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Take a moment and picture your business in its best possible state. Now take that dream you just thought about and take it up 10 levels…that’s right…SUPERSIZE IT-okay, now you’re dreaming!

Richard Branson once called dreaming big, “talking ahead of yourself.” Which basically means when you envision the seemingly impossible, you set for yourself seemingly impossible goals and then you put into motion a gravitational force that compels you to catch up with that goal. When you stay with it and keep moving towards your big target…that’s when you can make what others may believe is impossible possible.

One of the main reasons people never achieve big business goals is because it has never occurred to them that they can really do it. While it takes courage to step out and start a business, you have to believe in your dream in order to build a great business. It’s a process of going from wanting to be successful and taking action to be successful. When you start dreaming a big dream, you’ll begin to shift your perspective of how you see yourself and your life. Glass ceilings will begin to shatter as you begin to do different things, little by little, gradually until the whole direction of your life changes for the better. The entire process is liberating and exciting!

While there may be twists and turns on the journey, it is very possible for you to make your big dreams come true. Right now we’re entering a season of big dream fulfillment and I want to challenge you, start dreaming a bigger dream so that you can build a bigger business. This is your year to GO BIG and flourish!

Dreaming is the beginning point of goal achievement. Why? Because your life can rise no higher than your thoughts will permit it. I agree with a quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes who said, “A mind once stretched by a new idea can never return to its original size.”

So I encourage you to dream Really BIG!

Here are my 5 simple steps to setting big goals that will come to pass…

1. Define what you really want. Most people have a difficult time answering this question. Yet, without defining what you really want, how else will you achieve your big goals? Take some time and consider this: Think about the perfect day in your life…What is the ONE THING that you’d be doing, which you’d immensely enjoy if you knew you could not fail? Now, envision the details of that one goal. Write it down and begin seeing yourself as if you have already accomplished it. When you can paint a picture of your end results, the rest of the story will begin to open up to you. Once you have that goal defined, use a Success Attraction Goal card to solidify it and speed up the manifestation process.

Goal cards are a magnificent tool to help you focus on one goal at a time. You can set a deadline, create a visual image for it and it’s small enough to tuck in your purse or bag so that you can meditate on it often. Many successful people use the goal card method to meditate on the big goals. One of my clients, Jason, used his Success Attraction Goal Cards to increase his business by bringing in no less than $100K/month. He also used another goal card to attract $50K paydays in personal income for himself. Several other clients have used goal cards to attract new homes, cars and even babies! Goal setting coupled with Goals Cards will surely help your big goals come to pass quickly!

2. Decide to go bigger. You can manifest so much more if you just intend to do things bigger and better. Free yourself from barrier thinking—limiting thoughts that block your ability to dream big and beyond your circumstances. You have to decide to become a risk taker. Big goals create big challenges for you to work for. People who play it safe in life have decided not to grow anymore. You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Only then will you begin to do what you never thought you could. Make a list of your daily routine. What can you do differently to go bigger in life? It can be something as simple as dining at a fine restaurant on a new level; or test driving a luxury vehicle. Once you’ve been exposed to something greater, you acquire the desire for more. Do something daily to take things up a few notches and record how it makes you feel.

3. Take daily action that brings you closer to your goal. The first step Richard Branson took towards building his own consumer spaceship company was registering the name Virgin Galactic Airways in 1991.Then he set off to find resources and people to help him make his dream a reality. All you need to do is take one step in the direction of your dreams as often as you can to stay on course of goal achievement. Do you have a vision of becoming a best-selling author? Write a chapter. Do you have a dream of being a professional trainer in your industry? Set up a camera and create your first training. Take a no-excuse approach to dream fulfillment.

4. See it! Believe it! And Achieve it! What you see is what you get. The action of the mind is the picture. If you are not consciously picturing want in a constructive way, you are unconsciously picturing what you do not want in a destructive way.

Take control of your mental images by telling your mind what to focus on. This has always been my trusted dream-building method. It’s a simple and fun process to creating a visual of your dreams. The process is easy to implement: cut and paste words and pictures that describe my dream life. I focus daily on these dream magnets to materialize my goals and desires. Whatever you are focusing on in image form will come to pass at the rate that your subconscious can accept it. So keep picturing the good that you want every single day.

In the new Limited Edition Success Journal, you can focus on the vision of your goals one week at a time. Use the vision page to create a collage of images of how successful your week will be. Then write out a series of “I AM…” statements that you will say every day all week long. You will find that this process will accelerate goal achievement.

Rosene created a vision page of getting 6 figure sponsorships for her company and has been consistently manifesting $100K and $200K paydays. And the checks keep coming!

You will start seeing manifested results as well. It’s all based on your level and how you script it. 

5. Accelerate your big dream manifestation with a dream audio recording. Take a moment and write out your ideal life. Include every aspect of your daily life: relationships, your desired income, business success, travel dreams, dream home (all the details of it), dream car and so on…Now record that life script using your phone or computer. Then play that script to yourself often. You can play your audio every chance you get: while walking, working, cleaning, exercising, etc. Your faith to achieve your goals is activated the more you hear about the intended goal.

Set your sights high, far above your current circumstance. Seize opportunities and engagements that broaden your perspective and stretch you to think bigger. Whether it’s a course, conference or an event—push yourself to come out of your comfort zone and go to the next level. From Henry Ford and Walt Disney to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, businesses that have impacted the nation and changed the world all started with a dream and some very lofty goals.

This is your year to manifest serious abundance, go from stuck to stacking cash and be purposely prosperous. Join  Ariana and I at the Ultimate Success Tour to discover more detailed secrets to thinking big, dreaming big and achieving your big dreams! CLICK HERE FOR YOUR TICKETS!

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