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6 Reasons Why People Are Afraid to Show Up At Events (But Shouldn’t Be!)


I’ve hosted events for a long time, and I’ve seen time and time again that the most successful people are the ones who often show up at live events. Business owners who show up to live events are the ones who are searching for solutions, committed to finding answers and are willing to do what it takes to solve their problems. It’s no surprise then that those who do show up find real solutions to real problems, make amazing next-level connections and experience win after win!

As entrepreneurs and leaders, it’s important to break out of your comfort zone and get away to business conferences. It’s your opportunity to completely remove yourself from your business and the pressures of your everyday life to get inspired, invigorated and empowered to take your business and life up.

When you don’t show up at live events, it hinders your success. It stops you from getting ahead. It stops your progress and limits your potential. In my experience, these are the top 6 reasons why people don’t show up at life-changing events, even though they should.

1. You’re afraid to go alone.

This is an excuse I hear all the time from entrepreneurs – they don’t have anyone to go with them to an event. If this is the case, then you definitely need to go! I love to surround myself with get-it people. People who know where I’m going, who understand I have a big vision, big dreams and I’m doing big things to achieve them.

If you don’t have anyone to accompany you on your journey to greater success, then you need to meet some get-it people! One of the best places to do this is at a live event full of inspiring information and people on the path to greatness.

We had an attendee show up by herself for the a Success Tour stop recently. She was a little intimidated, but she overcame her fear and got there anyway. She told us that everyone was so nice and she had an amazing time. Even better, she left with a network of get-it people in her city and they’ve been having boss meetups and inspiring each other ever since!

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2. You’re afraid to meet new people.

While I understand that some people are shy and uncomfortable in social situations, this must be overcome for success in business. In fact, most of my major victories in business have come as the result of a new relationship.

When you show up for a great meeting or conference full of successful business people, you never know who you’re sitting next to. You don’t know what they might be able to do for you, or what you can do for them!

I have a coaching client I’ve been working with for years now who had an amazing experience at her first live event with me. Before she was in my coaching program or had ever been to an event with me before, she showed up at the Women’s Success Conference. She could barely pay for her ticket at the time, but she knew she needed to be there. She made one connection that day that became her first paying client, and the contract was worth $2500! That one connection (and there were many others) more than doubled her investment. What connections are you missing out on by skipping live events?

3. You think that making connections online is all you need.

I’m all about social media. It’s a powerful and amazing tool for business (as well as personal connections). I’m so into social media marketing that I teach it, in-depth, to my coaching clients. I also understand, however, that online connections cannot replace personal connections.

I’ve connected with many amazing people on social media. It’s a great way to meet people you wouldn’t meet in your day-to-day life. I connected with a CEO of a major company in the beauty industry online, and we even became friends. I showed up at an event though, and met her in person. From that face-to-face meeting, we formed a partnership that has made us both tons of money! This profitable collaboration probably never would have happened if we hadn’t met in person.

Don’t miss out on opportunities by hiding behind your desk. Get out there and shake some hands, give some hugs and connect on another level.

4. You think you already know it all.

Though we probably wouldn’t admit it out loud, many of us feel like we pretty much know everything there is to know about our business. We’ve read some books, we’ve been to a few conferences, we’ve got a few years of experience, and we think there’s nothing more to learn.

When you find yourself with this attitude, you’re in trouble! As an entrepreneur, when you stop growing, your business will stop growing. The pace of change in society, business and technology is so fast now that even a seasoned executive must constantly be honing their skills. Often, you don’t even know what you need to know! Live events hosted by experts in their fields offer information that you’ll never find on your Facebook wall or in a Google search.

One Success Tour attendee showed up this year despite being a little skeptical about the event. She’d been to meetings before and felt like she didn’t always get much out of it. She’s in retail and has been in business for many years. In that half-day meeting, she got an idea for an entirely new stream of income that had been lying dormant! She’s increased her revenues by almost 50% already, she’s definitely glad she showed up!

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5. You don’t want anyone to know you need help.

For those of us who have much to learn, we can sometimes feel shame or embarrassment. We feel like we should be farther along, or that we are showing weakness by asking for help.

Nothing could be further from the truth! All successful people get help. They get help constantly. Most leaders, CEOs and top executives you see have coaches and mentors. They look like they have it all together because they get good counsel.

You do yourself a great disservice by not getting help. You can only take yourself so far. You need someone who’s been where you want to go to show you how to get there.

6. You think showing up validates someone else’s success.

First, let’s say this – showing up to someone’s event does validate their success. However, it might also be just what you need to enhance (or begin) your own success! And here’s the catch – they’ll be successful whether you show up or not!

Don’t let fear or insecurity hold you back from achieving your highest level of success. As long as you’re counting other people’s money or other people’s success, you’ll have little of your own. Your number one concern as a business person should be the success of your business. The success of another doesn’t have a negative impact on your business, but if you are envious of that success it will be detrimental to you!

These are the main excuses that entrepreneurs give when they miss out on dates with destiny at live events. I hope that I have given you some compelling reasons to stop making excuses and start showing up!

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  • Jamelle Sanders April 17, 2015, 10:02 AM

    This is awesome Dr. Stacia! It’s so important to get in the right atmospheres to experience breakthroughs.

    • Stacia Pierce April 23, 2015, 11:55 AM

      It really is Jamelle. The right atmosphere can cause tremendous breakthroughs in your life.