your confession.  Enthusiastically saying a powerful, positive affirmation can jolt your mind back to the business of being productive and profitable. 

It’s a well-known fact- gratitude is good for the soul.  It’s easy for anxiety and fear of the future to run ramped when you don’t take a moment to stop and count your blessings.  Celebrate your achievements (small and great). 

I start and end everyday with thankfulness.  I give thanks each morning when I wake up and I conclude the day by writing my gratitude list in my Success Journal.  Want to clear away the gloominess and get back on track to getting things done?  Get grateful! Start today– make 3 expressions of gratitude every 24 hours. 

1. List what you’re thankful for

2. Say what you are grateful for, and

3. Tell others “thank you” all day long

Gratitude is a transformative force.  It’s not possible to stay down in the dumps when gratitude is flowing in your life.  Not only will you be more inspired, you’ll start a cycle of gratitude and good vibes coming your way.

I want you to stay inspired and succeed in all you do.  Leave a comment below and let me know where you’ve needed to rid yourself of anxiety?

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  • Jamelle Sanders September 18, 2020, 2:33 PM

    Dr. Stacia this is excellent! Journaling is such a powerful breakthrough success strategy.

  • Rosaline November 24, 2020, 10:07 PM

    Hi Dr. Stacia, thank you for this post. I need to ask one thing about gratitude. Let’s say my daily sales target on my shop is $500. When I hit that target, it’s easy to be grateful and record it. But on some days when I have only $200 of sales, I know that I still have to be grateful but I feel like it’s a bit harder to feel grateful than when I hit the target. How can I be grateful and fill myself with thankfulness even when I have much less than what I’m aiming for? Thank you