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5 Money Moves for a Rich 2021

Right now, we are in the midst of one of the biggest wealth transfers in history, and wealth for women is now a thing.

But the question is, are YOU positioned for wealth?  Do you know exactly what to do in our fast paced, ever changing worlds of finance and technology?

The economic clout of women is rising, and we as a whole are making more money than ever, but if you miss this historical economic shift, you could find yourself on the far opposite end of wealth and riches. I don’t want that to be you.

I want you to have a true understanding of wealth, how to manifest it and be in a firm position where money, increase and all the abundance you desire is flowing to you all year long!

Here are 5 money moves to set yourself up for a rich 2021: 

1. Go “viral” on virtual and make more offers.

Whenever it seems like your cash flow is slow and you’re in need of increase, understand that there is always a way to pivot and prosper. Whenever my clients feel stuck or like it’s becoming hard to make money, I always encourage them to get back in the game and make more offers, especially in the virtual space. Relaunch if you have to so that you can reach more people with offers that are more bite-sized and digitally consumable. Sometimes your increase has slowed because you just don’t have enough offers out there for people to consider.

Once your offers are in place, reintroduce yourself online. Online networking has become a serious key to building your net worth. It’s old-school networking remixed for the digital age we live in and a great way to make lasting connections that can help you find new clients, opportunities and maximize the value of your current contacts. By creating new virtual connections you can meet new friends, clients and co-creators for your business. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Just start by showing up to the right places–like online discussions and forums happening within your industry or virtual networking events where you can interact with other entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Get on social mailing lists that give weekly updates of events going on in your industry.

To stay prepared, always have your tools of engagement such as an updated online profile, complete with a description of your offering, website link and contact button. Keep these things up to date and expect to make great connections daily. Some of my best deals and opportunities have come from building relationships with others I’ve met online. I’ve found that when you show yourself friendly and keep open communication in the virtual space, you will build a solid network that you can count on when you need it.

2. Sell your expertise in a workshop or program.

You have an expertise. You really were created for something. There is knowledge, experience and a purpose that resides on the inside of you. There is something that you’re good at. I’m even sure there is something you’re an expert at—something that you can show others that people will pay you to teach them. So be bold…Share your expertise and sell it. I believe you really are somebody’s answer. In this age of information, business owners that provide valuable information are worth their weight in gold. So become a distributor of real answers. To do this, of course,  you must be authentic in your expertise and honest in your intentions. Focus on helping people live better lives in the form of an online class, online workshop or program and prosperity will follow!

3. Raise your rates and raise your value.

Sometimes when the cash flow is slow, adding more value, a higher rate and putting your offering back out to the public might be just what the doctor ordered. Oftentimes buyers have what I call “purchase-pause” because the cost of entry seems too low for the value being promised. So you might need to add a few layers of value to your offering and then raise your rates along with it. You can even create a one-on-one service and offer it at a high rate. High value information, products and transformations, are always hidden behind a high cost. Savvy buyers who are in the market for high value are expecting higher. So raise your value, raise your rates and you’ll raise your profits.

4. Market to past customers who need the next step.

I’m willing to bet that you also have some clients that love you—that are committed to you and loyal to you. Share with them the next step that they can take with you. Take it a step further and look for trends in your feedback. What are your customers asking for? What are they complaining about? Can you take that information and make changes to address their concerns? It might be streamlining your website to make buying from you easier. It might mean adding a virtual training on “how to use” your product. It might even be as simple as adding a product that compliments something you currently offer. Whatever it is, wake up your customer list. Take in your customer’s feedback and use it, it’s an extremely valuable asset!

5. Refrain from negative money statements and command your money.

I’ve always been a firm believer that your words steer your manifestation. Meaning, what you say is what you’re going to get and it’s going to show up very fast in your life and business. So make sure you’re speaking properly about your finances. Don’t be lured into negative money conversations that cause you to start to say the wrong thing…Things like: It’s so hard to make money…Money doesn’t grow on trees…I feel like I’m losing so much money”…What you say is what you’ll have. Instead, say things like: “Making money is easy!…I’m a money magnet…Clients are buying from me every day!…I really feel like I’m going to crush all of my money goals this week!”.

The way my clients and I were able to navigate 2020 successfully was with our positive words and affirmations. It’s how we were able to create multiple millionaire entrepreneurs, 100k profit days, 300k funnels, book launches, New York Times Best Selling Authors…You may even be wondering—‘How could all of that happen during a pandemic?’ It’s because we didn’t lose focus. We didn’t lose heart… we stayed the course, kept our faith and our focus aimed in the right direction. 

When your conversations are negative, your money becomes ‘funny’. So refrain from engaging in fruitless conversations with naysayers. And instead, affirm your outcomes and speak to your financial future. Declare that this year is going to be amazing for you. Declare how much you’re going to make and how much increase you want to come in. Call in your prosperity. Believe that your word really is your command and say great things about your business on purpose. Affirm out loud what you want to happen in your company and your life daily. 

Doing these things will help you stay focused on your business goals and keep you optimistic about achieving them. This is key because your business will only prosper to the degree that you believe it will. I believe this is going to be a remarkable year. I’m declaring it over you!

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