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6 Things to Script in your Journal for a Very Successful Season

Winter is coming. Which here in Florida still means sunshine and palm trees, so maybe I should say it this way: This holidays are coming. Are you ready?

I absolutely adore the holidays, but for many it’s not quite “The most wonderful time of the year” as the song suggests. Things can get a bit hectic, shopping for gifts, attending holiday events and parties constantly, hosting family and friends—dealing with family, managing your household, juggling finances… and STILL running your business. Getting it all done is truly miraculous! Whew!

So, if you’ve ever been sad, way too emotional, overwhelmed, over-scheduled, frustrated, financially strained, actually needed a vacation from the holidays, or simply weren’t sure what to do next as you close out the year, this post is for you!

I discovered many years ago how to take control of the season and end the year strong—every time. Here’s my secret sauce in one simple sentence: Journalize for the Holidays

There is an undeniable power in writing down your intentions. Intentionally planning a great holiday season is no exception. You can literally shift your life in the direction of your dreams with the power of your pen. I’ve done it time and time again–and have taught so many of my coaching clients to do the same.

You can take control, enjoy the holidays like a boss and keep your business booming all while sipping on your favorite eggnog. For me the drink of choice is hot cocoa –but nonetheless you get the point…

Just Imagine…

  • No more unnecessary arguments, no more sulking about unmet goals, no more ending the year with the built in excuses of “I’ll do better next year.” Journaling can help you plan your ideal outcome now and ensure better results.
  • It’s not too late for you to end the year strong. There is still time to shift shortcomings and crazy excuses to wins… by changing your mindset and approach to the holidays.

Here are my  list of 6 Things to Script in your Journal for a very successful season.

1. Script your heart’s desire for the Holidays
What does the ideal Holiday season look and feel like to you? Write it down- if the holiday season is normally a challenging time for you emotionally- flip the script this year—literally. Pull out your journal and script out a successful season.

  • What do you want to see happen?
  • How to you want the festivities/activities to go?
  • How do you want the interaction between your family/friends/loved ones to play out?

Be very specific. Is there a feeling of joy in the room? –One of gratitude? Is the room filled with laughter and happy chatter?  If you are hosting—what do you want everyone’s take away to be upon leaving your home or event? Script your way to the scene you want.

I had one client who got completely frazzled from the stress of holiday prep every year. Not only would it strain her interaction with her hubby and kids, lowering the fun factor of the season, it was costing her thousand of dollars in her business. She was so stressed out and over whelmed she wasn’t paying the proper attention to her marketing efforts.

Enter the Success Journal- I showed her how to use her weekly list page, and the what I see for me pages to get a written plan and vision for what she wanted her ideal holiday season to be like. No longer was she frazzled, but rather she was focused, calm and got the right things done. Scripting her season in her success journal rescued her relationship with her family and her holiday revenues!

Here’s what others are saying about the power of using their Success Journals during this busy time:

2. Script about increasing your income
Just because it’s time to celebrate and give thanks doesn’t mean you have to lose all of your money, making mojo. The year is not over till it’s over. With that being said, take the remainder of this quarter and script your way to more income. If in the past, the holidays have been particularly difficult for you, make a decision right this minute that this year will be different. You will work things out in a new way—your finances this holiday will be better—much better.

Put pen to paper and script out your business intentions to generate more income this year. Ask yourself:

  • How much income do I want to generate during the holiday season?
  • What products and services will I focus on for my biggest sales?
  • How many packages do I want to sell?
  • How will I market all of this for the next 60 days?

If you haven’t done so already, within the next 24 hours, journalize and work on creating a solid sales and marketing plan for the holidays. Tis the season to make money, so get creative!

3. Write and review your goals
No need to wait until January to get going on your goal setting. I review my goals often and encourage my team to do the same. About this time of year before the holidays are in full swing, I encourage my staff, my clients (and basically anyone around me) to give some serious attention to their goals and intentions.

Right now is the perfect time to pull out your 2017 goals. Take a look at all you have achieved, how much progress you’ve made and get a game plan to make the most of the rest of this quarter. This is also the perfect time to grab your Success Journal, flip to the first few pages and to dive into writing your 101 goals for next year.

When you take time BEFORE the holidays to stop, reflect and set your intentions for the next year, it helps you enter the season with a different perspective.

If you’ve set goals such as: having your book launch the second week in February or announcing your new product line mid January, you’ll tend to have a different focus for your finances during the holidays.

Setting great goals for the New Year in November will help you to navigate through the season without senseless spending and funnel more funds towards your future.

