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Have you already started planning for 2022 to be a better, more productive and profitable year?

Now is definitely the time to start.

I’m sure you have been thinking about how you want to make things different for next year, but let’s not forget about 2021 just yet! 

There is still enough time to manifest some huge goals over these next couple of months! But without a concrete plan…it’s all just a theory.  You can’t get motivated or produce measurable results in your business on theory alone.  

There are some very foundational basics to attracting wealth, ideas and increase…core tenets that will never expire.

So, I have a fun and profitable challenge for you this weekend! It’s a simple 5-step manifestation checklist to attract increase and a successful quarter.

Here’s your weekend assignment for the week:

1. Clear the physical clutter

I’ve found that when my clients take time to clean, they often become richer. One client decided to open piles of mail that had been cluttering her desks for months. She found a notice from the IRS that they actually owed her $40,000. Had she waited just a few more days to open that letter, she would have forfeited the claim.

Take note and commit to cleaning up, eliminating extra junk and getting organized. Having things in order is extremely important for every area of your life. But don’t just clean and organize…You want abundance and increase to overtake you! So I want you to take it a step further and beautify each space to send you into manifestation mode. 

2. Clear the mental clutter

Abundance and prosperity begin first in the mind. When you think the right thoughts you can navigate yourself to your place of abundant blessings.

So let’s start by clearing out the excuses, fears and doubts that have been stopping you from going after your dreams and goals.

When you want to keep the abundance flowing in your life, also have to evaluate who you hang around and listen to. Who has your ear? What conversations are you having and where are you going daily? Get rid of things you don’t want like toxic relationships, to make room for what you do want, such as exciting new friendships that encourage you and challenge you to become your best.

Always remember that order, in every area of your life, precedes increase. It starts by having a clean and orderly mind and spirit and then environment. The more excellent you make your space and your social circle, the more abundance, wealth and prosperity you will cause to come in to your life and business.

3. Get clear and get focused

Now it’s time to get a vision…a target goal that you want to hit before the year is up. Get gutsy with it. Think BIG!

As you begin to write your goal be sure that it is an optimum goal…something big that you really want to accomplish…even if it seems a bit too big or out of reach right now. Give yourself permission to dream big and write your hearts truest desire. You’ll amaze yourself with how much you are able to achieve when you pen what’s real and heartfelt. You will gain confidence, clarity and boost your creativity to accomplish your goal when you think big and write it in a journal.

Do make sure that it’s specific, clear and measurable so that you can track your progress and clearly visualize the outcome. Create weekly and monthly goals, leading up to the big goal, so that you can actually achieve it in a 30-60-90 day time frame. Your goal should be exciting enough that it energizes you and stretches your faith and belief, but small enough that you don’t give up before you start.

4. Get visual

Oftentimes we can burnout and quit too soon because we are focusing on too many things at once. So focus your attention and allow your intuition to guide you in choosing what goal you should put your focus on in the moment. If you’re having trouble with this, then just pick 2-3 goals and put them on Goal Cards and place the cards on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator or vision board so that you can focus on achieving them.

You can’t try to accomplish them all at once because that would be way too overwhelming. Choose your goals based upon what is nagging you. What goals keep coming up that haven’t manifested yet? It may be time to put your attention there. When we direct our attention to just a few goals at a time, we can put serious thought and action around manifesting these desires.

One of the easiest ways for me to stay focused is using my Successful Day Notepads.


I can easily reference my goals and review my progress along the way. Seeing what you’ve accomplished is the greatest motivation to push to achieve ALL of your goals before the year is out.

5. Make a bold statement with a bold action


Now that you have your goal in place, do something about it before the weekend is over. Do something big and bold to accelerate your manifestation! I know this point seems like a no-brainer…but honestly many people expect to achieve a goal that is only in their head… but never acted on.. it’s like waiting on a miracle to drop in your lap when in reality every miracle opportunity is passing you by. Other times we can become stagnant, waiting in limbo for instructions because we just aren’t sure where to start.

But it’s important for you to get started right away and then trust your intuition to lead you step by step, even if you don’t know what to do next. The answers will always come while you are in constant motion and constant pursuit. But nothing can happen for you without you making all of the first moves.

The goal itself will never fail you, however the lack of action will. To succeed you must commit to consistent execution. So just start with what you know to do. You may not have all the answers at first but once you take the first step, the resources and people you need to accomplish your goals will start appearing in your life.

With these 5 simple steps you can jump start your process for attracting wealth and using this last quarter to manifest your most incredible year yet for you and your business.

I want to encourage you to FINISH strong. So once you start the planning process…don’t stop until you’ve completed it.  Remember, there’s plenty of time to perfect it. Just by having the plan you’ll experience a sense of accomplishment and a little anticipation for what’s to come.

As always, I want to hear from you! Did you finish all five steps? Did you experience a breakthrough?…Join one of my programs? Or come up with a new and exciting goal to close out the end of 2021? Let me know in the comments! I want to celebrate you!

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