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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Have a Focused and Productive Day

Practicing solitude has always been my secret to success. Solitude is the start of invention and the place where ideas and wealth are born. In your time of solitude, it’s so important to have the proper routines in place that pull in prosperity whenever you’re in manifestation mode. 

Years ago, when I decided to get really serious about creating and implementing daily routines, that’s when my entire life started coming together and I began having a constant flow of manifestation and ultra successful days.

Here are five quick and easy things that I do early in my day that help me command my mornings, determine my outcomes and to make sure my days stay focused, productive and profitable.

1. Wake up. Stretch your body. Thank God for today.

The key to a successful day is first deciding how you want to wake up feeling, because how you wake up determines your entire day. So the first thing I do when I rise is take a big stretch and I thank God for a new day. My mornings are set around gratitude, energy and excitement, because that’s how I want to manifest as I go throughout my day. I want to wake up feeling energetic. I want to wake up feeling alive because I want to manifest things that will bring in abundance and make me feel energetic and joyful. I want you to wake up excited for what is going to happen for you too. When you know that you’ll start waking up to manifestation and opportunities, you’ll truly wake up grateful.

And when you wake up grateful, you set your atmosphere and expectation to manifest more good to happen for you throughout your day to be thankful for. 

2. Brush your teeth. Wash your face. Then sit in solitude. Add exercise to focus your mind. 

Before I really get going with my day, my to-do’s and tasks, I always come back to my bed or special chair, a place of solitude where I can practice a bit of quietness and stillness. It’s what helps me summon my confidence for my day.

I’ll take some time in meditation to visualize a successful day manifesting for me. 

How do you want your meetings to go? How do you want your conversations to play out? How does a perfectly successful day today look? Now, imagine what you’re wearing, doing, saying that will cause a desirable outcome to play out. How are you showing up? How are your conversations playing out? What are you asking for? Play out the the successful scene in its entirety and the details in your minds eye like an exciting episode. 

See it vividly and clearly and expect that the scene you imagined in your mind will manifest for you. Believe that you will get what you expect.

3. Set your intention for how you will perform and your mood for the day.

One of the biggest reasons people cannot get things done is because they wake up feeling defeated, looming on the previous days’ losses or dreading the Monday in front of them. If you are an entrepreneur or are in sales, I always tell my clients that you have to wake up and set an intention to sell something that day. Wake up with the intention of being a top performer. Wake up expecting to get emails that deliver to you good news… something you’ve been waiting for. Expect to complete your to-do’s lists successfully. And go forth believing you can do everything you set your mind to achieve.

You’ve got to wake up thinking and saying: “This is MY day and I’m expecting to complete my goals and manifest good news!” And then it will come to you. 

4. List your top 3 things that you will complete.

I’m a person that loves having accountability and tools in place because it structures my day with order and helps me to get more things accomplished. I created my Successful Day Accountability Notepads specifically for this reason. It contains all of my most important rituals and routines that add up to a successful and productive day. It’s my accountability tracker that keeps me focused, mindful and in constant manifestation mode.

After my morning meditation time, I’ll think through my day and I’ll write down the three most important things that I want to get done or that must be done in my business that day. And my entire focus for the day will be structured around getting those things done before my head hits the pillow, no matter what. 

When you begin to go through your days checking off all of the things that are important you begin to FEEL successful, because you are marking off the very things needed to produce manifestation in your life. And it doesn’t take more than just a few weeks in order to notice a big change in your life and business when you follow this simple process. 

5. Quickly note 5 things you’re grateful for. 

I truly believe that gratitude is a superpower and a key strategy, not only to a successful day but to a happy and prosperous life. When you engage in the daily practice of being grateful, it helps you to eliminate negativity and toxic thinking so that you can generate better ideas, more income and attract the results you’ve been wanting. 

Start your day thinking about what is good in your life..what is going right. Everyday when I wake up I say and write down at least 5 things in my journal that I’m grateful for, before I get moving. This practice helps me kick start my morning with energy and causes me to truly expect more great things to come my way all day to add to the list!

As you begin to practice these routines for a productive and successful day, you will begin to experience a flood of contentment, peace and satisfaction daily. You will begin to see your business profits increase and even form lasting connections with successful others. You’ll begin to see the opportunity in every challenge and learn to conquer rather than to complain. With this attitude in action, you can’t help but succeed.

Okay let’s chat!

You know, I absolutely LOVE when you all share with me your achievements, both big and small when you take what I share and manifest from it. Did you make a profit? Land a new client? Get a new contract? Create something new? Did you wake up healthy and able to enjoy another day? Whatever it is, celebrate, be grateful and write it down and share with me in the comments!

Which of these routines are you going to incorporate into your life and business? Do you have questions? Where can I help?

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