4. Script and get a head start on your health
Now is the time to write your way towards a healthier and happier you. Of course in January we all write the obligatory health/weight-loss/self-care goals where we promise THIS is the year that we are going to take better care of our physical bodies and our well being. However a great idea is to write those goals now.

  • What does the ideal you look and feel like?
  • Describe what you want the state of your health to be
  • What do you want your daily diet to consist of?
  • How will you exercise and take care of your body?

With health and wellness goals written and in place before the Holidays, you’ll be more likely to enjoy a few yummy treats without totally losing control. This way your current goal to lose 10-15 lbs won’t have to be changed to 20-25lbs once the Holiday dust has cleared and January is on the horizon.

5. Script your big business intentions for the next year
Look at everything you’ve done this year concerning your business. Pull out your Success Journal and script about what worked well this year and what you want to improve.
How many new clients did you gain?
Did last year’s business model work well for you?

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Should I increase my prices and go for a specific kind of client? Or…
  • Should I decrease my prices and go for more of the masses in my industry?
  • Do I need to work on building my list?
  • Do I need to work on engaging with my community more and nurturing my current list?

Completely review all of your business systems and process and discover where you need help. Also take a look at what worked well and what was profitable to keep those things in place. Once you have a great overview of this past year in business, begin to script out your intentions and business goals for the New Year. Where do you want your life and business to be next year?

As you are pondering your business intentions, also take time to meditate on what you want your word to be for January.  What word embodies who you want to become and what you want to achieve first thing next year?  You’ll feel so ahead of the game thinking though and scripting all of these things now instead of January 1st.

6. Script, Stock up and Pay it forward
Myself along with the entire Success Journal tribe take scripting very seriously so we stay well stocked. All of my top clients keep at least 3 journals on hand at any given time to ensure their scripting and planning never comes to a halt while waiting for a journal to arrival in the mail. Many of my six-figure clients have committed to paying it forward by gifting their loved ones, friends and employees with Success Journal sets- Success Journals complete with the Journaling Course to help them learn step by step how to script their way to success.  I love it because Mid- March our office is always flooded with the testimonies of those who were gifted with The Success Journal and are already seeing results. It’s truly a gift that lasts a lifetime.

This holiday season, take complete control and script your way to a happy, fulfilling, proftiable holiday.  It’s your season for success so go for it!

I so love sharing my success secrets with you and always want to hear what you and your purpose partners think, so let’s all practice paying it forward. Download a printed copy of the journaling tips right here ==>

Please share this post with your business bestie; as us boss babes must stick together. In fact, let’s all chat below. Here’s the plan: Once you share your thoughts, tag your biz bestie (and/or the one person you want to see flourish and end this year strong) on my IG post about the blog and invite them to the conversation so we can all succeed this season.

But first, tell me, as a businessowner, what’s your biggest challenge during the holidays?

I am totally commited to your complete success in business and in life. As a coach to thousands of people, I’ve learned over the years that many people have the desire to succeed, but lack the necessary information.
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  • Rheami November 2, 2017, 3:33 PM

    Incredible blog!! I needed this to be ready for the holidays and actually get what I really want. I love the meditation to prepare for January.

    • Stacia Pierce November 6, 2017, 11:08 AM

      Love it Rheami! Meditation is the key to unlocking your true potential and if you add this to your daily agenda you’ll see amazing things happen in your life!

  • Cassandra November 3, 2017, 10:00 PM

    Hi Dr. Stacia!

    One of my biggest challenges during the holidays is staying organized and managing a conglomerate of to do’s.

    • Stacia Pierce November 6, 2017, 11:10 AM

      You can do it Cassandra! Once you begin to meditate on the things that need to be done, it will be easier to organize the things you need to do in order to get things done faster.

  • Tina November 26, 2017, 10:16 PM

    Dr. Stacia, this is a great post! My biggest challenge is choosing to re-boot my business or let it continue to lie dormant. I have so many potential ideas but I don’t believe in myself enough to execute them. Or maybe that’s the problem – having a hard time focusing.

    • Stacia Pierce November 28, 2017, 11:59 AM

      Tina, the 1st thing you need to do is get your confidence back! You are more than able to do big business and be successful at what you do! Create a confession (you can order the Goal Cards) that reaffirms your commitment to growing your business and thriving in it.

  • Mark Hillery November 29, 2017, 11:52 AM

    Wow! I love this blog post. It has inspired me to complete some projects by the end of the year. Thanks for these six incredible steps!

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